Neutralization of the Ishtari

An Emperor's Hammer campaign is a named operation that advances the EH plotline with broad participation by members in one or more subgroups. A General Campaign Medal with appropriate clasp may be awarded to participants in approved campaigns.

Campaign Name: Neutralization of the Ishtari
Dates: 2023-03-01 - 2023-03-31
Description: With the success of the scouting mission conducted at the end of 30 ABY, the area of space the Ishtari originate from was located. Despite knowing so little about them (other than they are insectoid and that they seek resources), previous engagements with the aggressive species led Emperor's Hammer leaders to identify that they were a danger to the order, stability and people of the region and something needed to be done. Plans were quickly drawn up to take the fight to them with the intent of neutralizing the threat for good.
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Campaign Wiki Article: Encyclopaedia Imperia: Ishtari
Campaign Medal: General Campaign Medal - Assurian Halo
Medal Description: In 31 ABY, Emperor's Hammer forces arrived at the Assurian Halo to free the planets from the Ishtari insectoids' control and hopefully neutralize them for good. After a month long campaign full of small battles that slowly chipped away at both the Emperor's Hammer and Ishtari forces, the Emperor's Hammer was able to push into the core planets of the system. Vicious fighting lasted until the last day, where the TIE Corps eventually proved triumphant.
Medal Subtext: Imperial Storm V Participant


HA Turtle Jerrar
CPT Xander Drax
HA Plif
COL NiksaVel
AD Phoenix Berkana
GN Elwood the Brave
HA Pete Mitchell
GN Mark Schueler
COL Locke Setzer
GN Triji Boliv
GN Master
CM Matu Vonnegut
LC SkyShadow
CPT TI-40026
MAJ Prost Varsis
LCM Leofric
GN Earnim Branet
FA John T. Clark
SL Alejandro Araujo
AD Stryker
COL Miles Prower
AD Silwar Naiilo
GN Dunta Polo
CM Varik Kassal
MAJ Sparky
CM Milo Antu
CPT Syntroth
CPT Rachel Drakon
CPT Aval
RA Genie
LCM Dekar Jansen
GN Jarek La’an
CPT Witchblade
MAJ JetMech
CPT Iam Thinking
COL Highlander
CM Calvin Phrick
LT Alpharius Omegon
COL Aardvark
LC Gytheran
MAJ Morgoth
LC Solohan50
LC Honsou
COL fr0Zen
LC Legion Ordo
MAJ Kazraran
MAJ DemWookieeCheeks
MAJ Colo Delste
CPT FamePlane
MAJ TheBlackxRanger
MAJ Jaxx Nassin
CPT SirCaleb
MAJ Alexandre Morgan
CM Badkid312
MAJ Taurus
CPT Xylo Pethtel
LC Westric Davalorn
LCM eriksen1803
LC andr3
CPT Wolve Excelsior Berkana
CPT Drun'der Chuanach
LC Vapen Van’an
LCM jospence
CPT Atashi Rain
LT beach89
CM Delta Striker 4
CPT Tiran Marr
CM neurotictim
CM Bronx Bluar
LCM Nate Towback
CPT Grendel
CM Cthulhu_saves
LT Ty Seerlan
CM Dathka Graush
CM Nova Discordia
AD Sylas Pitt
LCM Lenan-she Chaabar
CM Asen Starlancer
CM TecGenie
CPT Maximus Meridius
VA Robert Hogan
LCM Roxy Foxy
CM Bonebolt
CPT Blaster72
CM Therj'en'nuruodo
LCM scottrick
LCM Matthew Steel
CPT Jayden Halcorr
LCM Wett
CM Benji Tandor
CM Rui Borges
CM SirPants
LCM Decoy Tango
LCM LandoRasputin
LCM Jinso Blackfoot
LCM Jaquel Rainrix
LCM Swainteth Lortan
LT Hera Storm
LCM Maston Dane