XWA-TC 23: The Unknown Regions - Thrawn's Fist

Battle Information

Game platform: X-Wing Alliance
Missions: 6
Release date: 2001-11-14
Last updated: 2009-05-22

GN Master

Average rating 3.9
Reviews: 33
Bug reports: 4
Times completed: 386
Patches used: None
Battle Medal: The Fist of Thrawn

Battle Reviews

Many bizzare bugs in this set of missions, but there was a lot of effort put into the plot and missions themselves.

I had lots of fun on this mission set and enjoyed the story. You get to fly a T/A, T/D, and YT-2000 during the campaign.

pretty decent battle, the end was a giant firefight in the space where you fight both frigates and starships. pretty fun set a missions, played with cheats on for added fun

I played on Easy and partially with cheats. The second to last mission definitely shows a lot of promise if played legitimately, but this battle gets points deducted on Easy difficulty as two missions require absolutely nothing from you. The final mission literally just has you stand around for 7 minutes without a single enemy ever appearing.

You can tell a lot of work went into this one. There is a good plot that is well explained to you in the briefings/debriefings, good mission type and craft variety, and not many bugs. Would have given it a 5 except for the one mission where you sit there watching a shuttle fly 12 km, dock, then fly back while nothing else is going on.

These are interesting and divers mission and they even accommodate a decent story line. Only the Star Destroyers in mission 5 are a bit lazy. They just sit there ans watch while you go back and forth 10x to pump at least 80 rockets in these stations.

This battle has an excellent plotline and briefings which show very hard work in the narrative and the story development. I actually enjoyed more the post-mission aftermaths than perhaps the flying itself. Some missions were a bit useless, like the final one, with tons of different and cool capital ships present, but not an enemy in sight, and nothing to do. However it was fun to fly, if the same amount of work of the texts and the fiction writing was put to the mission technical development, a masterpiece would have emerged. Sadly, a wasted opportunity.

Aside from some long waits and some slightly-too-large waves of craft to destroy, this was a fun battle to blast through for FCHG points. I agree with Stryker that canon/legends characters detract from the story. Also, this battle had a little bit of that 'Didn't I just blow that up in the last mission?' problem.

Story wise this wasn't a bad mission, though I dislike the inclusion of canon or Legends characters as it can go against how a player sees them. That said, there were some flaws in this mission: I took a shower waiting for a ship to be boarded in one mission and in the final mission literally nothing happens, which is why this gets a three rather than anything higher...

I really enjoyed the setup for this battle. The briefings were well written and generally well written. The story was pretty good overall, and the missions tracked to the story very well. Mission design wasn't the best, some weird objectives and super tedious waiting, but the story more than made up for it.

I have two beefs with this otherwise perfectly enjoyable battle. In mission 3, I had to sit and wait for 10 minutes for some E/S to travel 17 clicks to a CRS to capture it and then get back. Why get back? And the last mission. Well, I made breakfast while I sat doing nothing.

Great Battle. I don't know what people here are complaining about. Mission 6 is good because it shows that not all patrols have to have enemy craft that show up. In fact, realisticaly most of the time nothing shows up. For this reason I liked that mission. The others were top notch. Only problem was having a Chiss SSD, but Master obviously wanted to show how powerful the Chiss were and it is the only ship big enough in XWA to make that apparent.

Good battle,mission 5th is incredible longer,more of the 55 min and this M/FRG is a terrible enemy,near of indestructible type.For the details, well, the Imperial fleet ships are in hollydays,crews watch the battle but not move a finger to help the FGs. In the first mission a Carrack cruiser or a Dreadnaught launch and launch a lot of fighters;that is complet irreal;a Carrack maximum can carrier 3 Fighters and a Dreadnaught(Modified) 2 squadrons.Mission 2:style one versus all the world;Mission 4:this Corvette is really a very good craft; not problem to fight all type of crafts with.In some missions,specially the convoy mission, the utilisation of MAG torpedos is fundamental.Well done battle.

An enjoyable battle. Well thought out mission design and a coherent plot. Good use of difficulty settings. There were a few points where we were just sitting around and waiting (all of mission 6, for example).

