TO Report # 1 (2022-10-25)

This report was submitted by TO/RA Sylas Pitt/CS-4/SSD Avenger

Training Officer Report #01
Rear Admiral Sylas Pitt, Oct. 24, 2022

I am happy to report that the Training Office has been busy since my appointment. Little by little, we have been able to clean up the cobwebs and broken links left behind by the previous administration. With the amount of work that has been put in (and the amount that has yet to come), I must thank the watchful eyes and quizzical minds of my Command Attache, Training Office Assistants, and the Education Committee, all of whom constantly bring problems and concerns to my immediate attention, while also offering assistance in solutions and volunteered time; without these dedicated individuals, the workload of the Training Office would be severely hindering.

One of our major projects at the forefront is Rear Admiral Robert Hogan’s brilliant proposal for Certification Paths (working title). We have been working on fleshing out the list and requirements for Certifications within the Imperial University. For example, if one were to take and pass all of our current Systems courses (Hades, Ghenna, Thor, and Osiris), they could earn a certification as a Specialist in Spatial Geography. Passing a number of History courses will get you a Specialist in History Certification. Taking courses like Imperial Naval Organization, The Tarkin Doctrine, Extrajudicial Execution, and Superweapons can earn you the Specialist in Naval Doctrine Certification. To take it a step further, if you were to gain all three (3) of the previously mentioned Certifications, it could be combined to create the Graduate in Strategic Studies. We currently intend to fully flesh out this concept before presenting it to the Grand Admiral for proper vetting.

We have also been delving into the major Core exams to evaluate their current relevancy and work on updating them to current standards and regulations. Core exams for the other subgroups, such as the Dark Brotherhood and the Hammer's Fist, are currently awaiting further news from the pole-bearer of their revitalization projects, Sector Admiral Kamjin "Maverick" Lap'lamiz, before being reworked for a smooth transition into their new designations. The Combat Operations Officer, Fleet Admiral Miles Prower, successfully updated the Combat Operations Exam into its newer version, accompanied by the successful integration of the Combat Operations Manual into the Encyclopedia Imperia. Colonel Triji Boliv of Firebird Squadron has been working on updating Multiplayer 2, which had not been touched since 17ABY ('09), a much needed refurbishment.

While it is not easy to create and integrate a new course, our members have shown a profound interest in brining new and relevant subjects to the light. Lieutenant Colonel Honsou of Tempest Squadron, as a prime example, has brought forth course materials for new a Starfighter Tactics course, sharing with us the extensive research made into the physics mechanics in Star Wars: Squadrons, bringing to light the benefits of certain maneuvers and tricks for both new and experienced pilots; a priceless contribution. Major LegionX of Thunder Squadron has been hard at work with his pet project of Empire at War, making him the clear choice for its course creation and editing, given that the EaW course already exists, albeit without the information for the expansion of Forces of Corruption, the current acceptable mode for COO submissions. Lieutenant Commander Atashi Rain of Raven Squadron has been in contact about revisiting and creating new Information Technology related courses, a much needed initiative to bring the IU into the modern world of IT. While we hope to find more members interested in taking the mantle as a Professor of a course or two, we must ensure that candidates are vetted with quality over quantity.

Lastly, we are in communication with the Logistics Office in regards to verifying course data with the EH Wiki. We hope to use this coordination to provide members with solid, reliable information that reflects in both the Wiki and the course notes. We have already run into issues where the course notes do not match the answer keys (too many times to be an oversight, rather a more blatant abandonment and disregard), and sometimes the course notes don't even match the corresponding Wiki or Wookiepedia article. Of course, we are working on rectifying this, one course at a time.

Closing Comments

That's all there is to it, for now. The Training Office is currently in recess, allowing the hard-working members to take the time they need to participate in Raise the Flag '22 with their respective squadrons and ships. All current projects will resume production in November.

You may have noticed that I used a lot of "we" and "us"; I refuse to take any credit where the idea was not one-hundred percent my own. All of these achievements were made possible by the hard work and fanatical dedication of the Command Attache to the Training Office, the Training Office Assistants, Subject Matter Experts, and the volunteers of the Education Committee, without whom very little would have been done. Thank you all for your dedication, time, and effort.

The Training Office practices the Open Door Policy. Any and all members of the Emperor's Hammer and its subgroups are welcomed to address any questions, comments, concerns, or critiques (yes, I am an adult that can handle constructive criticism, le gasp) to the Training Office directly, via Discord Direct Message or Email. The Training Office strictly adheres to the Emperor's Hammer Code of Conduct, and as such we expect all member interactions, be it appointed or volunteer, to reflect the Code of Conduct.

At your command,

TO/RA Sylas Pitt/CS-4/SSD Avenger

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