Lambda Squadron of Wing I  (Special Insertion/Extraction)

Banner of Lambda Squadron
Patch of Lambda Squadron
Squadron Commander: Lieutenant Colonel Gytheran
Squadron Executive Officer: Colonel TheBlackxRanger
Nickname: "Protectors of the Emperor's flock"
Motto: "Herding up Rebel Scum"
Officer Reports: Lambda Squadron Reports
Activity Report: Unit Activity Report
Description: We admit it, nobody thinks highly of us. We are the criminals and the leftovers of the Emperor's Hammer. Why else would they slap the "Lambda" Squad Name on us? Like many examples of history, we turned that on its head and are the leading Squadron in the Emperor's Hammer and most importantly we do it in style. If you are looking for your dose of multiplayer, single player or just outright fun hanging out on Discord, then join in. Uniforms are a standard issue, one-size-fits-all and must not be allergic to beetroots. (Disclaimer: Must provide own toothbrush)
Current Squadron Citations: 28 - View Battleboard
Unit Titles Earned
Title Season/Event
Escort Squadron 2022
First Place in TIE Corps in Battle Season Five, 2022
First Place in TIE Corps in Battle Season Six, 2023
Escort Squadron 2023
Flight I - Lambda-class T-4a Shuttle - "Shepherds of Death"
"There is no escape even for the wolves amongst us"
Squadron Commander
Flight Member
Flight Member
Flight Member
Flight II - TIE Punisher - "Missile GOATs"
"There is no situation that can't be solved with enough explosives"
Squadron Executive Officer
Flight Member
Flight Member
2-4: CPT Xye
Flight Member
Flight III - TIE Reaper - "The Clappin' Aces"
"So dummy thicc the clap of our afterburners alerted the rebels"
Flight Leader
Flight Member
Flight Member
Flight Member