IS VI: The Battles of G5406 and 1307

Member fiction submitted by GN Silwar Naiilo on 2024-03-04.

Description/Remarks: Concerning the conquering of G5406, and the simultaneous battle at coordinates 1307, during Imperial Storm VI

Submitted for Competition: Imperial Storm VI: Secret Orders

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Grand Master’s Log. Day 51-53, ABY 32

Concerning the conquering of G5406, and the simultaneous battle at coordinates 1307

The calm before the storm has ended. In the first few days of our conflict, we'd only faced the Kilji Illumine in small-scale skirmishes; a couple of their gunships had passed by our fleets, and though they were nearly-instantly evaporated by our turbolaser batteries, it wasn't instant enough. Their scouts had enough time to relay back to their main fleet regarding our position, and now one of our primary fleets was surrounded at 1307 by an Illumine fleet nearly 50% larger.

(Note: they seem very comfortable sacrificing themselves. We need to gain a better understanding of their probing tactics. Perhaps we’ll be best off acquiring additional unmanned probes.)

On the other side of the region, at the system designated as "G5406" in our databanks, I dispatched [redacted] to lead a small force of [redacted] to the surface to begin engaging with the populace and prepare them to accept our aid. [ref: doc. MARMALADE #248]

48 hours later at 1307, the TIE Corps had destroyed all of the Illumine fighter craft and several of their smaller cruisers. Their larger warships remained intact, but limping and void of any supporting craft. We suffered heavy losses as well, although the Hammer and a number of elite squadrons remained intact. The rest of our ships left for the edge of the Tkon Rift for repairs.

At G5406, [redacted] has successfully made contact with the local government. They had already been primed by our [redacted] allies, and have offered to provide repair services and resupply materials to our fleet. They have also offered to send a number of engineers who can tune up some of our turbolaser batteries; they seem to have made some improvements on the refinement of tibanna gas which could be of use to us. We will go through standard interrogation protocols before allowing them on our vessels, overseen by the Captain of the Guard.

[Full log available under a [TOP SECRET] clearance. Contact the Office of the Grand Master for further information.]