EH Game Night #25

Combat Event ID# 62
Game Platform Star Conflict
Event Dates 2013-05-03 (22:30) - 2013-05-04 (02:00)
Description EHGN events are played on Steam game client and all participating TIE Corps pilots must be also registered as members of EH Steam Group.

Game platform to use is Star Conflict and this event usually takes place on Friday -> Saturday nights, lasting as long as necessary at event's host discretion (2:00 GMT is just an approximation).

Event final results are usually posted as news items at As usual, Legions of Combat and Distinguished Flying Crosses are up for grabs following normal TC multiplayer medal awarding procedures.

Match Results

Game Win vs. Lose Score
SC COL Gyssler vs. External 1 - 0
SC COL Gyssler vs. External 1 - 0