TRA Presents: The HEX

Combat Event ID# 208
Game Platform Multi-platform
Main Contact GN Silwar Naiilo
Event Dates 2023-06-17 (01:00) - 2023-07-28 (23:50)

TRA Presents: The Hex.

Remember Imperial Storm? Similar to that, The Hex is a tabletop-inspired game where you capture "hexes" by winning games in XvT, XWA, or Squadrons (including not only multiplayer dogfights, but singleplayer missions in XvT and XWA as well.)

To take part, join the TRA Discord Server and sign up in their #hex-signups channel, then ping me so I can make sure you're being tracked.

Take a look at The Hex website for more information on rules. tl;dr: go play games for your team, win hexes, and control the Death Star!

At the end of the game, participating TIE Corps pilots who have played at least one match, who are on the winning team will earn an IS-GW. Second place shall earn an IS-SW, and last place shall earn an IS-BW. Exceptionally active pilots may also additionally earn an IAR.

(Note: start/end dates are currently a placeholder, although signups have already begun.)

Match Results

Game Win vs. Lose Score
SWS COL TheBlackxRanger vs. COL EvilGrin 4 - 2
XvT COL TheBlackxRanger vs. GN Silwar Naiilo 1 - 0
BoP CM LandoRasputin vs. 4 - 
BoP CM LandoRasputin, COL TheBlackxRanger vs. 25 - 
SWS CM LandoRasputin vs. 0 - 
BoP COL TheBlackxRanger vs. CM LandoRasputin 2 - 6