Summer SLAM

Combat Event ID# 207
Game Platform Star Wars Squadrons
Main Contact GN Silwar Naiilo
Event Dates 2023-06-02 (05:00) - 2023-06-11 (17:00)

In the lull following our recent battles against the Ishtari, and coinciding with Squadron ReMobilization, we have decided to work with local security forces in order to help build up their resistance to further attacks and improve our relationships with nearby factions.

From June 2nd through 11th, join the Battlestats Discord Server and participate in randomized Squadrons Dogfight matches. Join any group, and matches will be shuffled between all members- you may find yourself fighting with or against other EH members, TRA, TFA, MCS, and any other groups who join in. (Which means three different ReMob goals are in play!)

Note: you will need an account on If you need help, ask your local COOA or the COO.

tl;dr: join BSC Discord, hop into a voice channel, and fly in randomized teams for fun matches.

The top ten pilots ranked in the EH organization will earn an IS-GW/SW/SW/BW/BW/BW/CW/CW/CW. Pilots who win at least five matches will earn an IAR. If the top pilot wins at least 3 more games than they lose, they will earn a DFC instead of an IS-GW.

Match Results

Game Win vs. Lose Score
SWS LCM LandoRasputin vs. 8 - 
SWS LCM LandoRasputin vs. 3 - 
SWS LCM LandoRasputin vs. 6 - 
SWS LCM LandoRasputin vs. 3 - 
SWS LCM LandoRasputin vs. 3 - 
SWS LCM LandoRasputin vs. 4 -