Admiral Theodore (#1614)

TIE Corps - Inactive
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AD Theodore [Inactive]

Character Profile

Profile Data
Member status: Inactive
Group: TIE Corps (Inactive)
Group join date: Unknown
Rank: Admiral
(Unknown )
Positions: None
Assigned unit: None
Time zone: (UTC) UTC
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Flight Certification

Combat and Flight Ratings
TIE Corps Imperial Pilot Flight Wings - 
                11th Echelon

Flight Certified - 11th Echelon
Points: 611

Fleet Commander's Honor Guard:

Singleplayer Performance
FCHG Rank: Aquilifer (611 points)
Total missions completed: 611
Battles completed: 103
Free missions completed: 38
Current battle high scores: 0
Current mission high scores: 0
Battles created: 0
Free missions created: 2
Multiplayer Performance
Combat Rating (MP PvP): Unranked (0 points)
Combat Rating (MP PvE): Unranked (0 points)
Free Missions Created (2)
TIE-F 89: Hack Lab 1999-11-14
TIE-F 90: Mu 2-2 1999-11-14

Combat Record

Battles completed (103)
TIE Fighter
TIE Corps
TIE-TC 1: Capture of Zaarin Medal of Darkness
TIE-TC 2: Strike at Calamari Medal of Vengeance
TIE-TC 3: New Dimensions Medal of the Emperor's Gate
TIE-TC 4: Recapture Zaarin's Technology Medal of Retribution
TIE-TC 5: Pirate Uprising Medal of Security
TIE-TC 7: Betrayal Medal of Folly
TIE-TC 8: Strike Against the Pirates Medal of Prevailing
TIE-TC 9: Tracking the Defectors Medal of Loyalty
TIE-TC 10: Battle for the Death Star Medal for the Death Star
TIE-TC 14: Vader Takes Command Medal of Sith
TIE-TC 16: Dacian Downfall Medal of Dacian
TIE-TC 17: Zaarin's Missile Boats Medal of Finality
TIE-TC 23: Daedalus Medal of Readiness
TIE-TC 25: Spoils of War Medal of Aries
TIE-TC 32: Assassinate the Fleet Commander? Medal of Assassination
TIE-TC 48: Ski Hoth - Star Wars Mercenaries Medal of Reconciliation
TIE-TC 49: Construct the Sovereign Medal of Construction
TIE-TC 50: Ackbar's Trick Medal of Trickery
TIE-TC 51: The Space Supremacy Medal of Supremacy
TIE-TC 52: Freedom Task Force Medal of Freedom
TIE-TC 53: Capture of the Rebel Spy
TIE-TC 54: Excaliber Medal of Excaliber
TIE-TC 55: Double Threat Medal of Defiance
TIE-TC 57: Raptor Medal of Quickness
TIE-TC 58: The Outcast Medal of Redemption
TIE-TC 59: Encounter at Dar'Telis Medal of Unbelievable Defiance
TIE-TC 60: Operation Harpoon Medal of Queequeg
TIE-TC 61: Grand Admiral's Birthday Medal of Celebration
TIE-TC 72: Accident in the Carrida System Medal of Establishment
TIE-TC 75: Stop the Mon Mothma Medal of Arrogance
TIE-TC 77: Verpine Encounter, Part One Medal of Earnestness
TIE-TC 78: Verpine Encounter, Part Two Medal of Fruition
TIE-TC 86: The Sheerot Rebellion Medal of Revolt
TIE-TC 91: Supply Incident Medal of Protection
TIE-TC 93: Creation of Infiltrator Wing Medal of the Infiltrator Wing
TIE-TC 94: The Ultimate Shield Medal of Invulnerability
TIE-TC 95: Dimok Evacuation Medal of Evacuation
