Imperial University Academic Integrity Policy update

AD Sylas Pitt

01 March, 2024 21:53
32 ABY

Recently, the Training Office has encountered a few issues with new members in the Imperial University, an issue that was not their fault, but rather a lack of forwardness. While the Training Manual is publicly available to all in the Wiki, we soon came to realize that this document was not high up on new member's priority lists when engaging with the club.

As a solution, the Internet Office (thanks Turtle!) put together a yearly prompt for all members about the Academic Integrity Policy. Before students can take any exams, they will have to acknowledge the policy, with renewal approval on a yearly basis. We hope this cuts back on misunderstanding and mistakes from newer members that were unfamiliar with the policies employed by the Training Office.

If any member has any doubts or concerns, my DMs are open.

Academic Integrity Policy.png

Report from the ISDII Challenge

CM Jagged Fell III

01 March, 2024 12:53
32 ABY

In the second battle of sector 1204, the Emperor’s Hammer forces decimated the Marmalade fleet and left them all as burning wrecks.

A small force from Battlegroup II was briefly engaged with a Kilji picket group in sector 1105, but the TIE Corps ships are effecting a retreat to conserve our numbers in this arduous campaign.

The worlds of the Rift continue to change hands as the different armadas traverse the region in search of one another.

Our forces have taken heavy losses in the opening weeks of this campaign, but this reporter still believes that the superiority of the TIE Corps pilots will win out and we will save those of the Tkon Rift from the slavery offered by the orange scourge.

Report from the ISDII Challenge

CM Jagged Fell III

29 February, 2024 20:12
32 ABY

The battle here in sector 1204 is shaping up to be a total victory for the Emperor’s Hammer, but we must remain focused and continue the fight.

While most planets within the Tkon Rift have changed hands in the last weeks, we continue to work to save the denizens of this Rift from slavery at the hands of the Marmalades.

There have been reports of dissension in the ranks of the legions of vassals that Kilji force into service. Recently their sabotage of the Kilhorde has caused a nearly 50% reduction of combat ability for the whole of the Orange Fleet. We must use this opportunity to push them back and drive them from every world!

Remember the Roost, remember all the TIE Corps ships forced to retreat!

Star Wars: Dark Forces Remaster Released

RA Alexandre Morgan

28 February, 2024 19:47
32 ABY

After months of waiting, Star Wars: Dark Forces Remaster has been released! Developed by Nightdive Studios and LucasArts, the remastered game features new content, modernized graphics, and updated mechanics. Now we can enjoy Kyle Katarn's story with a modern twist on many different platforms, including PC, PlayStations 4 and 5, Xbox One, Xbox S|X, and Nintendo Switch.

Click the image below to watch the launch trailer and learn more about the game!

Dark Forces Remaster Title Card

Report from the ISDII Challenge

CM Jagged Fell III

28 February, 2024 13:03
32 ABY

This reporter has received a strange missive in my email in box today and have decided to share its contents here.

Greetings, my fellow believers!
Today is a special day for the EH
For today, we have all been chosen.
We must save ourselves, the galaxy and perhaps even existence itself,
We must fly XWA-FREE 154, and we must review it!

You all know the story of how the GN Master created XWA-FREE 154
One of the greatest ever made, with his own hands and his own genius.

You all know why you have been selected. A group of loyal and faithful servants!
To fly XWA-FREE 154!
And to carry out divine will!

You all know what our mission is,
A holy and righteous crusade
To destroy the evil orangy gooish empire
And to ensure freedom for us all!

But do you know what the reward is?
Do you know what the GN Master promises?
Do you know what XWA-FREE 154 offers?
Do you know what we will gain?

Let me tell you, my friends
Let me reveal to you the truth
Let me share with you the joy
Let me make you laugh with the joke

The reward is eternal salvation
The GN Master promises us a place in his kingdom
XWA-FREE 154 offers us a ride to heaven
We will gain the glory of the GN Master

But do not be afraid, my friends
Do not be sad, my friends
Do not be angry, my friends
Do not be fooled, my friends

For this is the will of the GN Master
For this is the plan of the GN Master
For this is the joke of the GN Master
For this is the love of the GN Master

He loves us so much that he wants us to be with him
He loves us so much that he wants us to share his glory
He loves us so much that he wants us to enjoy his joke
He loves us so much that he wants us to laugh with him

So let us rejoice, my friends
Let us be glad, my friends
Let us praise him, my friends
Let us laugh with him, my friends

For we are the chosen ones
The pilots of XWA-FREE 154
The saviors of the galaxy
The children of GN Master

This war has certainly become strange...

VA Robert Hogan awarded the Grand Order of the Emperor

HA Turtle Jerrar

28 February, 2024 01:54
32 ABY

The Grand Order of the Emperor is awarded to VA Robert Hogan in recognition of his exceptionally meritorious service to the Emperor’s Hammer through his combined efforts within the Training and Internet Offices. Robert Hogan is hereby inducted into the Order, with all the rights and privileges associated with such recognition, including display of the ceremonial dagger on his Emperor’s Hammer uniform.

Robert has been an integral member of the Training Office since day one as a Training Officer Assistant. He is the creator and developer of the Qualifications we have integrated, which has seen an incredulous uptick in member interaction with the Imperial University as a whole. His elevation to Command Attaché for the Training Officer was due to his insightfulness, his willingness to entertain and develop new ideas, and his unfiltered honesty when asked for an opinion on a subject. With his help, the Training Office was able to expand on the Qualifications program, develop and publish a Training Office Manual for current and future members of the office, develop the academic journal for the IU called "Proceedings", and most courses have received an update from HTML to Markdown. Robert has always been a reliable source of constructive criticism and unbiased opinions when discussing new courses, qualifications, and new members of the Training Office. He is a mentor in the many fields he occupies with pride and dedication.

Robert is recognized as the “go to” person within the Internet Office for creative works, particularly 2D and 3D graphics. From small projects to large, Robert Hogan has demonstrated the willingness to step up whenever asked. As a contributor to Internet Office projects, Robert’s consistent dedication to improving the quality of Emperor’s Hammer materials is noteworthy. His contributions are widely featured on the web site and Wiki, as well as in companion applications like TTT3. This has included continual improvements to Emperor’s Hammer medals, uniforms, and heraldry items. Most recently, his efforts led to the re-implementation of the position badges for Emperor’s Hammer Command Staff, Attaché, and Advisor positions. In addition, his concept and design work for the General Campaign Medal has contributed to a new and unique recognition system within the Emperor’s Hammer that will be enjoyed by members across multiple subgroups.

Robert’s initiative and creativity has directly led to new developments, such as the fully rendered 3D medal and ribbon upgrade devices implemented in TTT3 v3.1.0. These devices bring a beautiful and functional upgrade to the medals depicted on uniforms and personnel records. Robert’s initiative has also contributed to a “back catalog” of designs and concepts that are likely to see use in future projects.

Robert Hogan’s meritorious achievements are in keeping with the finest traditions of service to the Emperor’s Hammer and the membership, and reflect great credit upon himself, the Training and Internet Offices, and the Emperor’s Hammer Command Staff.

Jointly recommended by TO/AD Sylas Pitt and IO/HA Turtle Jerrar, and approved by FC/GA Rapier.

Report from the ISDII Challenge

CM Jagged Fell III

27 February, 2024 13:25
32 ABY

(Model and Background credit to TFTC)
Remember the Roost

Report from the ISDII Challenge

CM Jagged Fell III

26 February, 2024 23:18
32 ABY

The last remnants of the eastern fleet have been forced to retreat from the Rift. But they inflicted a considerable amount of damage to the hated Marmalades considering the size of their force.

