An Introduction to X-Wing Alliance Notes

Table of Contents

Section 1: Introduction

This manual is a guide to combat in single-player on the platform X-Wing Alliance. This manual will cover basic combat rules, combat maneuvers, targeting, and warheads. Because each person will have their own style of combat, this course seeks not to set forth a doctrine for a specific style of combat. Its purpose is to establish a set of rules to incorporate into your specific style. It may also help you to expand on your current repertoire as it introduces you to new concepts. Keep in mind that this course is not a penultimate solution or answer to the question of "what is the best way to conduct combat?"

This guide will require that you be familiar with the basic aspects of X-Wing Alliance, primarily controlling a craft and the various displays. You will not need to be intimately familiar with combat in the game to take this course.

The course has two purposes. The first purpose is to help introduce pilots to X-Wing Alliance. The second purpose is to help people with how they conduct combat by making them aware of the different aspects of combat.

X-Wing Alliance - How it differs from its predecessors:

X-Wing Alliance differs greatly from its predecessors across the board in manners excluding visually. Most notably the artificial intelligence is enhanced; the player is given control across three (3) axes; hyperspace travel between separate regions exists; and the player is able to enter a hanger bay to reload, repair, and make changes to their craft's configuration without penalty.

Though several and most of these do not significantly affect combat and game play, there is one that does, and another that will affect players to varying degrees. The ability to return to a command ship to re-arm and repair your craft as well as change its configuration will greatly expand your capabilities. For some people, having control on three (3) axes of control will allow them greater flexibility in maneuvering their craft