TIE-TC 98: The HCI
TIE-TC 103: Minos Cluster Invasion Medal of Skill
TIE-TC 113: Raid on Casserine
TIE-TC 117: Resh Battle
TIE-TC 119: The Razinki Operation Medal of Haste
TIE-TC 122: Rebels and Pirates Medal of Steel
TIE-TC 131: TIE Fighter Covert Missions
TIE-TC 132: Battle of the Bins
TIE-TC 133: Punishment Tour Medal of No Apparent Value
TIE-TC 138: Battle of the TIE Interceptor Medal of Advanced Skill: TIE Interceptor
TIE-TC 139: Mugaari Insurgence
TIE-TC 149: The Marg Sabl
TIE-TC 153: Koph Supremacy Project
TIE-TC 156: EH Wrestling Extravaganza
TIE-TC 164: A Question of Loyalty Medal of Loyalty
TIE-TC 171: Fury of the Colossus Medal of Vengeance
TIE-TC 176: Threshold - Escort
TIE-TC 184: Chronological Influences
TIE-TC 185: Joining the Heroes
TIE-TC 187: Katana Remnants Medal of Katana Six
TIE-TC 188: Battle for Endor Death Medal
TIE-TC 190: Fleet Commander's Honor Guard
TIE-TC 198: Prelude to Andevia
Infiltrator Wing
TIE-IW 1: Welcome Medal of Audacity
TIE-IW 2: Strike at Incom
TIE-IW 3: Savior Second Savior's Medal
TIE-IW 4: Shadow Squadron
TIE-IW 6: Hunt for Fleet #18 Medal of Pursuit
Dark Brotherhood
TIE-DB 1: Midnight Requisition Medal of Arrival
TIE-DB 2: The Krath Haj Medal of the Empress Teta
TIE-DB 3: The Light Jedi Medal of Extermination
TIE-DB 4: Baptism of Fire Medal of Graduates
TIE-DB 5: Destruction Medal of Annihilation
TIE-DB 6: Darkest Blood Medal of Darkest Blood
TIE-DB 7: Quest of the Elite
TIE-DB 8: The Capture of Yridia II
TIE-DB 9: Dark Brotherhood Battle 9
TIE-DB 10: Relics of the Ancient Jedi
Intelligence Division
TIE-ID 1: Intel Joins the Fleet
TIE-ID 2: Secure Endor
TIE-ID 3: The Bacta War
TIE-ID 4: Attempt on the SDIR
Combined Arms Battle
TIE-CAB 2: Assault Of Aurora Medal of Aurora
TIE-CAB 3: Secure the Phare System Medal of Phare
TIE-CAB 4: Battle for Kronos Medal of Kronos
TIE-CAB 5: Destroy Shipyards of the New Republic Medal of the Shipyard
Fleet Commander's Honor Guard
TIE-FCHG 2: Shadow of Time
TIE-FCHG 3: The Perils of Diplomacy
TIE-FCHG 4: Nomads and Superlasers Medal of Mobility
TIE-FCHG 5: Attack from Within Medal of Discernment
Bounty Hunter's Guild
TIE-BHG 1: The Hunt Begins
TIE-BHG 2: Eliminating the Competition
X-Wing Alliance
TIE Corps
XWA-TC 3: The Darkon Mystery The Darkon Star
XWA-TC 5: Show of Force
XWA-TC 6: Enemy Defector
XWA-TC 8: Hammer to Anvil
XWA-TC 10: The Phare Encounter The Dark Crescent
XWA-TC 11: Heroes of the Immortal
XWA-TC 16: The History of the ISD Relentless
XWA-TC 17: Secrets and Lies: The Exile Bronze Crest of Truth
XWA-TC 22: The Career of Adrenaline
XWA-TC 23: The Unknown Regions - Thrawn's Fist The Fist of Thrawn
Infiltrator Wing
XWA-IW 1: Abyssi Ianua - Gates to Hell Hell's Doors Crescent
XWA-IW 5: Rion's Shadow Campaign: Ambassadors Gold Infiltration Crescent
Fleet Commander's Honor Guard
XWA-FCHG 1: Race Through Time Medal of Temporal Tactics
XWA-FCHG 2: The Forgotten Legacy Golden Medal of Rememberance