Once again elements of the TIE Corps fleet have been caught in a battle where they are vastly out gunned. This time only the pilots of Battlegroup II can spur our comrades-in-arms on, but we of Battlegroup III still cheer for your valor.

Our forces continue to work to liberate two Kilji infested worlds, and their task will soon be done.

We of Battlegroups I and III wait and recoup our strength for the next battle that is on the horizon.

Remember the Roost!

Report from the ISDII Challenge

CM Jagged Fell III

25 February, 2024 14:16
32 ABY

Our intrepid warriors of the eastern fleet may not last to see another day in the Tkon Rift, but they ARE NOT going without a fight. Through your efforts they are valiantly striking back at the slaver fleet. Don't let up. This campaign is just starting.

While the Marmalades have spread their horrors to most of the worlds of the Rift, Emperor’s Hammer forces have reached the planets of P587 and A3828. The enemy named these worlds as Scinto IV and Terakine in their broadcast one week ago. We will soon liberate them from their foreign-space invaders!

New FL for Theta

LC Vapen Van’an

25 February, 2024 02:16
32 ABY

Following a brief period of the Flight Leader spot in Theta being empty, LT Jai Thorne, has been selected to be the next Flight Leader of Theta Squadron. We will follow your career with great interest!

Report from the ISDII Challenge

CM Jagged Fell III

24 February, 2024 16:03
32 ABY


The Kilji Fleet that so badly mauled our valiant warriors of the eastern fleet have found them again! Once again the ISDII Hammer, ISDII Relentless, and MC-40 Roost have been forced into a lopsided battle.

We of the TIE Corps must do whatever we can to aid their attacks but I fear for those aboard these ships.

To arms, we will not go quietly into the night!

Fighting Again, Never Alone

LT Lucas Lucky Finn

24 February, 2024 00:36
32 ABY

The morning of 24/2 32 ABY, a distressed visitor came to one of INN’s main outposts. She identified herself as the mother of a fighter lost during the battle of HEX 1307. In her grief, she still had the determination and patience needed to plead up the chain, from receptionist to editor. The relief on her face was palpable as she gave over a handwritten note, the desperation to be heard and trusted finally being released from her bereaved soul.

We give her this spotlight not as special treatment, but rather a forwarding of what war can mean. Protect your comrades, and always trust the beauty of community we may find in the empire.

I am proud of the children I have raised. I am proud when they make jokes amongst themselves, even if it means wasted peanut butter from smearing it on their then-young faces. I am proud when they trust me enough to share their woes of adolescence, down to the unfortunate heartbreaks. I am proud when they can’t help but hold a grin during their graduations.

My son, Xylon, was unbreakable in his joy after gaining full certification by the Imperial University, and I was proud yet again. But, I soon felt the deep fear that sows your heart during deployments, one so profound that it’s nearly impossible to elucidate. My most difficult jobs now included suppressing my anxieties during communications with him. He did not need the negativity. He did not need to know how often I kept myself awake by being worried sick when a new battle report came in near (what I assumed, as transmissions are severely limited on the field) close to his locale. I felt he did not need to know my world of worry, as I helped create his very life. I needed to be the strong- the encouraging- the loving and caring- part of his world.

Eventually, I forced myself to avoid live action reports. It’s just not sustainable to be compulsively counting the hours since any previous contact, lying awake in fear from imagined aberrations of tragedy, and having stress high enough to burst into tears at any moment. Not to say my mental state was cured, only that I could no longer handle the extrinsic anxiety fuel. I tried to tell myself, "Why mourn before he’s gone?"

Muzzling my nerves helped then, but as time can bring any possibility, the moment that crushed me with the mere thought has now come to fruition. Word of his ultimate sacrifice spurred a devastation so profound I cannot blame myself for previously protecting my health, as absolutely nothing could have possibly prepared me for this.

May he rest in that same contented, proud feeling we shared at his graduation. I must believe he understood the risks and found it a worthy way to serve, just as he did for nearly a decade.

All I can ask is that people may hear my words and understand- You may be serving a force beyond yourselves, but nothing can replace the world you create. Family, by blood or choice, will be there for you. Find the support, and create the support. Your realm is bigger than you may know. Protect, believe, and live.

Posted with the parent anonymized, as per request

Report from the ISDII Challenge

CM Jagged Fell III

23 February, 2024 20:36
32 ABY

Today is a sad day fellow soldiers of the TIE Corps. Our brethren aboard the ships of the Eastern Fleet have just suffered a crushing battle. While the lead ships from each of the three Battlegroups amongst the group have escaped the battle, many of their support ships were forced to retreat from the Rift in order to affect repairs.

Our forces, headed by the ISDII Hammer, ISDII Relentless, and supported by the MC-40 Roost faced a Kilji fleet more than a third larger than their force. They fought valiantly and damaged the enemy as good as they received, but the disparity in our forces were too much and the Eastern Fleet has been forced to retreat from the battle in sector 1307.

All is not lost, and this war against the religious zealots is far from over. As we speak our central and western fleets are maneuvering to turn the tide of this campaign back in favor of the forces of peace, order, and liberty.

As a Fleet we must lick our wounds and strengthen our resolve to beat back the Marmalades and their barbaric slavery!

Report from the ISDII Challenge

CM Jagged Fell III

22 February, 2024 21:07
32 ABY

We have experienced both our first victories and reversals to the despised Marmalades. The worlds of NE256 and G5406 have been shown the freedom that only the Emperor’s Hammer can secure, while the previously secured planets of LE855 and Q0604 have been visited by the murderous slavers while our forces have been deployed elsewhere. This reporter shutters to think what depredations those religious zealots will visit upon the populations of those worlds during the time it will take for our forces to reliberate them, but we must focus on the greater good of all those depending on us in this war against extremism.

The final hours of our first major battle with the orange scourge are coming to a close. Our comrades-in-arms aboard the ISDII Hammer, ISDII Relentless, and MC-40 Roost are facing overwhelming odds and it is our duty as a wider fleet to do everything in our power to aid them. Reports from the battlefield state that the Kilji force opposing the two Star Destroyers have among they number 4 ISDII analogs, 6 VSDII analogs, 4 A/CRS, 2 INT, 8 CRV, and ancillary support craft too numerous to report here. Needless to say, this engagement will be bloody for the brave warriors of the TIE Corps, but we know that they will give better then the take. And their efforts will help weaken this Marmalade fleet and allow our forces to engage them at a time of our choosing.

Lieutenant Promotions in Sin Squadron

FA John T. Clark

22 February, 2024 17:25
32 ABY

For earning their respective first Legions of Combat in Star Wars: Squadrons, SL Lucas Lucky Finn & SL OBSObiwan both hailing from Sin Squadron, have been promoted to full Lieutenants.

Congratulations, LT OBSObiwan!
And Congratulations, LT Lucas Lucky Finn!

Important changes to Competition and Submission

INQ Taurus

21 February, 2024 17:30
32 ABY
  1. The last predated Competition "The Great Hunt" by M:MAA Legion Ordo has ended the awards are booked.
    From now on there is a special rule in place, regulating the Crescent Quality in conjuction of the participants in each competition.
    This adjustments are already documented and applied by standard to all Competitions for Clans and the whole Secret Order.

  2. In light of recent events, I've come to the conclusion to allow multiple submissions of a group to be a viable way to submit Clusters. There is however a catch. Cluster submitted for groups are atm only allowed for one game at a time (e.g. if you are playing SWS and BF2 in one sitting, i need all the SWS screen in one and all the BF2 screens in another mail). The reason for this special rule is, that all the comps are counted in spreadsheets, most of the time with different point values per game. As an additional factor, I urge everyone to cc everyone they are submitting with and at the same time give me a quick note, which username belongs to which SO-Account. Each individual will be judged by their position on the scoreboard.

