THE HEIST chapter 3

Member fiction submitted by CM OL"Davy Jonez on 2024-04-15.

Description/Remarks: The 3rd thrilling chapter.

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Davy Took a loud sip of his drink. "Do we have a deal then?". Gabba took a large swig, finishing the rest of his drink. "So let me get this straight, you want me to keep the other stuff as part of my payment?". Davy took another loud sip. "I just want the one item.", "rest is yours." "Look, the window will be small." "The event will be so amazing; All the focus will be on it, and everyone will be shoveling sausages and soda down their throats." "That's when you move." "A cargo ship will be docking at about a quarter way through, this one has a crate vaulted in the back." "I would have taken care of this earlier, but Hondo's pretty busy, or he should be." Gabba looked back at Davy with concern. "Hondo Anaka." "The one and only", Davy took a cigar out of his pocket. Gabba reached into his pocket. He pulled out a lighter that was almost as long as Davy's cigar. Gabba engaged the lighter. With a whistle a large blue flame emerged. Davy leaned over to light his cigar. Gabba laughed, "Laser sword tech" Davy took a few heavy tokes of his cigar. "Nice!". "Isn't he a bit strange?", Gabba asked with concern. "Look, I'm not exactly thrilled, ok!" "He has the tech and the manpower, Things the Corsairs value.". Gabba looked at Davy blank faced. "He totally screwed up last time. You saw the explosion and the fire, right?". Davy took a few more puffs of his cigar. "Out of my hands. The Corsairs are interested in working with his organizations." "I may have some clout, but this comes from a higher source.". Gabba leaned back in the creaky bar chair. "Least it isn't Calrissean this time. That guy is just annoying." Davy let out a smokey laugh. "Agreed."

Davy peered across the bar, squinting his good eye. "Jedi.". Davy's face turned to anger. He had been hoping, as guests arrived early for the big film event, that his target would arrive. Davy began to grow angrier, his cigar breaking in half. "calm down big guy, we'll get him."

Davy had been waiting for years. Finally, revenge would come swift. "Number 3." Davy thought to himself. Davy wore 2 Kyber crystals around his neck. Tucked underneath his bushy beard. Two of his targets eliminated. A Jedi and an apprentice. The yellow and blue crystals began to vibrate. Davy knew of the force and the connection between jedi and Kyber. A lot of people thought the Jedi were myths or just a story told a long time ago. Davy knew the truth. Not all Jedi are murderers, but this one, Davy knew. Part of Davy would be redeemed soon enough. His recent training with the Secret Order had given him knowledge about the aspects of the force.

As Davy stared angrily at the robed figure at the bar, He grumbled, "Vault will be unlocked for 10 seconds." "Get the small box, then take whatever you want." "Hondo's crew will bring the decoy transport." "Unload and the cargo cargo and it will be taken to the spot we talked about." "Bring me the box!" Davy grumbled angrily. "I will talk to Master Dane, I will take care of the Jedi myself."

"I'm going to deliver the chili and the fruit basket to Plof's office as planned. "So, Plof didn't care for the explosion last time." "I told him we had some technical issues with the 4D amplifiers." "Hopefully I don't spill it and ruin his new flooring, that would be bad." Davy chuckled to himself, "Funny, yes!"