4x4 Frenzy Strikes Back!

Combat Event ID# 194
Game Platform Star Wars Squadrons
Event Dates 2022-11-12 (19:00) - 2022-11-12 (21:00)

You are invited to the return of the 4x4 Frenzy Dogfighting Tournament, organized by CPT KEBLAOMEGA, a fast-paced dogfighting tournament with short game times, modifiers to make the action hit hard and fast, and a unique scoring system!

In addition to the LoCs that would earned normally through PvP combat, TC participants will earn an ORA for each match won (each match is two games, one game on each faction).

If a team has two or more TC pilots on it, that team is considered a TC team. The pilots on the highest performing TC team will earn a bonus ORA. If all of the TC teams in the tournament perform equally, no bonus ORA will be awarded.

If a TC team wins the tournament, all of the pilots on that team will earn a DFC.