For nearer Information on both Items check the MAA:Applied Arms Manual

Report from the ISDII Challenge

CM Jagged Fell III

21 February, 2024 16:39
32 ABY

"The Galaxy is a dark forest; cruel and brutal. We are the light. We are civilization and order."

There had been some disappointment in the ranks over the pitiful single corvette that the MC90 Renegade and accompanying forces found above G5406. Still we have done our duty to ensure the slaver ship's swift destruction.

Meanwhile, the ISDII Challenge and our task force has arrived at NE256 and will soon have secured it for the preservation of liberty in this chaotic rift. Although we have received word from the Kilji that they have expanded their barbarity to yet another system, P3059. It will just be one more system that we will burn these invaders out of when the time comes.

But now reports are flooding in that a large Marmalade force has engaged the ISDII Hammer, ISDII Relentless, and the MC-40 Roost in open space at map coordinates grid 1307. Early reports are that this enemy battle group may comprise over half of the Kilhorde sent to enslave this region of the Chaos.

Our forces may be out numbered, but we of the TIE Corps will fight valiantly to make these zealots pay for every kilometer of their advance!

Database: Secretly Ordered

D Surgo

21 February, 2024 01:06
32 ABY

The Internet Officer has recently delivered a number of updates to the Secret Order website; the most pertinent of which is to finalize the absorption of the Dark Brotherhood into the Secret Order. Most importantly, all references (other than historical references) to the Dark Brotherhood should have been replaced with the Secret Order.

As mentioned in the last newsletter, we still have a ways to go to implement a number of new systems. These changes shall come incrementally.

We will be updating the wiki and IU exams over the coming months. Some of this has already been completed, but there's a couple decades of legacy to work through, as well as sifting through what should be updated as well as what should remain historical. The Dark Council has taken on this task, but feel free to volunteer if you're interested in helping out with the conversion.


Lore-wise, we're not retconning anything. The Secret Order is an evolution of our previous organization, not a wholesale replacement. The Dark Brotherhood was not a failure. The Secret Order continues to be run by Sith practitioners and follow Sith teachings, although the Secret Order isn't entirely made up of members focusing on the Force, or even necessarily Force-sensitive (although many may be.)

Our goal is to focus on creative works; roleplay, fiction, and art is a primary focus, as well as a wide array of supported games. In this era, we will be defined by experimentation and iteration, and support the fleet through unexpected, and sometimes unfamiliar, means.

SL Jafan Russ Promoted to LT

HA Plif

20 February, 2024 21:08
32 ABY

From the commander of Firebird Squadron, CPT SirCaleb:

Upon graduation from IWATS, SL Jafan wasted no time in finding some Rebel victims. Quickly after joining Firebird Squadron Jafan also completed further education from the Imperial University. As his Commanding officer I am beaming with pride as I recommend SL Jafan Russ for a promotion to Lieutenant.

Congratulations, LT Jafan Russ!

Report from the ISDII Challenge

CM Jagged Fell III

20 February, 2024 17:08
32 ABY

A great cheer was heard across the Fleet and the Tkon Rift as a whole as the first engagement of this war commenced.

The Emperor’s Hammer's forces, led by the MC90 Renegade of Battlegroup III along with other forces from all three Battlegroups, have arrived at planet G5406 and found a lone corvette of the Kilji invaders. Pilots all across the Fleet have quickly rushed to their craft to help deliver a decisive, and crushing defeat to the Marmalades in this small skirmish.

True that the loss of this lone slaver ship will not materially reduce the danger the Kilji pose to the denizens of the Rift. But we of the Emperor’s Hammer have sworn to stamp out this menace and we have drawn first blood in the war for freedom from religious tyranny!

Secret Order Update

D Surgo

20 February, 2024 16:04
32 ABY

The Secret Order fleet bounus tracker is live:

This is all manually tracked, but should be updated daily by myself and MAA Taurus. You can check our totals, as well as your own score, on the first two tabs. WAR TheBlackxRanger is in first place, with ACO KEBLAOMEGA in second and INQ Taurus in third.


We've just had our first battle (even though it was short:, so creative entries are allowed if you want to describe how we helped crush the sad, lone Corvette that the Illumine sent at us. With your submission, please include whether you'd like your entry published.


We've reached our first breakpoint - over 25 -DB Singleplayer missions have been submitted! (And we're very close to our second breakpoint.) Good work!


The Kilji Illumine will be crushed.

The War on Satin, and the proper war going on the sector

COL Mordred

19 February, 2024 22:49
32 ABY


Answer the pool now, on Gl'enda and Al'pohn'se's Morning Show!

G: Chiss Strategic Command continues to meet on Obukal to discuss the situation of the frontier worlds in the Tkon Rift and it's been a MESS. Lots of satins and velvets contrasting each other. Dibs to the Bastien family for keeping it in touch with reality.
A: Indeed, it was a total horror with the dignitaries carrying more platinum in their robes decoration than their families care to pay their hairdressers. The Imperials on the other hand looking slick on their dress uniforms, Oh my!
G: We had some sons and daughters of the Chiss with them last night, that dark brown does wonders on our bluish skin.
A: I saw a pilot with a familiar demeanor called Bronx Bluar, definetely Chiss, but the quiet handsome type!
C: From the roster I've recognized Chity'ke'nik and Therj'en'nuruodo. Not to mention our favorite banished pilot, Camord'red'oburo. Aut Ria pulled some strings to allow him to land as I've heard.
A:I heard we got an exclusive too. Pei'Mer'Folky has some footage for us!
(Cuts to a young chiss woman, with a very professional look and a badge "PRESS" on her blouse. Behind her, the main briefing room of the ISD Challenge)
P: Greetings from the frontlines my dearest, we are here in the Imperial Star Destroyer Challenge, the mighty warriors of the Emperor's Hammer have been fighting fiercely against the Kiljik! The pilots of the Challenge are just returning from a deep patrol between sectors 0407 and 0711.
(a holo map substitutes the screen but it's cut)
P: Sorry for the abrupt cut, we have a transmission live from Vice Admiral Locke... There's a battle going on right now... People are scrambling around me... I see a familiar face, let's see if I can get his attention!
(camera shaking as the reporter runs to an officer talking to some pilots)
"We're going back in NOW, they've just deployed.... Lady, what the heck are you doing here with that holocam?!? We are busy!" If Jagged Fell could breathe fire, the girl would be toast.
P: G&A Morning show, sir! We got C5 clearance! Are we deploying right now?!
"The enemy is advancing faster than anticipated, we'll meet them head one on the west fold and if it goes well, well sweep eastwards. Happy? Now I got a flight to run and orders to follow!" And he ran after the pilots.
P: And that's it, allied forces are moving! We'll open an vidstream with live updates as we have new developments!
(back to studio)
G: Oh my, was that Jagged Fell III?? What a scandal!
A: But what a fit for that pilot's overalls!

Report from the ISDII Challenge

CM Jagged Fell III

19 February, 2024 18:36
32 ABY

Things are starting to ramp up in the Tkon Rift. The Marmalades have secured their beachhead worlds of P587, A3828, and P3864. The invaders have released a dispatch naming these worlds Scinto IV, Terakine, and Carido Prime. We in the Emperor’s Hammer have safeguarded the worlds of LE855, Q0604, and E149N.

Data released to the wider public shows that our fleet has split into multiple smaller units and we and currently journeying to secure the vulnerable worlds in the middle of the Rift to halt the predation of these slavers from being visited on yet more unsuspecting populations.

None of the fleet elements have yet encountered the ships of this orange scourge, but when we do, we will smash them into a pulp, for we have the

Stength to rise; power to fly

Use of AI in IU Exams

AD Sylas Pitt

19 February, 2024 13:05
32 ABY

The Training Office would like to remind ALL members that the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to answer Imperial University exams is strictly prohibited.

