Wouldst Thou Like To Live Dangerously?

Combat Event ID# 205
Game Platform Elite Dangerous
Main Contact AD Silwar Naiilo
Event Dates 2023-04-08 (00:00) - 2023-05-08 (00:00)

With the launching of our new platform, Elite Dangerous, we will host a special combat event for the next month.

The COO will track pilots who earn either the most Legions of Skirmish or Legions of Combat, as separate lists, and the top ten pilots from each list will earn Iron Stars (IS-GW / SW / SW / BW / BW / BW / CW / CW / CW / CW.)

Match Results

Game Win vs. Lose Score
ED COL TheBlackxRanger vs. LC Vapen Van’an, LC Legion Ordo 4 - 4
ED COL TheBlackxRanger vs. LC Vapen Van’an 4 - 2