Lieutenant Promotion in Typhoon Squadron

FA John T. Clark

22 May, 2024 16:33
32 ABY

For completing the TCCORE Imperial University Course, SL Lucius Nehnlar of Typhoon Squadron has been promoted to full Lieutenant.

Congratulations, LT Lucius Nehnlar!

New Flight Leader for Lambda

HA Plif

22 May, 2024 05:29
32 ABY

MAJ KEBLAOMEGA, previously a Flight Member in Lambda Squadron, has been selected to be its new Flight Leader. Congratulations and good luck in your new role!

Lieutenant Promotion in Eagle Squadron

FA John T. Clark

13 May, 2024 16:15
32 ABY

For completing the TIE Fighter Imperial University course at an excellent 98%, SL Steel of Eagle Squadron has been promoted to full Lieutenant.

Congratulations, LT Steel!

Lieutenant Promotion in Eagle Squadron

FA John T. Clark

10 May, 2024 12:09
32 ABY

For completing two Imperial University courses, Empire at War & TIE Fighter Tactics, with very good scores, SL AxFive of Eagle Squadron has been promoted to full Lieutenant.

Congratulations, LT SL AxFive!

SQXO Change for Rho Squadron

HA Plif

09 May, 2024 05:37
32 ABY

From the Commander of Rho Squadron, MAJ Maston Dane:

For the last 15 months, Westric Davalorn has faithfully served 3 CMDRs as their SQXO, served as CMDR for the 10 months preceding that and as FL for the 10 months that proceeded that. For the last 3 years, every pilot in Rho has had Dav to lean on and sometimes outright be carried by him. He has given Rho, every pilot in it and this entire organization years of active, thoughtful and expert care. His competitions are legendary, his academic record is extensive, knowledge of all things EH, flawless and his willingness to help anyone who needs it, endless. No one has deserved their rest from service more so its bitter sweet but also my honor to thank Westric Davalorn for his years of service and announce he will be stepping down from management for a while for much earned rest as a FM.

In his place, perhaps the only person I could see filling his shoes and carrying on his tradition with such excellence, I welcome Alexandre Ossus Morgan back into the roll of Rho’s SQXO. He’s previously served as SQXO, a golden age as CMDR and FL. Even while waking at 5:30 am to get to work so he could go to college in the afternoons, he somehow still found the time and strength to be available to help out, which he did constantly. With his knowledge, work ethic and heart, I have every faith and expectation that he will do a wonderful job back in the position of SQXO.

Thank you for your service, COL Westric Davalorn, and congratulations and good luck in your new/old role, MAJ Alexandre Morgan!

CPT Maston Dane Promoted to MAJ

HA Plif

09 May, 2024 05:33
32 ABY

From the Commander of Battlegroup II, RA fr0Zen:

Between the time of his last promotion to Captain on the fourteenth day of the second month of the new Imperial Year, 32 ABY, and the fourteenth day of the fourth month of this Imperial Year, Captain Maston Dane has delivered 585 Legions of Skirmish and 25 Legions of Combat to remind the enemy of his ace dogfighting skills. Continuing his excellence in expanding our ranks for the Emperor’s glory, Captain Maston Dane has added three Medals of Instruction to his record and joined the Reconnaissance Office as an Assistant.

Captain Maston Dane is setting a stronger example each month for broad contributions across the fleet - operating as the leading coordinator for multiple “Watch Parties” hosted in the hangar bays of the ISDII Warrior. Numerous members of active Squadrons across the fleet, members of the Reserves, and visitors from systems neighboring our current position have celebrated the legacy of Emperor Palpatine during the “Palpatine Docu-Series” presentations as a result.

During this time Captain Maston Dane reached the Master Ranger First tier, the 17th Echelon of Flight Certification, and crossed the Veteran First Level of Combat Ratings.

Most importantly, CM Maston Dane has been a daily asset to his Squadron and Battlegroup. Battlegroup II can count on him to be a supportive team member, an encouraging communicator, and a skilled partner in all theaters of combat.

For these efforts, and for his ongoing loyalty to the Empire, we proudly recommend Captain Maston Dane be elevated to Major Maston Dane with all the rights and privileges therein.