If you have any concerns or doubts about a question or the course material, we urge all members to reach out to any member of the Training Office, and we would be more than happy to guide and help you. All exams are considered open-book, thus rendering the need for any AI help as unnecessary and against the spirit of academia.

You can find a list of Training Office personnel here

You can review the Training Office's AI Policy here

Report from the ISDII Challenge

CM Jagged Fell III

18 February, 2024 22:26
32 ABY

The initial engagements of this campaign have been swift, with the three worlds in the north of the rift quickly falling to the Marmalade's assault, but this is just the beginning of this war against religious slavery and we of the TIE Corps are not daunted at the prospect of having to dig these proselytizers out of whatever hole they can find on those worlds. And we will free those worlds.

Due to Operational Security (OPSEC) the information about the movements of the TIE Corps forces is being tightly controlled, but it was revealed to us by Vice Admiral Setzer that the three Battlegroups have agreed upon a unified strategy to be employed in these opening days and we expect to see action any day now.

This reporter for one is eager to see some action and to free these peoples from this looming tyranny.

The Foe We Face

LT Hector Von Ricmore

18 February, 2024 16:39
32 ABY

Break Their Spirit

As we march boldly to conquer another frontier in the name of the Emperor's Hammer, I would like to take the time to remind you of the foe that we face. The Kilji are a species of religious zealots. In combat they will not falter, obeying orders until completion or death. This is not a foe that we can crush conventionally. We must strip them of their religious fervor by targeting their belief itself. We must strike at their concept of enlightenment; make them question the way that they live and wage war. Only when we have broken to spirit of our foe can we achieve true victory. This will not be an easy task. Our enemy is willful and entrenched in their belief. But the skilled pilots of the Tie Corps and the brave warriors of the Secret Order will bring about victory for the Emperor's Hammer. Of this I am certain. Stand by for future news and keep your senses ready to spot any way the Hammer can inflict damage to the morale of the enemy. We shall triumph!

Vanguard88 Promoted to Commander

FA John T. Clark

18 February, 2024 10:47
32 ABY

From Rho Squadron CMDR CPT Maston Dane:

LCM Vanguard, has demonstrated his skills as a pilot over and over again. Frequently raking in the most SP missions of anyone in Rho, he has great determination, is pro-active and participates in competitions consistently. I'm proud and honored to have him on my team. He is a vital part of our group who inspires and helps members wherever he can. I feel lucky to have him. He was promoted to Lieutenant Commander in October of 2023 and has earned at least a BS but usually an SS each of the Next 4 months as a FM and one month even had 790 merit points. There is no more promising a pilot than the pilot who is excited he’s here, ready to bring justice forcefully to the Rebels. So I hereby recommend Vanguard88 be given the rank of CM for the month of February 2024.

Congratulations, CM Vanguard88!

The Renegade Mudhook - Hammer Fleet Mobilised

LT Armon Ferro

17 February, 2024 23:17
32 ABY

SOLDIERS AND AIRMEN of the MC90 Renegade were today treated to the sort of spectacle that brings a lump to the throat and a warm sensation to the heart of any good imperial - the sensation of being aboard a mighty cruiser dropping out of lightspeed with its full complement prepared for hard contact. Even aboard a New Republic vessel, the discipline and unity of the Emperor's Hammer strike fleet are on display, and it is doubtful whether the interior of any rebel ship ever looked as clean, well-organised, and battle-ready as we do today. This is what we shall take heart in as we boldly burst forth into this region of space, untamed and wild; here, perhaps more than on any other Hammer ship, the heart of the Empire beats loudly and proud. Whatever our next orders are, the fleet can be sure that the bravery and skill of the MC90 Renegade will lead us to victory.

Frontier Today with Gl'enda and Al'phon'se (T1)

COL Mordred

17 February, 2024 20:30
32 ABY


G: "Good morning my sweet Chiss and compatriots from the Frontier, I'm Gl'enda and I'm with Al'pohn'se bringing you the What's what and Who's who of the frozen worlds! Al?"
A: Greetings my darling Gl'enda! Today on the news: HORROR at OBUKAL! It was a most vile moment and you will not believe the mess at the Emperor's Hammer Ambassador reception!
G: Emperor's Hammer? do you mean those nice folks that shelter dozens of our more adventurous cousins?
A: Indeed Gl'enda. And most of our banished cousins as well! Oh my!
G: Now, don't leave me hanging what happened!?
A: The ruling families gathered to greet the Ambassador and Aristocra Xaro'pina'pakene, matron of the Pakene family and Aristocra Pring'la'recim, the youngest matron in the frontier, BOTH wearing the SAME DRESS! It was horrific!!
G: Oh dear, my Sight foresees a bad morning for the tailors involved! IT was such a lovely dress thou, what a shame, what a shame...
A: And the fun didn't stop there! Matrona Anama'ria'oburo stopped the whole ceremony when she saw this fella walking in the escort duty!
G: Is that Camord'red'oburo!?! Banished a long time ago?
A: Indeed. Witness says the Matron recalled the entire squadron from duty and gave the Aristocra Carle'and'firmo a stern look to acoomodate whatever the Emperor's Hammer Ambassador wished! Then they left for the family manor and only the Matrona returned for the dinner later!
G: Oh my! So what happened to the pilots?
A: They just left at full speed to the spaceport! How about that for a-- wait, I'm getting something on my prompter...
G: War! We are officially at war!
A: Chiss SDF is moving to provide non combat support for the Emperor's Hammer and the Imperials are already hauling BEEP, I mean moving!
G: The target is the Tkon Rift! Very bold move, I hope it works well for them! I'm most certain that CSDF will engage the enemy in full force once they close our borders, but so far the word is just logistic support.
A: Any civilian traffic is to avoid the Rift at all costs, but If you are catch in a pickle, move toward friendly lines on the Baixo'esquerda part of the Rift and have your IFF turned on!
G: Avoid ANY contact with Kilik-
A: Kiljik
G: Is it? I've always thought it was Kilik (laugher in the studio audience). Kiljik. Avoid the Kiljik, Strategic Coordination inform they are moving for the planets on Alto'esquerda. P3865 at grid 1502, A3828 at grid 1002 and P587 at grid 0402 are totally off limits.
A: We can only hope for a short and decisive conflict, we most certainly do NOT want to be seen wearing those hideous Kiljik robes

Imperial Storm - the opening salvo

AD Phoenix Berkana

17 February, 2024 18:48
32 ABY

Status Update from Turn 1

TIE Corps forces have possession of their starting worlds: LE855 (0412), QO604 (0709), E149N (1012). These three worlds are currently under the protection of the Emperor’s Hammer and should be regarded as safe havens amongst the chaos of the Tkon Rift.

Intelligence reports have indicated that Kilji vessels arrived at P3865 (1502), A3828 (1002) and P587 (0402) during the early hours of the morning and immediately began taking these worlds... intelligence has received indications of drop ships having been seen at all three locations… we await reaction from Imperial forces.

Report from the ISDII Challenge

CM Jagged Fell III

17 February, 2024 18:09
32 ABY

TIE Corps

The starting cannon has fired for the beginning of this campaign against the Marmalades. We of Battlegroup III are eager to begin this battle for the Tkon Rift and the wider region.

Our Battlegroup Commander has issued his orders and we now wait to know where the enemy forces are hiding so that we may engage these slavers who hide behind a dogmatic religion.

We know that the Emperor’s Hammer will emerge victorious from this coming campaign and we will show these peoples of the Chaos the superiority of the Empire’s way of life.

