Commander Jason Dehner (#9178)

TIE Corps
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Code Cylinders Rank Insignia of a TIE Corps Commander Code Cylinders

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RSV/CM Jason Dehner/Reserves/M/FRG Phoenix
BS/PC/ISMx4/MoC-boc/IS-BW/CoLx2/CoB/LoA/OV-19E [Legionnaire]

Character Profile

Profile Data
Member status: Active
Group: TIE Corps (Active)
Group join date: Unknown
Rank: Commander
(Unknown )
Positions: Reservist
Assigned unit: Reserves
Time zone: (UTC) UTC
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Quote: None
Uniform of CM Jason Dehner
Last Updated: 2009-07-13
Top Awards

Flight Certification

Combat and Flight Ratings
TIE Corps Imperial Pilot Flight Wings - 
                10th Echelon

Flight Certified - 10th Echelon
Points: 455

Fleet Commander's Honor Guard:

Singleplayer Performance
FCHG Rank: Legionnaire (443 points)
Total missions completed: 443
Battles completed: 86
Free missions completed: 3
Current battle high scores: 0
Current mission high scores: 0
Battles created: 0
Free missions created: 0
Multiplayer Performance
Combat Rating (MP PvP): Unranked (0 points)
Combat Rating (MP PvE): Unranked (0 points)

Combat Record

Battles completed (86)
TIE Fighter
TIE Corps
TIE-TC 1: Capture of Zaarin Medal of Darkness
TIE-TC 2: Strike at Calamari Medal of Vengeance
TIE-TC 3: New Dimensions Medal of the Emperor's Gate
TIE-TC 4: Recapture Zaarin's Technology Medal of Retribution
TIE-TC 5: Pirate Uprising Medal of Security
TIE-TC 6: Destruction Medal of Destruction
TIE-TC 7: Betrayal Medal of Folly
TIE-TC 8: Strike Against the Pirates Medal of Prevailing
TIE-TC 9: Tracking the Defectors Medal of Loyalty
TIE-TC 10: Battle for the Death Star Medal for the Death Star
TIE-TC 11: Renegade Battle Medal of Victory
TIE-TC 12: Jedi Hunt Medal of Pursual
TIE-TC 13: Finding the Lakul Medal of Alertness
TIE-TC 14: Vader Takes Command Medal of Sith
TIE-TC 15: Special Operations Medal of Stealth
TIE-TC 16: Dacian Downfall Medal of Dacian
TIE-TC 17: Zaarin's Missile Boats Medal of Finality
TIE-TC 18: Interception Medal of Speed
TIE-TC 19: The Tethys Honeymoon Medal of Commitment
TIE-TC 20: Escort Carrier Missions Medal of Renewal
TIE-TC 21: Break the Sky Medal of Pain
X-Wing Alliance
TIE Corps
XWA-TC 1: Avenger Encounter Medal of Entralla
XWA-TC 2: First Contact
XWA-TC 3: The Darkon Mystery The Darkon Star
XWA-TC 4: Privateer
XWA-TC 5: Show of Force
XWA-TC 6: Enemy Defector
XWA-TC 7: Assault on Chimera
XWA-TC 8: Hammer to Anvil
XWA-TC 9: Defection of Kusanagi
XWA-TC 10: The Phare Encounter The Dark Crescent
XWA-TC 11: Heroes of the Immortal
XWA-TC 12: Imperium Deception
XWA-TC 13: Hammer to Anvil Part II
XWA-TC 14: The History of the ISD Immortal
XWA-TC 15: Nasty Surprise
XWA-TC 16: The History of the ISD Relentless
XWA-TC 17: Secrets and Lies: The Exile Bronze Crest of Truth
XWA-TC 18: Immortalized The Earplugs
XWA-TC 19: Evaluation of the ISD Vanguard
XWA-TC 20: The Tug Menace Gold Tug Cross
XWA-TC 21: Ast's Story Medal of Craziness
XWA-TC 22: The Career of Adrenaline
XWA-TC 23: The Unknown Regions - Thrawn's Fist The Fist of Thrawn
XWA-TC 24: The History of the SSSD Sovereign
XWA-TC 25: Ticket to Chimaera Chimaera Cross
XWA-TC 26: Experimental Tie Evaluation Medal of Experiments
XWA-TC 27: Battle of Corellia Corellian Crest
XWA-TC 28: ViB: The Lost Missions Legion of the Vanguard
XWA-TC 29: Battle of Sharnall Sharnall Cloud Star
XWA-TC 30: Imperial Storm II: Dark Horizon ISII Dark Horizon
XWA-TC 32: Rebel Resurgence
XWA-TC 33: Operation Sector Cleanup Custodian Cross
XWA-TC 34: CSF Campaign Phase 1 - CSF HQ Battle CSF Wings
XWA-TC 35: Hammer to Anvil, Part III Hammer of Valor
XWA-TC 36: GWSOoM Shipping Inc. 'Call to Chaos'
XWA-TC 37: GWSOoM 2 - Sarin's Booze
XWA-TC 38: Wing XI: Human Behaviour Locke's Essay
XWA-TC 39: Wing IX: Encryption Error Relentless Ribbon
XWA-TC 40: Wing XIV: Krayt Squadron The Eye of the Dragon
XWA-TC 41: Wing IX: Up and At Em' Medal of the V-wing
XWA-TC 42: ECR V - Training Maneuvers The ECR Cross
XWA-TC 43: Wing XVI: Predation Medal of the Predator
XWA-TC 44: ASF: Aggression Medal of Aggression
XWA-TC 45: ASF: Beligerance Medal of Beligerance
XWA-TC 46: The Rescue of Anna Darksaber
XWA-TC 47: Wing VIII: Prelude Colossus Cross
XWA-TC 48: Pirates of the Correllian Medal of Los Muertos
XWA-TC 49: Evolution of the TIE Bomber
XWA-TC 50: Evacuation of Zanica
XWA-TC 51: Hammer to Anvil - The Final Sacrifice Hammer of Sacrifice
XWA-TC 52: Rendez-Vous with Peril SSL 2005 Participation Certificate
XWA-TC 53: Imperium Invasion
XWA-TC 54: The Rescue of Aletna Star of True Friendship
Infiltrator Wing
XWA-IW 1: Abyssi Ianua - Gates to Hell Hell's Doors Crescent
XWA-IW 2: Rion's Shadow Campaign: Infiltrate Rion Copper Infiltration Crescent
XWA-IW 3: Rion's Shadow Campaign: Seeds of Corruption Bronze Infiltration Crescent
XWA-IW 4: Rion's Shadow Campaign: Eliminate Friendship Silver Infiltration Crescent
XWA-IW 5: Rion's Shadow Campaign: Ambassadors Gold Infiltration Crescent
XWA-IW 6: Rion's Shadow Campaign: Tactical Withdrawal Platinum Infiltration Crescent
XWA-IW 8: Obsidian Sector Campaign One
Dark Brotherhood
XWA-DB 1: The Forgotten Planet Medal Of The Ancient Sith
XWA-DB 2: Battle of Sharnall
XWA-DB 3: The Hidden Menace
XWA-DB 4: The Shadow Academy: Dark Fury
XWA-DB 5: Dark Brotherhood Vendetta
Free missions completed (3)
TIE Fighter
Free mission
TIE-F 119: Snake Eyes
X-Wing Alliance
Free mission
XWA-F 100: Defend Aegis
XWA-F 107: System Cleanup

