War College

For instruction in every type of conflict whether on land, air, sea, or space.


Name Abbr. Academy # Graduates Professor
Heavy Weapons HW CSMA 16 VA Robert Hogan
Military Intelligence Basic Course MI CSMA 22 None
Small Arms SMA CSMA 25 None
Lightsaber Construction LSC SA 48 COL Aardvark
Lightsaber Techniques LST SA 36 COL Aardvark
Lightsaber: Training Saber TLC SA 32 COL Aardvark
A-Wing Advanced Knowledge AWAK IWATS 35 GN Triji Boliv
B-Wing Advanced Knowledge BWAK IWATS 32 GN Triji Boliv
Enemy Starfighter Engineering and Technology ESET IWATS 42 LC Honsou
E-Wing Advanced Knowledge EWAK IWATS 12 VA Locke Setzer
Forward Air Controller FAC IWATS 13 VA Robert Hogan
Imperial Naval Organization INO IWATS 55 CM Therj'en'nuruodo
Imperial Starfighter Engineering and Technology ISET IWATS 50 LC Honsou
Capital Ships for X-Wing Alliance XWAC IWATS 86 None
X-Wing Advanced Knowledge XWAK IWATS 20 GN Triji Boliv
Y-Wing Advanced Knowledge YWAK IWATS 30 GN Triji Boliv
Assassin Tactics Course - Part 1 AT1 40 LC Legion Ordo
Crowd Control CRD 29 None
Extrajudicial Execution EJE 55 None
Imperial Shield Technician IST 51 LC Honsou
Survival, Escape, Resistance and Evasion SERE 9 None
Superweapons SPW 23 None
Urban Operations Course SU 13 None
The Tarkin Doctrine TD 35 AD Sylas Pitt
Military Intelligence Advanced Course AMI CSMA 1 N/A
Imperial Infantry Officer Advanced Course AINF 0 N/A
Cannoneer ARTY2 0 N/A
Chief Gunner ARTY3 0 N/A
Master Gunner ARTY4 0 N/A
Specialist Signaller CM4 0 N/A
Expeditionary Warfare EW 0 N/A
Corpsman MD2 0 N/A
Expert Medic MD3 0 N/A
Pararescue MD4 0 N/A
Mass Tactics MT 0 N/A
Peacekeeping Operations Course PK 0 N/A
Special Forces Qualification School SF 3 N/A
Special Forces Advanced Course SFA 0 N/A
Starfighter Weaponry SFWOLD 1 N/A
Jungle Operations Certification Course SJ 2 N/A
Hand Weapons General Knowledge WPN 312 N/A