Rho Squadron of Wing II  (Deep Strike)

Banner of Rho Squadron
Patch of Rho Squadron
Squadron Commander: Major Maston Dane
Squadron Executive Officer: Major Alexandre Morgan
Nickname: "The Steam Rhollers"
Motto: "Strike First, Strike Hard, No Mercy"
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Description: Rho Squadron stands proud as a model of Imperial might, flying fearlessly into battle. The screams of our engines herald death for our enemies, instilling fear into even the most resolute of Rebels.

Our objective is Deep Strike: to launch surprise attacks deep into enemy-held territory and assault locations where the Strike Fleet cannot go without extreme risk of destruction or capture. With our TIE Avengers, we eliminate the hostiles cleanly and efficiently. The mission is completed, or we don’t come back.

We are the best squadron the TIE Corps can offer, flying all of the popular flight sims, including Star Wars Squadrons, Battlefront II, Star Conflict, and the classic Star Wars flight sims. Winners of the Raise the Flag 2020 and Chalquila Cup II fleet-wide competitions, we actively engage in numerous in-squadron and EH events, ranging from High Score shootouts, PVP, fiction, and trivia.

If you want to be the tip of the spear for restoring peace and order in the galaxy, speak to your nearest Imperial Recruiter and enlist in Rho Squadron today!
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Unit Titles Earned
Title Season/Event
Escort Squadron 2020
Flight I - TIE Rhodium - "Dagger Flight"
"Death Comes on Dagger Wings"
Squadron Commander
Flight Member
Flight Member
Flight Member
Flight II - TIE Rhodium - "Emperor's Will"
"In Peace, Vigilance - In War, Victory - In Death, Sacrifice"
Squadron Executive Officer
Flight Member
Flight Member
Flight Member
Flight III - TIE Rhodium - "Nightshrikes"
"Hunters of the Void"
Flight Leader
Flight Member
Flight Member
Flight Member