SPL - Squadrons Premier League Season 5

Combat Event ID# 190
Game Platform Star Wars Squadrons
Main Contact COL TheBlackxRanger
Event Dates 2022-08-06 (00:00) - 2022-09-04 (05:00)

What is SPL? The Squadrons Premier League is a weekly league for 5v5 Dogfighting in Star Wars: Squadrons

The Combat Operations Office will be presenting a Combat Event to reward players representing the Emperor's Hammer TIE Corps, with awards based on placement at the end of the Season. Pilots who stream their games are encouraged to share their broadcasts with the club for the viewers stationed on base.

The link to the SPL Server can be found here, with full league rules available on their server, https://discord.gg/6Hx5qdHDYW

Please designate a team captain and register through the google form, be sure to list Emperor's Hammer as the organization you belong to: https://forms.gle/ehmSVJfjDeT22qyp6

As usual, standard DFC rules apply and an IS-GW/SW/BW is in place for the top 3 placing EH teams.