TIE-TC 180: The Virus

Battle Information

Game platform: TIE Fighter
Missions: 5
Release date: 2001-08-31
Last updated: 2003-09-09

CM Edvard

Average rating 2.1
Reviews: 7
Bug reports: 0
Times completed: 84
Patches used: None

Battle Reviews

GN Triji Boliv



This battle was scoring higher in my mind until the last mission. The first three times I flew it, a mission critical craft never arrived despite the arrival criteria being met (which I had to go look and find, because there were no clues in the objectives). Then on attempt 4, he showed up, and ultimately died despite no one attacking it, so there's that. Last mission hint for all of you, disable the Horus, don't kill it until the TRN docks with it.

LC Diaboli



I had a bug at the last mission. The transport only sat there and waited for boarding some craft, even when I'd disabled everything in sight. It seemed to be a pretty random occurence.




The single worst battle I have ever flown. Cramped missions, spelling and grammatical errors all over, platforms with fighter orders... If you can avoid this, do! Mission Impossible would have been a good name...

LC Azazel



i must say this battle maybe has original plotline but rest is horrible , you dont know whats going on ..on second mission it is completly mess i hate that kind of battles i would give it 0 but plotline makes i gave it 1

CPT Rover



This battle is really something original. As noted before, plot is not too much realistic, but missions setup is really interesting. I'll take away some of rating for capships that always crush stuff around them and other glitches, but except that it's excelent!

GN Master



WAYYYYYYYYYYY To Hard To many FG's have Advanced Missiles, and there are way to many enemy's.

COL Marconius



Although the plot was not too believable (I'm quite the realist), it was very original, to say the least. I didn't have the bug on mission 5 that others have noted, although I must say that it took me many tries to get mission 5 completed without blowing something... either the challenge would get blown up, or the ATR, or something would always go wrong for me. The briefing maps went a little fast, but there were no bugs in the game that I found. I'd give it a 4 thumbs up. =P

Battle Bug Reports

There are currently no open bug reports for this battle.

High Scores

Battle Total: 367,759 CPT Rover
Mission 1: 28,226 CPT Rover
Mission 2: 117,539 COL Carl Lost
Mission 3: 86,662 COL Carl Lost
Mission 4: 42,723 FA Pickled Yoda 2014-06-09
Mission 5: 9,265 FA Pickled Yoda 2014-06-09

Top Ten

(of available records)

1 189,095 COL Astarosta 2003-01-18
2 144,491 LC Turr Phennir 2002-11-24
3 95,227 MAJ Deleted Member 2002-12-29
4 80,412 FA Pellaeon 2003-06-30
5 59,779 FA Pickled Yoda 2014-06-09
6 30,609 SL Linoge 2003-01-18
7 26,033 GN Andrzej Mezynski 2002-12-19
8 24,193 GN Triji Boliv 2023-07-29
9 23,712 COL Dirty Vader 2005-05-06
10 21,706 FA Brukhar 2005-03-23

Battle Completion Statistics

This battle has been flown by 71 pilots a total of 81 times.

A 5-mission battle for TIE Fighter
Created for the Emperor's Hammer by
FM/LT Edvard/Inferno 2-3/Wing X/ISD Challenge (LANC) {IWATS}

Required patches
* none

Installation instructions
1] Double click the .EHM file, the EH Battle Launcher will install the battle
2] Check the Misc folder in your TIE95 one for additional material like patches, sounds etc.
3] Press the TIE Fighter button on the EHBL to start the game
4] Create a new pilot and fly the first battle


A weapon developed by the Emperor's Hammer Science Division has become an unacceptable threat.  As one of the EH's finest pilots, you have been assigned to a little known secret ops squadron as part of the operation to bring the situation under control.

Battle: The Virus
Mission 1 (T/A): Infection
Mission 2 (T/D): Capture
Mission 3 (GUN): Rescue
Mission 4 (T/D): Fate
Mission 5 (T/A): Elimination

Mission 1: Infection
TIE Advanced
   The New Republic 8th Fleet, with unknown objectives, is heading for EH space.   To counter this
threat, we are going to test a new weapon on the fleet.   The weapon is an Artificially Intelligent
Computer Virus (AICV).  The Virus will be planted on CRS Deus by a fake resupply transport
working for us.  Once planted, the Virus will spread through the fleet and should cause a series
of fatal malfunctions.  The Weapons Research Department warns us that the Virus may not be
entirely... reliable.   If the fake resupply transport displays any odd behaviour, you (T/A Reaver
1) will destroy it.   For this purpose, FG Reaver has been equipped with heavy bombs.
  You will not last long if the turbolasers of eight cruisers are focused on you.   To ensure that
you complete your mission, we have detonated a hyperspace resonance bomb.   The bomb should
have disabled the fleet's turbolaser turrets while they were in hyperspace.  That will be all.