Congratulations, MAJ Maston Dane!

Multiplayer 2 Updated

AD Sylas Pitt

07 May, 2024 23:04
32 ABY

The Training Office is proud to announce the update of Multiplayer 2 to Multiplayer 3. Thanks to the hard work of MAJ JetMech, AD Jaxx Nassin, and GN Silwar Naiilo, we are proud to publish this much-needed update to one of the most important courses for the TIE Corps.

All contributors will receive a Medal of Scholarship. Thank you all for your hard work and dedication to expanding the Imperial University's body of knowledge.

Check out the course here!

Jagged Fell III Awarded the Gold Star of the Empire

FA John T. Clark

07 May, 2024 17:25
32 ABY

From the Tactical Officer FA Pickled Yoda:

Jagged Fell has delivered groundbreaking work for the Tactical Office and the Emperor's Hammer Battle Center.

He has reached new heights of creation with his use of modern speech generation tools to add audio message content to XWA and TFTC battles. In addition to the audio, the battles themselves are meticulously crafted and diligently prepared.

TFTC is still in its infancy as a platform. Jagged has been the first to grapple with the additional complexities and powerful options that it offers. More impressively than that, he has been documenting his knowledge for the benefit of future creators. His hard work in pushing the frontiers of battle creation will be more straightforward for those who follow.

Jagged Fell has delivered exceptional service to the fleet and should be awarded the Gold Star of the Empire!

Congratulations on this award of excellence, CM Jagged Fell III!

Lieutenant Promotion in Eagle Squadron

FA John T. Clark

05 May, 2024 12:28
32 ABY

For completing the Aviation Tactics Imperial University course at an impressive 100%, SL Barney V. Eiker of Eagle Squadron has been promoted to full Lieutenant.

Congratulations, LT Barney V. Eiker!

Sid_amos Promoted to Lieutenant Commander

FA John T. Clark

05 May, 2024 12:25
32 ABY

From Alpha Squadron CMDR CPT Witchblade:

It's taken a little while for his exploits to catch up with him, but Lieutenant Sid_amos has been a hugely valued member of Alpha Squadron since he joined in January 2024. He has consistently scored Silver Stars month after month and has been a breath of fresh air aboard the ISD Hammer. I am therefore very pleased to be promoting him to Lieutenant Commander! Well done!

Congratulations, LCM Sidamos!
Due to administrative delays, this promotion is active retroactively from March 13th.

Shane Promoted to Commander

FA John T. Clark

05 May, 2024 12:20
32 ABY

From Alpha Squadron CMDR CPT Witchblade:

LCM Shane has been an exemplary member of Alpha Squadron since our reformation. He has scored over 200 Legions of Combat during this time and has taken on the duties of Flight Leader, something that he has acquitted very well! I am pleased to be promoting him to the rank of Commander for his efforts!

Congratulations, CM Shane!

Due to administrative delays, this promotion is active retroactively from February 17th.

LC Gytheran Promoted to COL

HA Plif

04 May, 2024 22:27
32 ABY

From the Commander of Battlegroup I, RA Genie:

Gytheran has been exemplary these past few months.

In the flying scene, he's been consistently active, earning a Silver Star every month without fail, since July 2022!

More importantly, ever since he took the reins of the Lambda Squadron, he has been leading by example and is tirelessly working on keeping both his squad and BG1 active, encouraging our pilots to participate and compete in major competitions, leading by example and creating his own competitions, and championing games from the TC such as SWTOR and more recently Destiny 2.

Futhermore, he has been instrumental in adding SWTOR and Destiny 2 as TC games by doing all the groundwork and submitting them to the COO office for review. If that was not enough, he has been very proactive with valuable feedback for making useful changes to existing major TC competitions such as Raise the Flag, Imperial Storm and Remob.

I thus highly recommend Gytheran for promotion to Colonel!

Congratulations, COL Gytheran!

Lieutenant Promotion in Gamma Squadron

FA John T. Clark

02 May, 2024 16:04
32 ABY

For earning a first set of Legions of Skirmish in Star Wars: Squadrons, SL CubeV35 of Gamma Squadron has been promoted to full Lieutenant.

