TIE-IW 6: Hunt for Fleet #18

Battle Information

Game platform: TIE Fighter
Missions: 6
Release date: Unknown
Last updated: 2009-03-22
Average rating 3.0
Reviews: 3
Bug reports: 1
Times completed: 106
Battle Medal: Medal of Pursuit

Battle Reviews

CM Benji Tandor



In this battle, you take on a rebel fleet and dismantle it gradually. Mission design is competent but very repetitive.

My sixteenth battle in the TIE Corps.

CM Nova Discordia



Well designed missions which gave you a range of things to concentrate - but lots of killing cap ships though. A clear 3 rating for me for this reason, and that I had to fly a B-Wing, which I hate doing, as the gunnery laser sights are rubbish on these tubs....

COL Phalk Sturm



Be prepared to snuff capship after capship, with insufficient warheads. This battle has everything that can happen in ordinary missions: space superiority, capturing ships and destroying fleets. A reloading tug in some of the missions would have boosted the fun, since shooting down a capship with lasers is a bit boring. However it was fun to fly

Battle Bug Reports

COL TheBlackxRanger


Mission 4: After you disable the FRG, the ATR docks and the M/CRV Lena appears. The flight message implies you're free to destroy the FRG Pollux but you actually need to wait for the M/CRV Lena to also finish docking (3+ mins after the flight message appears)

Recommend either rewording the flight message or the timing of the message to appear after the M/CRV Lena finishes docking to avoid confusion. Destroying the Pollux too early leads to a mission that does not complete.

High Scores

Battle Total: 311,286 COL Shae Kitane
Mission 1: 50,046 COL Shae Kitane
Mission 2: 46,652 COL Shae Kitane
Mission 3: 70,313 CM Benji Tandor 2023-01-29
Mission 4: 71,869 LC Maverick
Mission 5: 64,236 COL Carl Lost
Mission 6: 57,809 LC Maverick

Top Ten

(of available records)

1 303,216 COL Carl Lost 2003-03-07
2 249,424 CM Benji Tandor 2023-01-29
3 216,454 MAJ Colo Delste 2021-06-18
4 192,688 CM Arti 2002-11-18
5 134,648 LC Turr Phennir 2003-02-12
6 129,273 MAJ Deleted Member 2002-08-27
7 110,062 LC andr3 2021-08-09
8 103,882 MAJ Zhaim Jifarr 2002-09-01
9 93,911 GN Abel Malik 2004-08-22
10 93,547 LCM Sev'rance Tann 2003-09-16

Battle Completion Statistics

This battle has been flown by 96 pilots a total of 102 times.

Battle Name:  Hunt For Fleet #18
Battle Medal:  Hunter's Medal
Plotline, Missions and Briefings By:  
CMDR/LG Satai/Panther 1-1/Wing IV/CRS Renegade/IW (VC) [IWATS-IWATS-IIC] 
Game Platform: TIE Fighter


Required patches
* EH Ship Patch for TIE
* Fly Rebel Fighters for TIE

Installation instructions
1] Make sure you have the EH Ship Patch for TIE installed
2] Download the patches from the EH Patch archive (http://tc.emperorshammer.org/patcharchive.php)
3] Install the patches by double clicking it in the EHSP installer
4] Double click the .EHM file, the EH Battle Launcher will install the battle.
5] Check the Misc folder in your TIE one for additional material like patches, sounds etc.
6] Press the TIE Fighter button to start TIE and fly the battle.

Lately have Imperial Commence and Transport been plaugued by a rebel fleet, this fleet is known
as the #18th Rebel fleet of some odd reason. The Infiltrator Wing has been sent to remove this problem.
The main objective is to destroy all larger vessels in this fleet, 3 Calamari Cruisers and 8 Frigate-Class ships.
All of these ships MUST be destroyed.

Mission 1 - CRS Sahaari
A rebel Cruiser has been spotted and identified as CRS Sahaari. 9 X-Wings, 3 A-Wings and 3 B-Wings 
have been sent to engage the Sahaari and destroy her as a start of the campaign against the #18th Fleet.

Mission 2 - The Frigates
Intel have found two Rebel Frigate-Class Vessels in a sector, both from the #18 fleet. The Frigates know that they 
have been spotted and is moving towards their Jump-Point. The fleet command have sent 3 X-Wings, 3 A-Wings, 
4 Y-Wings and 3 B-Wings to interzept them, Both Frigates must be destroyed before they reach their 

Mission 3 - Scramble!!
It looks like the IW has gotten the attention that we wanted, Just some seconds ago rebel X-Wings and 
Y-Wings entered the area close to CRS Renegade. You and 5 other X-Wings will scramble and 
Interzept the aggresors. A larger Rebel vessel have been detected heading our way, most likely an Rebel
Cruiser from the #18 fleet. CRS Renegade must be protected at all costs, Do not let them destroy her...

Mission 4 - The Convoy
A Rebel convoy have been spotted, we belive that this convoy is carring supplies for the #18 Fleet.
3 B-Wings from FG Vulture and 3 A-Wings from Red will Interzept them and deestroy them.

Mission 5 - The Last Cruiser
The last Calamari Cruiser in the #18th fleet have been spotted and CRS Renegade will Jump out
and engage it. B-Wings will lead the attack on thge Cruiser and X-Wings will escort them and clear the
path for them aswell..

Mission 6 - The HQ
We found it, We found it. The #18th Fleet's HQ. It's just a Platform, the platfrom is to be disabled, NOT 
destroyed. We want the CO's ALIVE. CRS Renegade will jump out close to the Platform and launch B and
X-Wings. Do not let anyone escape!!

CMDR/LG Satai/Panther 1-1/Wing IV/CRS Renegade (VC) [IWATS/IWATS-