Primary Mission Goals:
100% of all Calamari Cruisers must be inspected
100% of all Light Calamari Cruisers must be inspected
100% of all Strike Cruisers must be inspected
MUTR Resupply must have completed its mission

Secondary Mission Goals:
100% of X-W Gold must be destroyed
100% of B-W Green must be destroyed
100% of A-W Blue must be destroyed

Imperial Craft:
T/A Reaver (3) (You)
MUTR Resupply (with false Rebel IFF code)

Rebel Craft:
CRS Deus
CRS Horus
CRS Hyperion
CRS Gladstone
STRKC Falcon
STRKC Blizzard
X/W Gold (4)
B/W Green (4)
A/W Blue (4)

Mission 2: Capture
TIE Defender
   Two weeks ago you were witness to a worrying development regarding the Virus.   It is now
definite that the Virus controls the 8th Fleet - it jumped out as an act of self-preservation.   Info
from recent Virus raids suggest that it can gather new ships by entering their computers.
  We have recieved a distress call from the main EH supply terminal - it is under Virus attack.   We
cannot now deny that the Virus is an enemy potentially as dangerous as the New Republic.
  One of the 3 supply platforms has already been taken - the other two must not become
infected.   The Virus obviously needs these EH supplies to sustain its fleet - which is why it must
be stopped.   Most of the freighters at the terminalmanaged to escape, but the supply terminal
defence force was destroyed.   You and five other top Reaver Squadron pilots will fly T/Ds on a
strike to eliminate the Virus force.   The uninfected platforms will be repaired by two Corellian Transports.  The platforms must not be captured before the CORTs complete their mission.
 Finally, destroy the infected platform - it is the only reliable way to remove the Virus.

Primary Mission Goals:
PLT/1 Depot 1 must have survived 
PLT/3 Depot 2 must have survived
PLT/5 Depot 3 must be destroyed
CORT Tech 1 must have completed mission
CORT Tech 2 must have completed mission
CRS Hyperion must be captured

Secondary Mission Goals:
PLT/5 Depot 3 must be inspected

Bonus Mission Goals:
100% of ATR Locust must be destroyed
100% of TRN Wasp must be destroyed
100% of R-41 Aphid must be destroyed
100% of E/S Mosquito must be destroyed
100% of T/I Hornet must be destroyed
100% of A/W Virus A must be destroyed
100% of T/F Virus B must be destroyed
100% of B/W Virus C must be destroyed
Imperial Craft:
T/D Reaver (6) (You)
PLT/1 Depot 1
PLT/3 Depot 2
CORT Tech (2)
ATR Beta (4)
ETR Talon

Virus Craft:
PLT/5 Depot 3
ATR Locust (2 waves)
TRN Wasp (2 waves)
R-41 Aphid (2 waves)
E/S Mosquito (2 waves)
T/I Hornet (2 waves)
A/W Virus A
T/F Virus B
B/W Virus C
CRS Hyperion

Mission 3: Rescue
Assault Gunboat
  The Virus CRS Hyperion, which we captured in the last mission, was taken to a secret research
facility.   We had hoped that a weapon against the Virus could be created.   However, before the
research was complete, the facility became infected.   Two of the best scientists working at the
facility have managed to avoid infection.   We believe they are hiding in the facility itself.   We 
need their expertise to continue the search for a weapon against the Virus.   We are mounting a 
rescue operation - CORT Crow will dock with the facility and get them out.   The scientists are 
critically wounded, and will be taken immediately to a medical facility on our cruiser.  If all goes 
smoothly, it should only be about a minute before our cruiser jumps out with the scientists. Your 
task is simple - protect the Crow and destroy the research facility.   At least, it would be simple 
if it wasn't for two factors...  Firstly: The facility defence force has become infected - expect to 
face moderate Virus opposition.   Secondly: The New Republic has sent a large force to capture 
the facility and our research.   They are investigating the disappearance of the 8th Fleet - they 
have no idea what is really going on.   If the Virus spreads to the New Republic task force, the 
Virus's power will increase dramatically.   If the station is captured, the situation will be hopeless,
and CORT Crow will abort.   Speed will be vital - the Crow must get in and out as fast as possible.  
Time is short - get to your ship.