Historic Record

Assignment History
Date Time held Position (ID Line)
2012-08-08 11y,10m,14d AD Theodore [Inactive]
2005-03-31 7y,4m,7d RSV/AD Theodore/M/FRG Phoenix/Reserves
2003-10-17 1y,5m,14d Legal/AD Theodore/SSSD Sovereign
2002-12-21 9m,25d Legal/RA Theodore/SSSD Sovereign
2002-08-23 3m,27d COM-Legal/RA Theodore/ISD Relentless
2002-05-08 3m,14d FM-Legal/COL Theodore/Iota 1-2/Wing VIII/ISD Colossus
2002-05-08 Legal/COL Theodore/SSSD Sovereign
2002-03-16 1m,22d Legal/AD Theodore/SSSD Sovereign
2001-04-27 10m,17d INQ-Legal/AD Theodore/VSD Stalwart
2001-02-08 2m,18d Legal/AD Theodore/SSSD Sovereign
2001-02-08 FO-Legal/AD Theodore/CS-4/SSSD Sovereign
2000-11-25 2m,13d FO-TCCOM-Legal/AD Theodore/CS-4/SSSD Sovereign
2000-11-24 1d FO-TCCOM-Legal/VA Theodore X/CS-4/SSSD Sovereign
2000-11-23 FO-TCCOM-Legal/VA Theodore/CS-4/SSSD Sovereign
2000-11-23 FO-TCCOM/VA Theodore/CS-4/SSSD Sovereign
2000-11-23 FO/VA Theodore/CS-4/SSSD Sovereign
2000-11-23 Legal/VA Theodore/SSSD Sovereign
2000-11-21 1d CA:FO-Legal/VA Theodore/CA-4/SSSD Sovereign
2000-10-29 23d FM-Legal/COL Theodore/Dagger 3-3/Wing IX/ISD Relentless
2000-09-20 1m,8d CA:FO-Legal/AD Theodore/CA-4/SSSD Sovereign
2000-09-16 4d Legal/AD Theodore/SSSD Sovereign
2000-06-18 2m,28d BGCOM-Legal/AD Theodore/TIE Corps Battlegroups
2000-05-24 25d BGCOM-Legal/VA Theodore/TIE Corps Battlegroups
2000-05-24 BGCOM/VA Theodore/TIE Corps Battlegroups
2000-03-24 2m BGCOM-Legal/VA Theodore/Battlegroups
2000-03-21 3d WC-Legal/LC Theodore/Wing VIII/ISD Colossus
2000-02-29 20d WC/LC Theodore/Wing VIII/ISD Colossus
2000-01-07 1m,21d WC/MAJ Theodore/Wing VIII/ISD Colossus
1999-12-27 10d CMDR/MAJ Theodore/Dagger/Wing IX/ISD Relentless
1999-11-23 1m,4d CMDR/CPT Theodore/Dagger/Wing IX/ISD Relentless
1999-09-30 1m,24d CMDR/CM Theodore/Dagger/Wing IX/ISD Relentless
1999-08-07 1m,23d FM/LT Theodore/Mu 2-2/Wing VIII/ISD Colossus
1999-08-03 3d FM/SL Theodore/Mu 2-2/Wing VIII/ISD Colossus
1999-07-20 14d TRN/CT Theodore/Alpha Company/PLT Daedalus
1999-07-20 TRN/CT <commander> Theodore/Alpha Company/PLT Daedalus
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This member has not completed an INPR.

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Officer reports: 10
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Activity Tracking Record
Date Activity
2021-01-31 Flight Certification Wings awarded : 11th Echelon

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Computer Basics 86% Unknown
Flash 96% Unknown
Graphics 100% Unknown
HTML: Imperial Internet Communications 1 90% Unknown
ICQ 94% Unknown
Squadron Management 2 100% Unknown
Squadron Management 3 99% Unknown
TIE Corps Core Pass Unknown
XML 85% Unknown

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