I would've liked it a bit more if my own capital ships did a bit more than sit there and look pretty

Bah, you're all too picky. I liked the last mission. After flying several 30+ minute missions, you do a quick sweep in mission 6 and are delighted to find that, yes- you have just finished another EH battle. Well done. The YT rocks and is a blast to fly.

Excellent battle, good plot, missions are entertaining, and not too hard, a good break from flying missions with millions of fighters vs. a little T/A. I loved it

Ok battle, not too hard. Some nice plots and ideas. Wingmen would be nice for some of the missions. The last mission is good in the sense that it was what a 'real' mission might be like - but it has no place in a battle someone has to play!

The best battle I've ever played!!! First two missions aren't too exciting, but the 3rd(Attack on a convoy) and the two last are great!

This was a cool battle. A little disappointed with the last mission, but better than nothing. Not too much protecting which I like.

Well, it was good. Not excellent, as I must agree with most of the other reviews. The last missions could have been deleted altogether as it has no purpose flying it. The mission before that bothered me a bit as well, as I can't imagine 2 ISDs and 4 VSD assaulting an almost harmless base, only launching 4 T/As and 12 T/Ds and then just sit there and watch. Taking down all cap ships and the base has the player flying back to the ISD getting reloads all over again. It tended to get boring. After finally taking down the base, you think it's all over, only to see there's one more mission, which you can complete by launching and just sitting there. The battle was well constructed, no bugs or construction errors, good story, but it is a shame the waiting and repetitive flying during the last missions made it go downhill. Therefore, I give it a 3.

This is a great battle if you have some time and are pretty good at XWA. Even someone who is lacking in XWA skills, such as me, will have a good time with this. It’s got a great plot, some fun missions, and isn’t too frustrating. I really wish they’d avoid making me kill capital ships in a T/A in XWA though, as it gets too hard. Also, I don’t like inspection type recon missions. They all feel the same and I hate them all, just leave them out thank you. Other than that, I really recommend this battle. Go fly it if you have XWA. I give it a 4.60 (rounded up to a 5 for purposes of the EH review scale.)

This is the best battle I've ever played!!! The only problem I found was the last mission. It didn't tie in with the rest of the battle and it was boring. Regardless of that I give it a 5. Great Job Master!!!

Good battle overall, last mission didnt really tie in with the rest, but overall lots of dog fighting fun.

Great missions, EXCELLENT briefs/debriefs, and very consistent! Keep up the good work!

Great Battle the missions were excellently strung together and the story was good as well. The last mission wasa bit slow but the rest makes up for it.

Good battle. Not to boring or stupid, or hard. The plot was good (anything with Thrawn is). Although the long wait for the CRS to be captured was annoying. I'm very disturbed that Black Sun could get their hands on a Star Destroyer, and, when did the Chiss ever have an SSD?

Very good battle, I like battles that make me fly the mission real fast to continue reading the plot-line. This battle did that very effectively.

Good battle. Other than having to sit and wait forever when capturing the CRL, and the slow last mission, great battle, bug free, and pretty fun. Good Job, Master!

Well its my battle and my first battle so i get to give it a 5 :) The whole point of the last mission was a reference to The Hand Of Thrawn books by Zahn, for those who have read it Thrawn had a base on that planet run by the Chiss, anyway, who's going to stand a chance against the fleet they had :P Its in my list, dont worry it will happen :)

Very good battle ! One of the Best TC-XWA ones out there. The last mission kinda slows things down , but I am still looking foward to the sequel (ahem , nudge nudge MR. Creator )

Excellent battle and plotline, truely a definite fly for XWA fans out there. Why the 4? The last mission should had been the first mission of the sequal...

Good battle with good debriefings. Too bad the last mission ruins the pace of the battle.

Battle Bug Reports

CM Vanguard88


Mission 1: Assault Gunboat Gamma 4 crashes into the ISD Knight and causes it to be destroyed due to the scraping bug. T/I Avenger, ISDII Escapade, ISD Knight, VSD huntress, Wasp, Blade & Scythe are on Rebel Radio Instead of Imperial. All of the aforementioned capital ships can be issued orders.

Mission 2: All capital ships can be issued orders.

Mission 3: All capital ships can be issued orders.

