Basic Training

Basic training for new members. The CORE Exams are located here.


Name Abbr. Academy # Graduates Professor
Dark Brotherhood Core DBCORE SA 31 LC Honsou
TIE Corps Core TCCORE IWATS 3301 AD Sylas Pitt
Stormtrooper Certification S CSMA 98 N/A
Phase I CORE - Dark Brotherhood C/DB SA 102 N/A
The Guide to Competitions and Medals of the DB GCM SA 0 N/A
Sith Phase II SITH SA 23 N/A
Directorate Core C/DIR 30 N/A
Krath Phase II KRATH/2 16 N/A
Obelisk Phase II OBELISK 17 N/A
Burnination PYRO 2 N/A
Taldryan Clan History TAL 3 N/A