Reaching For Another World

SL Lucas Lucky Finn

17 February, 2024 00:28
32 ABY

Upon the return and evaluation of a probe droid, a member of maintenance staff uncovered an unfamiliar document storage device planted within an exhaust shaft. After being turned over to management, it was evaluated for malware and origin. The device mapping showed no hostile programs within a supremely outdated device, as such the device was tested on a network-disconnected computer. There was only one recording file held within, the contents of which were found moving enough to forward to INN. This is a transcript of that file, and most importantly- This is why we fight.

Hello, I hope this message finds someone with power, as my standing and age grants me none. I need this distress to be understood. I’m unfortunately familiar Kilji technology, so I assume these probe devices are from a large cooperation with bountiful resources. As of recording, I have seen one pass by. I hope beyond hope I may find another to forward my message, and I haven’t misjudged the source. I do not want to pay with my life for sharing my pleas to live.

My rural region was recently assimilated into the Kilji religion and its hierarchy. I believe beyond our borders there is resistance, but we have never enjoyed that luxury of propaganda immunity. My parents are incredibly malleable to any prevailing dogma, its been more than difficult to grow up within that ever-shifting realm of ideals and behavior. However, their newest religious venture is unlike any other. I have feared and withstood many types of punishment, mental and physical, but never before has the zealotry threatened my very mortality.

Its been a long time coming, I believe the first Kilji ambassador “graced” our region many moons ago. The culture here lends itself to separatist, aggressive movements. I promise we are not beyond saving, but the greater ideals that allowed the Kiljis to take hold have been festering for millennia. Thankfully I can find solace in my Aunt, whom I’ve been idolizing as long as I can remember. As a lower-level navigator, she has seen more of that grand universal picture than I could possibly imagine- Which I believe is how she broke away from the values that have deep, desperate claws embedded in my parents. She is my solace, the world in which I build my passion and greater understanding of the life we live.

I have a desperate fear of this doctrine, but I can not show it. It stifles every part of my being. Every day I must grin and bear the idea that anything besides full acceptance is punishable by death, something I privately don’t believe speaks to “enlightenment”. Every action of mine is now scrutinized, from hierarchy respect (My parents are above myself, naturally) to something as small as the way I flick my hand. The interactions with my peers are as stifled and negative as my own self-perception has become.

The only time in life I may think genuinely is the wee-hours of the evening & morning. I find it incredibly unnatural, but I have no other way to preserve my life. I’m very familiar (possibly more than most youth) that a single toe out of line equals a complete cessation of livelihood, and now likely life itself. I’m grateful I can commiserate with my aunt, her perspective has given me more than I can describe. These late night chats may give me comfort of another person being in the same world, but at the same time I feel vastly mounting anxiety. Every talk, every understanding, every bit of sharing, makes both of us more vulnerable than ever before.

Please, help us. I understand we may be a minority in my region, but I promise there are still people that are desperate & worth caring for. There are always people worth fighting for and believing in. Again, I sincerely hope that this is a probe from an entity separate from the Kilji, and it's not just a mining sensor or something inconsequential.

Many of us are desperate, I beg of you to hear my pleas. My world may not get much better, but the knowledge that something is being done would be enough. We need anything greater than ourselves to release this bondage.

This message/device was initially noted by maintenance 53 hours ago, the initial recording showed an age of 61 hours. We at INN believe that by forwarding this uncovered media we may further spur the passion within our ranks. Fight for everyone, big and small. May passion define us!

Let the game commence..

AD Phoenix Berkana

16 February, 2024 23:19
32 ABY

Imperial Storm VI

Starting in a few hours time and running between February 17th and March 16th we will be running the sixth iteration of a giant turn based wargame that pits the forces of the Emperor's Hammer against an enemy, the Kilji Illumine who for the purposes of the game are being played by FA La'an.

This competition takes place over a map representing this region of space, populated with star systems that we are to defend against this enemy force. Each of the three Battlegroup Commanders is leading a team who are responsible for giving me daily orders that see the ships of your respective battlegroups move around the map. How each BGCOM decides upon their orders is up to them, but from what I've seen it's largely an interactive affair with their pilots in each of the battlegroup channels on Discord - so do drop in and voice an opinion!!

Combat though is where YOU, the pilots of the TIE Corps are critical....

Whenever we encounter the enemy fleet, a combat window lasting 48 hours begins. During this time we will count ALL multiplayer activity across all our supported platforms (PvE & PvP), each legion being worth points based on the game being played. All of your wins add up towards a total score that dictates how we fare against the enemy fleet, and not leaving Single Player out either, pilots will have 48 hours to fly a single FREE mission that will be announced whenever combat begins.

Our intrepid Imperial News Network reporters will also help bring the storyline to life - they will be filing reports from the front which will appear on both the main EH newsfeed and our dedicated Imperial Storm hub:

Further details can be found in our competition entry:

Report from the ISDII Warrior

RA Alexandre Morgan

16 February, 2024 19:31
32 ABY

As the time of action draws near, the crew and pilots aboard the ISDII Warrior prepare themselves, the combination of nerves and excitement almost palpable.

Rumors that the three battlegroups will be working in close synchronicity and collaboration have begun to spread, and Battlegroup II Commander Rear Admiral Adom Wietu appears to have been in strategy meetings with his deputies nearly non-stop. They are understood to be communicating with the other two command teams to coordinate a defense against the Illumine.

As turbolaser batteries run diagnostics, sensor systems are double-checked, and pilots run final pre-flight checks, the broadcasted messages from the Kilhorde serve only to galvanize the Warrior’s crew and pilots, who now appear ready to enthusiastically defend all worlds against the enslavers.

Report from the ISDII Challenge

CM Jagged Fell III

16 February, 2024 15:03
32 ABY

On the eve of the start of our campaign against the enslaving Marmalades, the whole Battlegroup seems to be holding its collective breath.

Tensions are high as we wait for our initial orders from our fearless Commander, Vice Admiral Locke Setzer. He was only recently elevated to the BGCOM position but has already shown his dedication to fostering the forces under his command.

Some outlandish proposals for initial strategies has been proposed behind closed doors within the Battlegroup, but VA Setzer is playing his cards close to his chest for his initial strategy in the coming days.

All this reporter knows is that whatever his orders are we of Wing X and Wing XXII, and all our supporting units, will carry them out with the efficiency that the Emperor’s Hammer is known for and will show these zealots the true meaning of power.

Where the loyalty lies, Part 2 (-2 days to contact)

COL Mordred

15 February, 2024 23:00
32 ABY

The scene was horrific.

Jackets stacked on a pile near the door, servants coming and going with trays brimful of sweets. Morgoth was beyond anyone's help now, Grendel melted away in a couch and nothing short of the GA entering the room would move him from that position. The other didn't fare so good. Loosened belt and the noxious fumes of involuntary burps filled the room.
Eleven pilots down to overeating. And they didn't even start the desserts proper.