Congratulations, LT CubeV35!

EABF2 PvE for Squadron (Re)Mobilization 6

AD Phoenix Berkana

02 May, 2024 08:20
32 ABY

One of the Squadron (Re)Mobilization 6 tasks calls for playing PvE matches with your squadron.
As per last year, for those playing EABF2 PvE matches to complete this task I would ask if you could drop the screenshots of who was in the match here.

New TFTC Battle!

FA Pickled Yoda

01 May, 2024 02:18
32 ABY

The Tactical Office is pleased to announce the release of the first ever custom content for the TIE Fighter Total Conversion for XWA (TFTC).

Commander Jagged Fell III has been working exceptionally hard on making TFTC battles and discovering the amazing possibilities of the platform.

TFTC-TC 1: Anti-Rogue Squadron: Battle for Coruscant is a conversion of his first two Anti-Rogue XWA battles.

We highly recommend installing the Wav Pack. Jagged has put a lot of effort into audio files, skins, medals and planet backdrops.

Note: TFTC custom content is a new platform and not supported by the EHBL. Please read the installation instructions carefully, particularly about the backups that need to be made. We are working on improving the process.

Two frees were also released:

  • TFTC-F 1: A Changing of the Guard, also by Jagged
  • XvT F 246: Challenge Summer Cook-out! by Locke Setzer.

Conclusion of The Guard 32 ABY T1: Introitus

INQ Taurus

01 May, 2024 00:56
32 ABY

Over the last four months the Inbox of the MAA has seen numerous Clusters of Fire as well as many completed Singleplayer-Missions.
All of these submissions were compiled in the First Competition to elect the Guard that will protect our secrets and fight our battles.

These are the six selected Guardians:

  • Guardian of the Dark Council: ST Habu
  • Guardian of the First Circle: WAR TheBlackxRanger
  • Guardian of the Second Circle: MRD KEBLAOMEGA
  • Guardian of the Third Circle: KNT Locke Setzer
  • Guardian of the Fourth Circle: ST Brutalist
  • Guardian of the Fifth Circle: MRD Vanguard

You've earned the right to the Purple Robes and the Force Pikes forged for you by Inquisitor Taurus. Soon you will be sworn in in a special ceremony and receive your assignments to enact the will of the Secret Order.

TIE Corps Exercise: Squadron (Re)Mobilization 6

AD Phoenix Berkana

30 April, 2024 22:47
32 ABY

Welcome to this years TIE Corps Exercise: Squadron (Re)Mobilization!
Commencing at 00:01 UTC on May 1st!

As per todays TCCOM report -
Starting from its first run in 2019, (Re)Mob was designed to get each squadron together to complete tasks as a team in a way that was similar in scale to Raise the Flag but not as much of a firehose of activity...

Squadron (Re)Mobilization is a competition that pits our squadrons, largely against themselves and rewards squadrons for working together as a team. Over the course of the next month each squadron will try and complete as many of the tasks on the list as possible, each task having been broken into four equal chunks to assist them in completing the tasks they wish to complete.

The tasks cover many of the different activities that the TIE Corps has to offer, from completing Single Player battles from our Battle Compendium, to flying both against and with each other in PvP or PvE combat. We also have tasks around fiction writing, completing Imperial University Courses and wiki editing alongside creating the outline of a battle which was a big hit last year!

  • For full details on the tasks please refer to the competition outline here
  • The online scoreboard can be found here

Additional background information can be found in todays Warfare Officer Report.

Change of Command for Gamma

HA Plif

30 April, 2024 21:26
32 ABY

CPT Blaster72 is taking a step back from the Squadron Commander (CMDR) role to a Flight Member position in Gamma Squadron. Thank you for your service!

Succeeding him as CMDR will be Gamma's Executive Officer, CM Habu. Congratulations and good luck in your new role!

Lieutenant Promotion in Tempest Squadron

FA John T. Clark

29 April, 2024 14:26
32 ABY

For completing their first TC custom missions in X-Wing Alliance, SL Race Kesyk of Tempest Squadron has been promoted to full Lieutenant.

Congratulations, LT Race Kesyk!