COO Monthly Challenge 2015

Combat Event ID# 85
Game Platform Star Conflict
Main Contact COL Hawkins
Event Dates 2015-01-01 (00:00) - 2015-12-31 (23:59)
Description This competition will be for the coveted DFC. Your goal will be to submit a victory screenshot with the highest number of kills you can get in one round of Star Conflict's Domination or Team Battle modes. So in other words, you will need to get as many kills as you can during Domination or Team Battle.

Assists are also counted, but only at half weight and we round down. If a pilot finishes a match with 17 kills and 15 assists, the match would be recorded as 24.

As mentioned in the title, this is a monthly competition. Each pilot's highest kill/assist count for the month is compared and the highest total wins the DFC.

Submissions to this competition are made through the database like any other 24/7 LoC submission. While processing LoCs, the COO and COOA keep an eye out for new personal bests and update a shared spreadsheet.