Primary Mission Goals:
Asteroid Research Facility V-189 must be destroyed
CORT Crow must have completed mission
CRKCR Blue Flame must have completed mission

Bonus Mission Goals:
100% of ETR Grey must be destroyed
100% of A/W Blue must be destroyed
100% of Y/W Black must be destroyed
100% of T/F Lambda must be destroyed
100% of T/F Gamma must be destroyed
100% of X/W Scourge must be destroyed

Imperial Craft:
GUN Reaver (You)
CRKC Blue Flame
Virus Craft:
Asteroid Research Facility V-189
CRS Hyperion
M/FRG Defender
T/F Lambda (3) (4 waves)
T/F Gamma (3) (4 waves)
Asteroid Laser Cannon Docking Port

Rebel Craft:
ETR Grey (3) (3 waves)
A/W Blue (3) (2 waves)
Y/W Black (3)
SCT Phoenix I
SCT Phoenix II
X/W Scourge (4 waves)

Mission 4: Fate
TIE Defender
   A weapon against the Virus has been developed by the scientists rescued in the last mission. 
However, a terrifying situation has just presented itself, one that will decide the fate of the 
entire Galaxy.  Somehow, a Virus force penetrated deep into New Republic space and launched an 
assault on the defence force of the main HoloNet Broadcast Terminal.  The Virus force was 
weakened, but the Republic force was completely wiped out.   As reports of this reached us, we 
realised, to our utmost horror... 
  The Virus is going to use the HoloNet to broadcast itself into every mind that accesses the Net.
   If it is allowed to do this, both its power and its intelligence will increase beyond belief.   After 
both HoloNet Antennae are captured by the Virus it will take about an hour to generate the power
neccesary to broadcast the vastly complex Virus.   Our weapon is a non-intelligent virus that will 
destroy the part of the Virus in the antennae.   If we infect the antenna with it within the hour, 
the Virus will not spread to the HoloNet.   The FRG Despoiler will dock with both Antennae, and 
deliver the new Virus.   Escorting it will be 3 T/Ds and 6 T/As.  You will command this force.  You 
must protect the FRG until it has completed it's mission.   As long as the FRG DOES complete it's 
mission, we can allow the Virus to spread to the antennae.  FAILING THIS MISSION WILL RESULT IN 

Primary Mission Goals:
CRS Anubis must be destroyed
FRG Despoiler must have completed mission

Secondary Mission Goals:
CUV Morat'raken must have completed its mission

Bonus Mission Goals:
100% of T/D Plague must be destroyed
100% of B/W Infestation must be destroyed
100% of M/CRV Shrike must be destroyed
100% of MUTR Corruption must be destroyed

Imperial Craft:
T/D Reaver I (3) (You)
MIS Raider (3 waves)
T/A Reaver II (3)
T/A Reaver III (3)
CUV Morat'raken
FRG Despoiler

Rebel Craft:
X/7 Factory Station Antenna 1
X/7 Factory Station Antenna 2
X/W Red (4) (3 waves)
ATR Blockade (3)
ATR Slicer (2 waves)
Virus Craft:
SCT Goliath 1 (3 waves)
SCT Goliath 2 (3 waves)
CRS Anubis
T/D Plague (3) (2 waves)
B/W Infestation (3) (2 waves)
MIS Pestilence (3 waves)
MUTR Corruption (2 waves)
M/CRV Shrike

Mission 5: Elimination
TIE Advanced
   Much information was gathered from captured Virus pilots.  Using this data we successfully 
predicted the Virus Fleet's movements.
   We launched a large attack against the fleet with the aim of filtering the capital ships into the 
next system one by one.   As they arrive, an EH strike force will systematically destroy the Virus 
command ships.  The Virus will not last long without it's core craft.   However, as we are dealing 
with the Virus, unforeseen situations are sure to emerge.   As well as the heavy covering fire of 2
ISDs, units capable of delivering the Antivirus will be despatched.  Early reports from the battle in 
the neighbouring system indicate that the CRS Deus will arrive first.   Expect to face a mixed bag 
of Virus defence craft, possibly including infected T/Ds.   This could be our only chance to finish 
off the Virus Fleet - once again - success is essential.

Primary Mission Goals:
ISD Challenge must have survived
ISD Colossus must have survived
CRS Deus must be destroyed
CRS Horus must be destroyed
TRN Ablar must have completed mission

Bonus Mission Goals:
100% of T/A Slasher must be destroyed
100% of ETR Mace I must be destroyed
100% of B/W Mace II must be destroyed
100% of MUTR Mace III must be destroyed
100% of E/S Claw must be destroyed
100% of X/W Razer must be destroyed
100% of ATR Bolt must be destroyed
100% of T/D Lance must be destroyed

Imperial Craft:
T/D Reaver I (3) (You)
T/A Reaver II (3) (5 waves)
ISD Colossus
ISD Challenge
ATR Slayer (3) (4 waves)
TRN Ablar

Virus Craft:
CRS Deus
CRS Horus
CRS Gladstone
CRS Hyperion
STRKC Falcon
T/A Slasher (6)
ETR Mace I (2 waves)
B/W Mace II (2) (2 waves)
MUTR Mace III (2) (2 waves)
E/S Claw (3) (2 waves)
X/W Razer (4) (3 waves)
ATR Bolt (3) (2 waves)
T/D Lance (4) (3 waves)