Flight Academy Night

Combat Event ID# 206
Game Platform Star Wars Squadrons
Main Contact AD Silwar Naiilo
Event Dates 2023-05-04 (21:00) - 2023-05-04 (12:59)

This Thursday on May the 4th, the SW Squadron's subreddit and the 5man's discord invite all pilots to join them for their Flight Academy Night. During this event, they'll have several instructors on hand to give small class instruction on flight mechanics and game play advice.

This is a wonderful opportunity for pilots of all skill levels to learn skill sets to get you caught up to speed or to help be more competitive in the game. It's an open style learning session so everyone is welcome, no sign up needed, just show up and the instructors will help you out!

They will be hosting it flight academy vc in the 5mans Discord server: https://discord.gg/jHFmYeR8

All pilots who help teach will earn an IAR. Send a screenshot of yourself in the voice channel to AD Silwar Naiilo #12630.

Match Results

Game Win vs. Lose Score
SWS COL TheBlackxRanger vs. 7 -