A-Wing Advanced Knowledge (AWAK)

The galaxy is filled with a myriad of spacecraft. Pilots of the Emperor's Hammer must not only know their own vehicles, but also those they may encounter in combat. This course will get in depth with the dreaded A-Wing including its different variants and roles.

Review the course notes (linked below) in detail to become confident with the course material. When you are ready, access the A-Wing Advanced Knowledge Exam to begin testing.

Questions regarding this course should be directed to its assigned Professor, GN Triji Boliv.

Course Administrative Data
Course Notes (Notes Viewer): A-Wing Advanced Knowledge Notes
Course Category: War College
Proponent Academy: Imperial Weapons and Tactics School
Status: Active
Assigned Professor: GN Triji Boliv
Passing Score: 75%
Automated Scoring: No
Number of Graduates: 35