Certificate in Assassination Tactics

Knowledge and history of tactics needed for operations requiring a hand in wetwork and quiet removal of targets, this certificate begins one on a path towards ruthless necessity.

Qualification Administrative Data
Academy: None (Imperial University)
Status: Active
Program Level: Certificate
Number of Personnel Awarded: 27

To earn the Certificate in Assassination Tactics qualification, complete all of the following requirements:

Member Date
LCM Jaquel Rainrix 2024-02-16
LT Caius Lao Bistail 2023-12-04
VA Locke Setzer 2023-10-27
CM Jagged Fell III 2023-09-29
LCM Oudik-Delta-4 2023-09-27
LCM Habu 2023-09-21
LC Vapen Van’an 2023-09-18
CPT Blaster72 2023-07-23
LC SkyShadow 2023-06-08
GN Triji Boliv 2023-03-11
COL TheBlackxRanger 2023-03-03
LCM CobraSparkles 2023-02-27
GN Elwood the Brave 2023-02-26
LCM LandoRasputin 2023-02-25
LCM Vrak 2023-02-22
CPT Aval 2023-02-21
COL Westric Davalorn 2023-02-21
CPT Ryuzokin 2023-02-20
CM Delta Striker 4 2023-02-20
LT Shay 2023-02-15
COL Miles Prower 2023-02-12
COL Highlander 2023-02-09
CM Bonebolt 2023-02-05
LCM Matthew Steel 2023-02-02
MAJ Erryc Lasitter 2023-01-20
LC Legion Ordo 2023-01-20
VA Robert Hogan 2023-01-18