Mission 4: ISD's can be issued orders. Enemy flight groups X-Wing Red & T/A Gold are on Imperial Radio, meaning they can also be issued orders. Corellian Transport Nemesis text in region 2 should be yellow instead of Red.

Mission 5: ISD's, T/D, Corellian transport & ATR can all be issued orders. Stormtrooper transport Xi collided with an unknown object and was destroyed multiple times when playing this mission.

Mission 6: T/A Avenger is on Rebel Radio.

CPT Jagged Fell III


As stated by GN Dunta Polo below missions 3-6 are missing their commander's briefing, however the animated briefing still works and the content of the commander's briefing is contained at the end of the previous mission's win briefing.

FA Pickled Yoda


m2 ... X-W will hyper out if you activate the decoy beam because they have no targets and fail a goal.

GN Dunta Polo


Mission 2: Bad texture blending in background image of region 1. Mission 3: Commander briefing has an error that prevents it appearing in-game. The E/S has to fly around 30km to satisfy a mission goal, causing a long wait time after the action is over. Mission 4: Commander briefing has an error that prevents it appearing in-game. Mission 5: Commander briefing has an error that prevents it appearing in-game. CRL Storm has no orders. Mission 6: Commander briefing has an error that prevents it appearing in-game.

High Scores

Battle Total: 88,556 CM Vanguard88 2024-06-23
Mission 1: 8,996 CM Vanguard88 2024-06-23
Mission 2: 6,225 CM Vanguard88 2024-06-23
Mission 3: 13,110 CM Vanguard88 2024-06-23
Mission 4: 32,995 COL Deimos
Mission 5: 25,045 COL Dirty Vader
Mission 6: 2,750 CPT Maw'la

Top Ten

(of available records)

1 88,556 CM Vanguard88 2024-06-23
2 86,746 LC Rando 2019-09-28
3 80,626 FA Von Reinthaler 2003-01-28
4 77,824 HA Daniel Bonini 2009-05-18
5 77,658 MAJ Hunter 2003-01-25
6 66,135 LCM Zhil 2019-09-29
7 66,135 FA Pickled Yoda 2019-09-29
8 61,281 MAJ Neko Nuwen 2003-03-20
9 53,160 AD TK-2107 2002-12-09
10 50,676 COL Drak 2002-12-30

Battle Completion Statistics

This battle has been flown by 368 pilots a total of 383 times.