Being a veteran on blitz dinners the nobility pushed over us mere mortals, I managed to skip the more dangerous tasting food and focused on the light snacks. With a clap of her hands, Matrona Anama'ria'oburo ordered the thermal vents to be opened and the temperature in room dropped a little and a round of brandy was offered. Some color returned to Colo's face after sipping it, and our fearless leader was back in the game. Nodding to my FM, I went for the big prize.
"So, Aunt Ria, what's the gossip around? Where is the CDF deploying?"
"Oh Mord, it's always business with you!"
The others looked at each other confused, as "business" and "Mord" seldomly appeared on the same phrase.
"Still, I know you have the fresh gossip and Major Colo here could use something to impress the Admiral."
She smirked and produced a data cylinder, sticking it on a slot on the dinner table, turning it on holotable. A coloful image of the region and several areas appeared floating in front of us.
"Chiss and their secrets..." Morgoth sighed. "Ma'am, care to clarify?"
"Of course, dear. This is the Tkon Rift as you know, no one claims it. the CDF will leave from this vector to pressure Kilji forces back into their own fold, but as your Grand Admiral well knows, you need to close the gap. Doing so will consolidate a unified front against the Kilji and keep other powers in the region in check." She explained patiently.
"The other families know about this?"
"Each have a minor detail or two to add or ignore. So this data is similar, but unique to you. We have scouted several small stellar bodies that may contain opposing forces. Our war doctrine prevents us from action as the Rift is already under dispute, but a caring Aunt can give her beloved nephew navigational data so he stays out of trouble. May you use it in good health. I'll leave you to examine the data while I prepare for the formal dinner with the Ambassador later on."
I gave my boss a smug smile and we got to work, awaking up the rest of the squadron. This data must reach VA Setzer ASAP.

Report from the ISDII Challenge

CM Jagged Fell III

15 February, 2024 18:07
32 ABY

The "Marmalades" continue to spout their calls for enslavement, thinly disguised as a religious message. We don't know the Origin of this message, or how Hallowed their vassals truly hold the Kilji, but we know those of the Emperor’s Hammer will never submit to their will.

There has been recent discussions among those in Wing X about some unorthodox methods that could be effective in turning back the orange scourge. Preparations have begun to test the effectiveness of different noxious substances as coatings on our ordnance.

Additionally, rumors have circulated about possible avian assistance, no immediate comment was available from those in Eagle or Firebird Squadrons.

But speaking of Eagle Squadron, their leadership sound confident in our ability to prevail in this coming campaign.

Where the loyalty lies, Part 1 (- 4 days to contact)

COL Mordred

14 February, 2024 20:53
32 ABY

Fog blinded my helmet’s visor, temperature going on steadily. Blaster in hand I could hear the steps outside. A drip of sweat and fear trickled down my face, and I tried to stead my breathing. Shouldn’t be long now, they’d find me, but I’m a pilot of the Emperor’s Hammer Tie Corps, Tempest Squadron 1-4, and I’d fight what it’s to come with all my being.
“Mordred! Where the hell are you?!? We’re supposed to leave for Obukal in a few minutes!” Colo’s voice echoed the chamber, and I squeezed myself further into the ventilation shaft. More steps clanking into the metal,
“Have you found him?” Morgoth asked impatiently.
“Not yet. He’s probably in the vent. Go grab the rest of the squadron and we’ll box him in” Colo ordered.
I tried to move once again, but the sound could give me away and I’m not going down so easily. Minutes pass, and the rest of the squadron join the show.
“Seriously, how can he be so childish?” the young lieutenant Condar asked and Colo just sighed.
“Just set your blaster to stun and send some shots in every ventilation shaft you find."
It took them 2 hours until a blue halo of stun blast caught me directly in the face.

I woke up tied to my T/D cockpit chair. The fighter was on slave-mode, following Verigos in formation. So, I’ve lost again. And I’d pay the price. The guys never understood my reasons, but this time he’d drag them all to hell with him.
“Okay, okay, I’m awake.” I babbled, still a bit disoriented.
“Why is everything so complicated with you?” The Major asked.
“Since you are going with me, so you’ll know.”
That silenced them. The new guy on flight three opened his comms to ask me something but was never able to put a proper question, so I let him be.
Apparently, we’ve been traveling for a while, and dropped hyperspace in front of the planet. A frigid ball of ice in the middle of nowhere.

Emperor’s Hammers had crossed the fabled Chaos Region and now we were reaching the outskirts of Chiss Ascendancy territory on a diplomatic mission. So, the squadrons that had Chiss members were designated to escort the shuttles. Dozens of shuttles were dispatched to the many planets to reach the Ruling Families. Our goal was the Oburo and Rosfirmo families. Minor families galactic-wise, but important to our cause as they were the closest to the Kta
We cleared the orbital fortress flight control space and got assigned proper places to land. The spaceport was in Galove District. I knew it well. Too well.
With a heavy sight I disembarked my T/D and moved into formation with the squad. The Ambassador’s shuttle lowered it’s ramp and in a minute we were in the ground transports arranged for us.
Just as I put my foot on the ground in front of the Strategic Coordination Center, I hear a call that made my spine chill.
“Camord’red’oburo!!! I can’t believe it!!!” The old matron Aristocra left the lined-up dignitaries and came straight to me. Time to face the beast.
“Hello Aunt Anama’ria’oburo. How are things?”
The Ambassador looked confused, but his Chiss counterpart gave an approving nod.
“Oh dear, all too well, all too well! How are thing with your new friends? The Emperor’s Anvil?”
“Hammer, Aunt Ria, Emperor’s Hammer.”
“Oh let’s skip the ceremony right away and go home for a nice meal, you are way too thin!”
“I cannot leave my squad, Aunt, we are in the middle of negotiations.”
She looked to the Ambassadors, lowering her face a bit with emphasis on her voice.
“I have no doubt the negotiations will proceed quite properly without you kids waiting around boring talks. Am I correct, Aristocra Carle’and’rosfirmo? I believe Ronin’s people are of the utmost competence to help us here.”
He bowed deeply to her and the EH Ambassador caught the hint just in time and bowed as well.
“Then let’s go, children, all of you with me.”
She pushed us back into the transports, and Colo closed next to me.
“Mord, what the hell?”
“The hell indeed. There’s a reason I ran from home to the EH. At least you may be certain the negotiations will go well. Our stomachs, not so much, she’s a terrible cook.”

Maston Dane Promoted to Captain

FA John T. Clark

14 February, 2024 17:20
32 ABY

From Battlegroup II BGCOM RA fr0Zen:

Between the time of his last promotion to Commander on the fourteenth day of the twelfth month of Imperial year 31 ABY, and now at the fourteenth day of the second month of the new Imperial year 32 ABY, CM Maston Dane has delivered 772 Legions of Skirmish and a pair of Legions of Combat to remind the enemy of his ace dogfighting skills. As remains his tradition, he has registered a new recruit as well during this time to add another Medal of Instruction to his impressive efforts.

CM Maston Dane continues to participate broadly across the fleet in extra engagements via optional Competitions - now contributing his own competitions more often with his leadership in the recent public viewing of the award winning docu-series honoring our beloved Emperor Palpatine.

To add to the splendor of his medal collection, since his previous promotion CM Maston Dane has journeyed into the traditional Single Pilot Simulators, aced two courses from the Imperial University, claimed his Certificate in Force Application from the Dark Jedi Shadow Academy, become a Master Ranger 4th tier, reached the 16th Echelon of Flight Certification, and properly maintained his uniform and Imperial Navy Personnel Records.

Most importantly, CM Maston Dane has been a daily asset to his Squadron and Battlegroup. Battlegroup II can count on him to be a supportive team member, an encouraging communicator, and a skilled partner in all theaters of combat.

For these efforts, and for his ongoing loyalty to the Empire, we proudly recommend Commander Maston Dane be elevated to Captain Maston Dane with all the rights and privileges therein.

Congratulations, CPT Maston Dane!

LT Promotion in Theta Squadron

FA John T. Clark

14 February, 2024 17:16
32 ABY

For completing the Advanced Writing and English Grammar IU courses, SL Jai Thorne of Theta Squadron has been promoted to full Lieutenant.

Congratulations, LT Jai Thorne!

Report from the ISDII Challenge

CM Jagged Fell III

14 February, 2024 15:56
32 ABY

The forces of the ISDII Challenge certainly got riled up yesterday by that Kilji broadcast.

The message from General Krael, the leader of this slaver band threatening the Tkon Rift, has caused much jeering from the more vocal members of the Battlegroup.

