The Imperial University

The Carrida Stormtrooper Military Academy is operated under the auspices of the Hammer's Fist Elite Stormtrooper Legion. It provides basic and specialized stormtrooper and ground tactics training to all ground elements of the Emperor's Hammer. Located on Carrida II on the Carrida System, the planet features a diverse range of climates that provide excellent and varied environments ideal for all aspects of Stormtrooper Training. There are also two additional facilities in-system. One is located on a moon orbiting Carrida which has no atmosphere (Gerran), and is used for Zero-G Stormtrooper training. The other is the extreme endurance facility located on a large planet extremely close to the sun (Carrida I).

Carrida Stormtrooper Military Academy Courses

From these listings you can access any course and its exam by clicking on its course name. Links to course notes, current graduates, and assigned Professors (PROF) are also available. Active courses with no Professor assigned will be graded directly by the Training Officer.

Name Abbr. Academy # Graduates Professor
Advanced Field Communications Operator CM2 CSMA 20 None
Airborne Training Course AIR CSMA 29 None
Apprentice Demolitions Technician DT1 CSMA 46 CM Bonebolt
Apprentice Sniper Course SN1 CSMA 73 None
Aquatic Assault Stormtrooper Course SEA CSMA 26 None
Aviation Tactics AT CSMA 29 None
Aviation Vehicle Specialist Level One AV1 CSMA 5 VA Robert Hogan
Close Combat Course CC CSMA 61 LT Alexsandyr Blackwölfe
Cold Assault Stormtrooper Course ST CSMA 39 None
Combat Medic MD1 CSMA 37 LT Alexsandyr Blackwölfe
Demolitions Technician DT2 CSMA 27 CM Bonebolt
Desert Assault Trooper Course SD CSMA 25 None
Expert Sniper SN4 CSMA 30 None
Field Communications Operator CM1 CSMA 35 None
Field Tactics Course FT CSMA 40 None
Heavy Weapons HW CSMA 18 VA Robert Hogan
Imperial Officer Training Course IO CSMA 34 None
Military Intelligence Basic Course MI CSMA 22 None
Naval Stormtrooper Course SZ CSMA 18 None
Observer SN2 CSMA 59 None
Radiation Trooper Survival Course SR CSMA 34 None
Scout Trooper Course STC CSMA 29 None
Small Arms SMA CSMA 25 None
Sniper SN3 CSMA 52 None
Vehicle Course - Stage 1 VS1 CSMA 63 None
Vehicle Course - Stage 2 VS2 CSMA 49 None
Vehicle Course - Stage 3 VS3 CSMA 41 None
Vehicle Course - Stage 4 VS4 CSMA 38 None
Artillery Basics ARTY1 CSMA 18 N/A
Master Demolitions Technician DT4 CSMA 0 N/A
Master Stormtrooper Certification MSC CSMA 7 N/A
Military Intelligence Advanced Course AMI CSMA 1 N/A
Senior Demolitions Technician DT3 CSMA 4 N/A
Stormtrooper Certification S CSMA 98 N/A