GN Abel Malik


CM Ace

LC Ace Hobbes

COL Adrenaline

LT Aegnor Sindar

MAJ Aeolus

LC Alec Qarni

SL Alejandro Araujo

CPT Alexander Anderson - 2004-09-27

CPT Alexander Shrike - 2003-12-06

CPT Alexi Stukov

CPT Alimet

LT Allco

CPT Alsdyr - 2002-08-07

HA Anahorn Dempsey - 7 times, last on 2015-11-23

LC andr3 - 2021-11-11

CM Andrelious J. Inahj - 2004-08-11

LCM Andrey Ivanovich

COL Andrijas

GN Andrzej Mezynski

COL Angel - 2003-03-03

LT Anson Darkrider

CM Aragorn

CM Aragorn - 2003-01-31

COL Archangel - 2003-06-25

LC Archon

CM Aresis Lothorekith - 2003-05-11

CM Arion Sunrider

COL Arso Slyth

LT Arsot Bondabra - 2003-05-21

LCM Artur Knight - 2002-08-22

MAJ Artyis - 2002-11-17

Autoris Maximus

CPT Avantar

LC Azazel

LCM Beignet - 2003-11-30

COL Benjamin Jahou Morgan

LCM Big Daddy - 2002-12-18

LC Big Poppa K

CM BlackHellKnight

CM Blade

MAJ Blair Vallyn

LCM Bobecc

MAJ Bobxavi

MAJ Brat Stone - 2002-09-07

CPT Braxus - 2004-06-27

CM Brenn Tantor

LC Brin Chaser

COL BubbaX

CM Cabbel - 2002-08-26

CPT Carcharoth

COL Carl Lost

CPT Carren "Angel" Hiles

LCM Cat Carlo

LC Choosh - 2002-12-15

LC Chris Cox - 2003-11-23

LT Chris Pape - 2009-10-22

LCM Coblentz

CPT Con Selar - 2002-12-14

SL Condar Freed - 2004-07-17

CM Conjre

FA Conker Blackwood

GN Coranel Both

CM Corsair

MAJ Cray Mikalen

COL CrimsonFury - 2003-08-18

COL Crsepe


LCM CyberShadow - 2002-08-17

LT D Jervis - 2002-12-20

CPT Daar Skeloria - 2002-08-24

CM Dakar Romson - 2003-01-25

CPT Damarcus

CPT Damon Kast

CPT Dan Jenkins - 2002-11-17

LCM Danel - 2005-06-07

HA Daniel Bonini - 2009-05-18

AD Daniel Licinius Trajanus

LCM Dargor - 2004-07-21

COL Dark Angel - 2004-09-13

LCM Dark Damian

LT Dark Iceman - 2002-10-21


AD Darksaber

CM DarkSith_99 - 2018-10-30

Darth Vader

LCM Daryus - 2003-04-12

CM Dash Rendar

CM Dathka Graush - 2022-10-02

COL Davi Anthol - 2003-01-01

GN Dax Corrin

COL Deimos

MAJ Delak Krennel - 2014-11-30

LC Dengar March

CPT Derek Dan

COL Dirty Vader

LC Dolsar Saris - 2002-12-06

VA Dolza - 2003-01-08

CPT Draiff Stryker - 2003-04-25

COL Drak - 2002-12-30

LC Drake Jensen

LCM Drax Remlinger

LCM Dufar Jabar

CPT Dujhod - 2004-10-31

GN Dunta Polo - 2009-11-22

COL E. Tarkin

LT Edward De'Galeon

LT Eifel - 2004-11-15

CM El Guapo - 2004-09-26

GN Elwood the Brave - 5 times, last on 2019-09-26

Enahropes Teriad Entar

CM Epicedion - 2020-09-23

CM Eric - 2002-09-02

MAJ Erryc Lasitter

MAJ Eugene - 2003-04-12

MAJ Evo Sarnok - 2003-12-17

GN Exar Kit - 2002-11-21


LCM Executor

CM Fahrer - 2004-12-01

CPT Fallien Skull

MAJ Frankie - 2005-01-24

CPT Frenchie6 - 2020-09-16

CM Frenzy Lekvoda - 2003-08-10

LC Frey Gallandro

HA Frodo March

LCM Fung - 2002-08-09

CM Furious George

COL Gallows - 2004-06-03

COL Garik Hizad

FA Gelton Torr

LCM Geraacka

CM Ghorg

AD Gidda

GN Gilad Pelleaon

FA Giovanni Palermo - 2004-06-02

LC Girth Snail - 2003-01-08

LCM Gold Leader

MAJ Granite - 2003-06-23

LCM Gregor MacDonald - 2003-10-24

CPT Grimlock - 2003-01-29

LCM Gruckn Rahn

LCM Guardian Angel - 2002-12-03

COL Gyssler - 2002-11-20

LCM Halk Knight

AD Hav Antiel - 2020-09-29

MAJ Hermann - 2 times, last on 2020-09-14

MAJ Hev Randrowan

FA Howlader - 2009-10-24

CM Hox Reek