It was reported that, the legendary in his own time, General Master was heard to have referred to Krael as a "wrinkly bag of marmalade" and that he can't wait to "enlighten that zealot" with his "boot."

There have even been rumors that General Master has refused a drink in preparation for the coming battle. This reporter doubts the validity of those claims but would certainly be huge if true.

LC Westric Davalorn Promoted to COL

HA Plif

14 February, 2024 07:59
32 ABY

From the CMDR of Rho Squadron, CM Maston Dane:

LC Westric Davalorn has been an authority in Rho for as long as I’ve been in it. He’s also been both our leading event planner, with 2 6 month long competitions, one weekly trivia and one monthly screenshot competitions, running the bulk of the last year and having made 8 in total, and our leading exam taker, with 6 qualifications and 39 IU exams in the last 12 months alone. In the last year he has earned 7 Silver Stars, 7 Bronze Stars, 2 Palpatine’s Crescent, 1 Imperial Security Medal, with 2 merit medals pending and even a coveted Gold Star from the Internet office for contributions made. His NGE activity reports are full of 3D models of ships he’s made for numerous offices and divisions, wiki pages he makes, updates and/or maintains, walk-throughs, special projects, things he’s taken the lead on and more. One of his months activity list appears longer that the activity of some other pilots full 4 month period. He’s completed 252 unique single player missions in 2023, 1187 multiplayer LoS since his last promotion, broad participation in various competitions across the fleet, Davalorn was instrumental to Imperial Storm 2023 as a strategic voice driving participation, in ReMob 2023 by spearheading the single player accomplishments, helping greatly with the writing aspects and helping guide us new players on what we were supposed to be doing, and in RtF 2023 by placing 13th overall in the individual pilot rankings as well as helping to devise our strategy that earned Rho the number 2 spot out of all squadrons in the Corps. Davalorn was also integral to the approved proposal for the TIE/Rh Rhodium custom craft in both function and design.

The man is an EH work horse and someone I feel I can always turn to for advice, help or even just as a friend. His knowledge of how to perform as a CMDR, SQXO and FL has been invaluable to me and others. His knowledge of all things EH, compassion and willingness to help puts him high on the list for everyone’s “who can I turn to?” list. He is greatly appreciated and if Rho was filled with 12 of him, we’d dominate every Corps wide event we entered.

He was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel in February of 2023 and has earned at least an ISM each of the Next 12 months as a either an SQXO or FL. There is no more promising a pilot than the pilot who is excited he’s here, ready to bring justice forcefully to the Rebels. I’m proud and honored to have him amongst our ranks making Rho the place it is. So I hereby and very proudly recommend Westric Davalorn given the rank of Colonel for the month of February 2024.

Congratulations, COL Westric Davalorn!

Imperial Storm VI: Secret Orders

D Surgo

13 February, 2024 23:14
32 ABY

As we continue our travel through the Chaos, the Grand Admiral has decided to open up a dialogue with the Chiss in order to establish mutual aid. In doing so, we’ve learned that a religious cult known as the Kilji Illumine has acquired enough forces to directly challenge the Chiss, through an unprepared cluster of systems in the Tkon Rift.

The Kilji Illumine are a disgusting species following a rediculous "religion". From the Archives:

The species' wrinkly, rubbery-looking, dark orange skin stretched and formed patterns that reflected the Kiljis' emotions.

The Kiljis were deeply religious, conquering worlds and species with the goal of enlightening them to the Kilji religion, the Kilji way of order and enlightenment. Those enlightened to the Kilji way became Kilji vassals, beings willing to trade their freedom to the Kiljis so that they would take care of them, which served their Kilji commanders and were unable to create any thought or make any move without their leaders. The vassals ignored the orders given by those unenlightened to the Kilji philosophy. The religion established that the enlightened did not run from battle and that they fought and prevailed. The Kilji way's followers were hostile to the unenlightened, and they were impatient and short-tempered.

This is an affront to our Emperor and they must be destroyed.

The Secret Order, as an elite force of operatives, has been tasked with taking part in special operations in order to increase the Fleet’s efficiency. We will be focused on utilizing our available resources in order to acquire assets, form contacts, and increase the fleet’s efficiency. To that end, we will set a number of targets, with bonuses based on breakpoints. These will be accumulated by the entire Secret Order during the first three weeks, and the bonuses will be applied for the final week of Imperial Storm VI.

Details of the Secret Order's involvement can be found in the Competition Center.

The full rules of Imperial Storm VI can be found in the Competition Center as well.

Imperial Storm VI

AD Phoenix Berkana

13 February, 2024 23:11
32 ABY

Imperial Storm is a turn-based wargame that the Emperor's Hammer runs annually. During the event, the Battlegroups will conduct combat operations to identify and destroy enemy forces on a map, this year it will be running from February 17th through to March 16th with further details here!

The Battlegroups navigate their fleets around the map with orders submitted every day by the Battlegroup Commander with the goal to defend the worlds of the Tkon Rift from the Kilji Illumine, a theocratic government of the Kilji species.
Combat occurs when enemy forces are encountered and is decided by the accumulation of winning multiplayer matches and performance in a selected Single Player mission over a 48 hour period, so your direct activity dictates how we do against the enemy. Meanwhile, agents of the Secret Order work to acquire assets and form contacts, working to increase the fleets overall combat efficiency.

Following on from the events of Squadron (Re)Mobilization & Raise the Flag last year, we have arrived at Imperial Storm VI. This year's event has seen the forces of the Emperor's Hammer delve ever deeper into the Unknown Regions, where our acquisition of the navigators during Raise the Flag has allowed us to chart safe passage through the ever increasing dangers that lurk in this part of the galaxy... 

With the help of the navigators we have been able to open diplomatic relations with some of the far flung states that call this region home, including the enigmatic Chiss, the species of Grand Admirals' Thrawn and Ronin. From these tentative first forays we learnt of to Kilji Illumine, a theocratic government that believe it is their duty to bring enlightenment to the galaxy, regardless of any opposition. The Illumine Kilhord, the Kilji battlefleet have been staging raids as they gather their strength in preparation of making their first steps into the wider galaxy via a expanse of space known as the Tkon Rift, a vast nebula located between the Kilji and the species of the cluster. If the Kilji chose to send a large fleet through it they could envelop and wipe out the inhabitants of this region of space, none have the ability to hold the Tkon Rift, bar the forces of the Emperor's Hammer...

Report from the ISDII Challenge

CM Jagged Fell III

13 February, 2024 20:15
32 ABY

The excitement is building on-board the ISDII Challenge as the fleet continues to move towards the Tkon Rift and our inevitable confrontation with the Kilji Illumine.

Reports from the archives of the Chiss Expansionary Defense Force tell how almost 50 years ago, during the early days of the Empire, the last major incursion in near-Chiss space by the Kilji was turned back by then EDF Senior Captain Mitth'raw'nuruodo, who we of course know as the legendary Grand Admiral Thrawn. He worked with the Paataatus Hiveborn to annihilate the Kilji's Kilhorde threatening the region. It has taken the Kilji nearly all the time since then to rebuild and return to threaten this region of the Chaos once again.

Those aboard the Challenge are eager to show that the Emperor’s Hammer can once again save this region from those who would threaten it, and follow in the footsteps of the Chiss Grand Admiral.

LT Promotion in Typhoon Squadron

FA John T. Clark

11 February, 2024 15:19
32 ABY

For flying several Single Player missions on multiple platforms, and giving us a glimpse into their character through the INPR, SL Marlore Julren of Typhoon Squadron has been promoted to full Lieutenant.

Congratulations, LT Marlore Julren!

