Moving Day 2

Competition ID #: 3559
Status: Finished
Submitted by: CPT Sylas Pitt
Competition dates: 2023-05-01 - 2023-07-01
Subgroup: TIE Corps
Units involved: TIE Corps

The Battlegroups have grown! The Fleet Commander has bestowed upon us an additional ship to each active Battlegroup, expanding our space and roster possibilities! With the legendary ships ISDII Grey Wolf, ISDII Relentless, and the MC90 Renegade joining our Imperial Crusade, some squadrons are expected to move to the new ships. Let's hope it's a smooth transition, as anything can happen...

In no more than 5,000 words, write a fiction depicting your character's experience with moving to a new ship. What will they see? How do they feel? What sort of shenanigans will they get into?

Submit all entries to VA Sylas Pitt, either by email or Discord DM (both available on profile).

Competition awards:
  • IS-GR: First Place
  • IS-SR: Second
  • IS-BR: Third
  • IS-CR: Fourth and Fifth

Competition runtime starts on the first day at 00:00:01 UTC, and ends on the last day at 23:59:59 UTC.