MAJ Hunter - 2003-01-25

CPT Ibram Gaunt

LC Iceman

COL Ixion Deathbringer - 2004-08-07

LCM Iylan Kano

MAJ Jack Stone

CPT Jagged Fell III - 2023-09-24

LT James Greer - 2003-06-16

CM Jan Schneider - 2003-03-15

LC Janich - 2002-12-29

GN Jarek La’an

LCM Jari

CM Jason Dehner

LC Jason Hunter

CPT Jaster Sadista - 2003-08-16

LC Jeffery Domm

LCM Jer - 2003-09-07

COL Jer Stryker - 2003-01-11

ACO JetMech - 2021-08-30

MAJ Johann Glorick

CPT John Clark

COL Jon Doyle-Strathaven

LCM Josef Hassan - 2004-12-10

COL Josh Popelka - 2002-11-20

AD Justin Stryker

LT Kaek - 2003-06-27

LCM Kael Dalor - 2003-05-06

GN Kaisin Mirtez

SA Kamjin Maverick Lap'lamiz

VA Kane Reese

LCM Kat Lyons - 2002-12-30

MAJ Kazraran - 2023-02-25

MAJ KEBLAOMEGA - 2021-11-21

LT Keiran Halcyon

MAJ Keiran Laserlight - 2003-07-04

VA Keldorn Cochrane


LC Kenath Zoron

SL Ketan-Shej - 2003-03-19

Khameir Sarin

LCM Kir Kanos

COL Klick Sabre

LC Kodiak Kereban

LT Korbane Ashoka - 2002-09-06

LCM KramCola - 2003-10-06

CPT Kyral Retsam - 2002-11-17

LT Lance Menu - 2003-04-10

LCM Lazyleesblood - 2003-06-27

COL Lenvik - 2003-07-20

SL Linoge

LCM Lo Mar - 2020-09-18

VA Locke Setzer

COL Loor

CM LQC-75-3 - 2021-11-04

CPT Machinari

CPT Magnus Q

CPT Maiko Spince - 2003-04-12

MAJ Malik

CPT Marc Kendoran

CPT Marcin Kaczynski

FA Marcin Szydlowski

LC Mark

GN Mark Schueler

GN Master

CM Matthew Weeks - 2013-09-15

CPT Maw'la - 2002-11-17

Mayk Wolverine - 2002-08-22

LCM Mibri

MAJ Michael

CPT Michael Gutt

COL Mini Minkus - 2003-03-02

LCM Mithrandir

COL Moagim Daar

COL Mordred

COL Mosh

COL Mouse Droid

MAJ Murkrow Defender

LCM Naar Treib - 2003-04-15

CPT Nakata

LCM Narnil

MAJ Neko Nuwen - 2003-03-20

CM Nicolas

LC Nile Rosenau

LCM Nom Ramadon

MAJ Nuno

COL Nurel Turr

LCM Nylan - 2014-06-29

CPT Optimus

CPT Paco

CM Patrick Blastfire

LCM Pedric Cuf


Per-Aa Damar N`Eshathi - 2002-12-10

HA Pete Mitchell - 2002-11-28

LT Petko Kostov Kostov - 2003-02-18

COL Phalk Sturm - 2020-10-28

COL Phantom - 2003-02-09

LT Philledume

LCM Pi Stryker - 2003-06-11

MAJ Picard - 2003-02-15

FA Pickled Yoda - 2 times, last on 2019-09-29

MAJ Powerslave

MAJ Praetorian - 2003-02-17

CPT Predator

CM Predator - 2003-12-17

MAJ Prinz von Hoffman

CPT Psyko Prefect - 2003-10-01

CPT Quicksilver

LT Rabbit - 2004-09-23

COL Raith Sienar

GN Rancorous - 2 times, last on 2009-05-16

LC Rando - 2 times, last on 2020-09-06

AD Ranthier Khaen

COL Rau Aznable - 2002-08-09

LCM Raxell

LCM Razor

MAJ RedTaz

VA Rejili Holthaus - 2004-09-19

CM Renoshi Bespin

GN Ric Hunter

CM Riccardo Grazioli

MAJ RichyV - 2009-10-13

CPT Roger

CPT Rogue

MAJ Roth Jalis

MAJ Ryan Chi'Cath

CM Sabbath - 2003-10-30

CM Saber

LCM Sam Booker - 2003-02-12

LC Savageaz - 2004-06-05

CPT Serge Broskopf

LC Seth Crimson

COL Shae Kitane - 2003-01-27

LCM Shandar Dastin

LT Shikai

GN Silwar Naiilo - 2020-09-23

CM Sirik Xirok - 2002-11-19

CPT SL8c8 - 2019-10-06

CPT Solaris Darthinian

LC Solohan50 - 2021-11-22

CPT Soontir Fel

CPT Soontir Fel

CM Spearhawk

VA Starrett - 2002-09-17

CM Steve Sunrider - 2002-08-05

LC Strahd

HA Striker

AD Stryker - 2020-09-25

CM Symon Ilmen'Nost

LCM Talon Virgilio

MAJ Tek Selkirk - 2003-07-24