Jagged Fell III Promoted to Commander

FA John T. Clark

11 February, 2024 10:41
32 ABY

From Typhoon Squadron CMDR GN Triji Boliv:

In the last three months since being promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander, Jagged Fell III has consistently and continually taken my expectations and completely blown them out of the water. Flying a staggering 378 single player missions, writing 125 new battle reviews, completing eight Imperial University courses, writing almost 4,500 words of fiction, and participating in numerous competitions only begins to scratch the surface of his personal activity and contributions in that short time, earning him two Silver Stars and one Bronze Star over that period! Additionally, LCM Jagged Fell III has stepped up and filled the role of Flight Leader, a position he has fully embraced by remaining in regular contact with his flight members and taking the initiative to encourage them towards activities they can participate in and helping them troubleshoot technical issues that have arisen. Having only joined the Emperor's Hammer six short months ago, LCM Jagged Fell III has already made a noticeable and lasting impact on the club, and I cannot wait to see what he does in the future. Therefore, it is my great pleasure to recommend Lieutenant Commander Jagged Fell III be promote to the rank of Commander!

Congratulations, CM Jagged Fell III!

MAJ TheBlackxRanger Advanced to COL

HA Plif

11 February, 2024 00:45
32 ABY

By virtue of having served as an admiral in the Emperor's Hammer Command Staff (EHCS) for over a year, MAJ TheBlackxRanger earned the right to return to a line position at the rank of Colonel (COL). In this age of allowing pilots to remain in their TIE Corps positions on an additional profile when they take on an EHCS assignment, Ranger continued to serve in both capacities so he's not actually returning to a line position but the intent is the same. Ranger has elected to accept the rank of COL so he is hereby promoted to that rank effective immediately.

Congratulations, COL TheBlackxRanger!

CPT Wolve Excelsior Berkana Promoted to MAJ

HA Plif

11 February, 2024 00:02
32 ABY

From CMDR/LC Gytheran:

When Solohan was forced to step down from Squadron Commander due to life obligations, Captain Wolve Excelsior Berkana approached me and volunteered to fill whatever position necessary to keep Lambda Squadron functioning well. As Flight Leader, Wolve was a perfect fit. Maintaining a high level of flight activity, aiding squadron members with their own activities, and having a deep involvement in all squadron competitions and dealings, Captain Berkana led by example. Outside the squadron, Captain Berkana took on the role of Recon Office Assistant and crafted several short and long-form recruitment videos for the TIE Corps, and developed and pitched a newsletter for the TC. During his time as Captain, Wolve Berkana completed 1,948 simulator missions, 105 Legions of Combat, 1,823 Legions of Skirmish, submitted 5 single-player bug reports, wrote nearly 6,000 words of fiction, participated in 24 competitions, and his art and memes are things of legend. I am honored to recommend Captain Wolve Excelsior Berkana the rank of Major. Thank you, sir! Your contributions to this organization are truly immeasurable.

Congratulations, MAJ Wolve Excelsior Berkana!

New History of Imperial Officers Course

AD Sylas Pitt

08 February, 2024 19:08
32 ABY

The Training Office is proud to announce the creation of a new course, History of Imperial Officers. Put together by our very own CM Maston Dane, this course focuses on notable Imperial Officers and their contributions to the Empire, as well as lessons learned from their mistakes.

CM Maston Dane will receive the Medal of Scholarship for his contribution to the Imperial University's body of knowledge. Thank you, Commander!

Check out the course here!

Imperial News Network - Volunteers Needed

AD Phoenix Berkana

06 February, 2024 17:28
32 ABY

In the middle of February the TIE Corps will be launching Imperial Storm VI, this is a annual 4 week long competition that sees the TIE Corps face off against a enemy force in a turn based game where our forces manoeuvre around a map and take and hold star systems, with gaming activity deciding how we fare when a battle breaks out.

One of the most important parts of the game is the advancement of the EH storyline and to assist in this I need a number of volunteers who will pose as members of the Imperial News Network and help me post news from the front to keep the storyline moving.

If you are interested please drop me a email or reach out on Discord.

OL"Davy Jonez Promoted to Commander

FA John T. Clark

04 February, 2024 14:07
32 ABY

From Rho Squadron CMDR CM Maston Dane:

Davy Jonez, with great enthusiasm, is not just the type of pilot I look for in Rho Squadron, I feel he is Rho Squadrons heart. For nearly a year he’s been playing matches, staying on coms, participating in events, dazzling us all with his artwork, often EH related, and expresses excitement about the entirety of the offerings of the TIE Corps and has even gone beyond that by joining the Dark Brotherhood – He was promoted to Lieutenant Commander in September of 2023 and has earned at least an ISM each of the Next 4 months as a FM. There is no more promising a pilot than the pilot who is excited he’s here, ready to bring justice forcefully to the Rebels. I’m proud and honored to have him amongst our ranks, recruiting him into Rho was the best decision I’ve made since joining and I hereby recommend he be given the rank of Commander for the month of January 2024.

Congratulations, CM OL"Davy Jonez!

asche Promoted to Lieutenant Commander

FA John T. Clark

04 February, 2024 13:58
32 ABY

From Lambda Squadron CMDR LC Gytheran:

LT Asche is a pilot of few words, but his performance in the TIE is impressive! I am pleased to recommend him for a promotion!

Congratulations, LCM asche!

scottrick Promoted to Commander

FA John T. Clark

04 February, 2024 13:55
32 ABY

From Lambda Squadron CMDR LC Gytheran:

LCM Scottrick is one hell of a pilot and an essential member of both Lambda Squadron and the TIE Corps! Thank you for your impeccable service!

Congratulations, CM scottrick!

Decoy Tango Promoted to Commander

FA John T. Clark

04 February, 2024 13:45
32 ABY

From Beta Squadron CMDR LC Honsou:

Since joining the TIE Corps and Beta Squadron a year ago, LCM Decoy Tango has been a great asset to the squadron and to Battle Group I. It is with this in mind that I recommend his promotion to Commander.

Congratulations, CM Decoy Tango!

Ispep Promoted to Commander

FA John T. Clark

04 February, 2024 13:41
32 ABY

From Rho Squadron CMDR CM Maston Dane:

Ispep has demonstrated his skills as a pilot over and over again. Frequently racking in hundreds of LoCs in a month and holds the second highest MSE score in a single month that I’ve ever seen. When he puts his mind to doing something he’s all in a stands with distinction. He was promoted to Lieutenant Commander in September of 2023 and has earned at least an ISM but as much as an SS each of the Next 4 months as a FM. There is no more promising a pilot than the pilot who is excited he’s here, ready to bring justice forcefully to the Rebels. I hereby recommend he be given the rank of Commander for the month of January 2024.

Congratulations, CM Ispep!

Diamond Sword for Darth Surgo in recognition of his Highness

INQ Taurus

03 February, 2024 23:11
32 ABY

In recognition of his exceptional leadership within the Dark Council and the Dark Brotherhood, particularly during the ongoing transition into the Secret Order, His Highness Darth Surgo is awarded the Diamond Sword. His unwavering commitment to overseeing multiple projects while upholding the core principles of our subgroup exemplifies excellence. His conduct and dedication have set a standard of becoming that is truly outstanding. This citation stands as a testament to his outstanding contributions and leadership.

Three LT Promotions in Alpha Squadron

FA John T. Clark

02 February, 2024 12:08
32 ABY

For respectively earning their first Legions of Combat in Star Wars: Squadrons;
SL Seahowl, SL Morkie and SL EH-Zorak500, each one hailing from Alpha Squadron,
have been promoted to full Lieutenants.

Congratulations, LT EH-Zorak500!
Congratulations, LT Morkie!
And congratulations, LT Seahowl!