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The Imperial Weapons and Tactics School (IWATS) is the premiere starfighter pilot training institution for the Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet, and is operated by the TIE Corps. IWATS classes are held on Sif in the Phare System and conduct starfighter training exercises near Baldyr, a moon of Ullyr, as well as on the Modified Platform Daedalus and on capital ships throughout the fleet. There are multiple courses available for EH members to take including Fighter Identification, X-Wing vs TIE Fighter tactics, EH singleplayer mission design, as well as technology courses. The courses included in the IWATS training program are highly recommended for all EH members. Also note that successful completion of the TIE Corps Core training is required for rank advancement within the TIE Corps.

Imperial Weapons and Tactics School Courses

From these listings you can access any course and its exam by clicking on its course name. Links to course notes, current graduates, and assigned Professors (PROF) are also available. Active courses with no Professor assigned will be graded directly by the Training Officer.

Name Abbr. Academy # Graduates Professor
A-Wing Advanced Knowledge AWAK IWATS 35 GN Triji Boliv
Advanced Multiplayer Tactics AMP IWATS 59 None
An Introduction to X-Wing Alliance XWAI IWATS 118 None
B-Wing Advanced Knowledge BWAK IWATS 32 GN Triji Boliv
Basic Flight Maneuvers BFM IWATS 123 None
Capital Ships for X-Wing Alliance XWAC IWATS 86 None
Combat Operations Exam 2 COE/2 IWATS 32 LC Legion Ordo
E-Wing Advanced Knowledge EWAK IWATS 12 VA Locke Setzer
Enemy Starfighter Engineering and Technology ESET IWATS 41 LC Honsou
Forward Air Controller FAC IWATS 12 VA Robert Hogan
Graduate of Starfighter Operations Capstone Thesis CAP/GSO IWATS 2 AD Sylas Pitt
History of Imperial Officers HIO IWATS 6 CPT Maston Dane
Imperial Naval Organization INO IWATS 55 CM Therj'en'nuruodo
Imperial Starfighter Engineering and Technology ISET IWATS 50 LC Honsou
Mission Creation and Beta Testing Standards MCBS IWATS 112 FA Pickled Yoda
Multiplayer 2 MP/2 IWATS 89 None
Squadron Management 6 SM/6 IWATS 19 AD Sylas Pitt
Star Conflict SC IWATS 53 COL Aardvark
Starfighter Maneuvers SFT IWATS 37 None
Starfighter Weapons SFW IWATS 83 LC Honsou
TIE Corps Core TCCORE IWATS 3301 AD Sylas Pitt
TIE Fighter Mission Creation 3 TM/3 IWATS 26 FA Pickled Yoda
TIE Fighter Tactics TT IWATS 591 None
Wiki Editing for Dummies WIKI IWATS 77 CPT Atashi Rain
X-Wing Advanced Knowledge XWAK IWATS 20 GN Triji Boliv
X-Wing Alliance Mission Design XAM IWATS 174 FA Pickled Yoda
X-Wing Mission Design XMD IWATS 28 FA Pickled Yoda
X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter Mission Design 1 XTM/1 IWATS 309 FA Pickled Yoda
X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter Tactics XTT IWATS 372 None
Y-Wing Advanced Knowledge YWAK IWATS 30 GN Triji Boliv
Combat Operations Exam COE IWATS 31 N/A
Graduate of Naval Studies Capstone Thesis CAP/GNS IWATS 0 N/A
Multiplayer 1 MP/1 IWATS 146 N/A
Squadron Management 1 SM/1 IWATS 26 N/A
Squadron Management 2 SM/2 IWATS 729 N/A
Squadron Management 3 SM/3 IWATS 509 N/A
Squadron Management 4 SM/4 IWATS 56 N/A
Squadron Management 5 SM/5 IWATS 89 N/A
Tactical Staff Course TACS IWATS 29 N/A
TIE Fighter Mission Creation 1 TM/1 IWATS 326 N/A
TIE Fighter Mission Creation 2 TM/2 IWATS 10 N/A
X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter Mission Design 2 XTM/2 IWATS 112 N/A