COL TheBlackxRanger - 2 times, last on 2023-09-10

AD Theodore

CM Thom Shveed'oo

LC Thom Zack

LT Thomas Kenobi - 2003-01-15

LCM Thomas O'deevs - 2004-07-10

LC Thorn - 2002-11-16

LC Tissaya Argat

AD TK-2107 - 2002-12-09

COL TK-7764

CM TK-9780 - 2002-08-31

CM Todar

COL Todbringer - 2003-05-21

LC Tolbr - 2003-09-09

FA Tomaas Montte

CM Toran Yarr

COL Torres

GN Triji Boliv

MAJ Tuba - 2010-09-09

LC Turr Phennir - 2002-08-25

LCM Turtle

CPT Tvan'Oris

MAJ Tycho Atreides - 2002-08-06

LC Tygra Shadowclaw - 2003-08-31

LCM Tyrian

CPT Ulath - 2003-03-22

CM Vanguard88 - 2024-06-23

CM Verigos

CPT Vertigo

LCM Victor Kage

MAJ VinDoros

CPT Viper

CM Virus

LCM Vissan - 2003-04-30

COL Vladet Xavier - 2003-02-08

CPT Vladimir Corax

CPT Von Predator

FA Von Reinthaler - 2003-01-28

CPT Voort SaBinring - 2004-07-11

CM Vortoq

COL Wes Janson

GN Wil Striker

FA Winters

CM Wisal Pol-Jo

MAJ Wolve Excelsior Berkana - 2022-10-18

COL Woobee

CM Xanatos Screed - 2003-02-01

CPT Xander Drax - 2002-09-04

CPT Xanthos Deia

CM Xeraan Rhazzazor - 2002-12-24

CPT Xura Verr

MAJ Xye - 2021-12-15

LCM Yilana - 2002-12-30

MAJ Z'Harm Kelh Gasu'lk

LT Zacarias - 2003-05-01

SL Zekk Terrik - 2020-01-06

CM Zekk Thyne - 2002-09-02

CPT Zept Leeartic

COL Zeth Durron

LCM Zev Lolet

LCM Zhil - 2019-09-29

COL Zippy Hawk

COL Zorn Starn - 2003-10-05

VA Zósite Kónstyte Styles

HA Zsinj - 2009-09-23

COL Zystem Fryar

The Unknown Regions - Thrawn's Fist.

Title: The Unknown Regions - Thrawn's Fist. 
Missions: Six 
Medal: The Fist of Thrawn
Game Platform: XWA
FL-TCS/LCM Master/Tempest 3-1/Wing X/ISD Challenge (capt_master@hotmail.com) (PIN: 6252) - Created the Battle.
FL/LCM Chris McCollum/Tempest 2-1/Wing X/ISD Challenge (ministryisadeity@aol.com) (PIN: 6690) - Designed the Plotline.

Installation Instructions:

1] Double click the .EHM file, the EH Battle Launcher will install the battle.
2] Check the Misc folder in your XWA for additional material like patches, emails or sounds. 
3] In EHBL, create a new "EH Pilot" in the Game Menu (Check "Prepare for EH Battle").
4] Press the X-Wing Alliance button to start XWA and fly the battle.

Crest Installation
I have used The Imperial Crest in this battle it is no essential, however it is recommended.
copy squad5.cbm into your XWA/FRONTRES/TOUR directory
then go to the Front.TXT (or Front.txt.txt) in your XWA directory.

Go down until you find:

Use the Find, its easier.
Then change the following lines to this:

!STR_SQUAD1!Thrawn's Armada
!STR_SQUAD3!Rogue Squadron
!STR_SQUAD4!Family Transport

Then save the file and it will all be set.

Brief Plotline: (For a more indepth Plotline, read Thrawns Fist.doc)
Thrawn's comming back to destroy the pittiful New Republic and the EH must stand ready to help, in a private communication with GA Thrawn, Tempest Squadron's LCM Master has gotten permission from the greatest of the Grand Admirals to share the story of what first happend when Thrawn entered the Unknown Regions. Master himself served with Thrawn at the time so he was the best person to tell the story.
You will fly as Major Devora the Wing Commander of Thrawn's flagship and Squadron Commander of the elite Avenger Squadron.
Do not let the Grand Admiral Down.


 Copyright Mark Howman 2001.