Historic Record

Assignment History
Date Time held Position (ID Line)
2011-01-19 13y,3m,5d RSV/CM Jason Dehner/M/FRG Phoenix
2009-08-24 1y,4m,26d FM/CM Jason Dehner/Alpha 1-3/Wing I/ISDII Hammer
2009-07-08 1m,15d FM/CM Jason Dehner/Tornado 2-2/Wing X/ISDII Challenge
2007-02-28 2y,4m,10d CM Jason Dehner
2006-12-12 2m,16d CMDR/CM Jason Dehner/Nu/Wing VI/SSSD Sovereign
2006-11-28 14d FM/LCM Jason Dehner/Ares 3-4/Wing VI/SSSD Sovereign
2006-11-14 14d LCM Jason Dehner
2006-03-11 8m,3d RSV/LCM Jason Dehner/M/FRG Phoenix/Reserves
2004-11-29 1y,3m,10d FM/LCM Jason Dehner/Ares 3-3/Wing VII/SSSD Sovereign
2003-03-19 1y,8m,10d LCM Jason Dehner
2002-10-28 4m,19d FM/LCM Jason Dehner/Epsilon 3-2/Wing I/SSSD Sovereign
2002-09-09 1m,19d FL/LCM Jason Dehner/Epsilon 2-1/Wing I/SSSD Sovereign
2002-06-19 2m,21d FL/LT Jason Dehner/Epsilon 2-1/Wing I/SSSD Sovereign
2002-06-08 11d FM/LT Jason Dehner/Epsilon 1-2/Wing I/SSSD Sovereign
2002-05-31 8d FM/SL Jason Dehner/Epsilon 1-2/Wing I/SSSD Sovereign
2002-05-15 16d TRN/CT Jason Dehner/Alpha Company/PLT Daedalus
Award History
Date Information

Commendation of Loyalty

In the words of GA Cyric himself: 'I'd also like to announce that I will be awarding the CoL to every member of the EH who has perservered through the last several months. Without you the member, we wouldn't be able to function. This CoL is being awarded for the Jan 7th anniversary of the EH. '

Recommended by: HA Frodo March


Imperial Security Medal

CMDR/CM Jason Dehner
Last promotion – 12/12/2006
Flew – XWA DB #1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ,5 (01/20/07)
Medals Awarded – BS ,MoC-boc
Overall Activity – HIGH
Comments – appointed Nu Squadron Commander. (12/12/06)
Recommendations – CM Dehner flew five battles and contributed to the victory of his ship in the recent SOV vs. SUB competition. For his activity in month of January I recommend him to be awarded with the Imperial Security Medal.

Recommended by: COL Moagim Daar


Commendation of Loyalty

As recommended by Moagim Daar:
"Just after returning from the Reserves ,Lieutenant Commander Jason Dehner has shown activity unmatched even by his CMDR. He did all he could to support his squadron in all ways. Most of his activity consists of flying over two hundred sixty missions at the end of the year. Also ,he volunteered to take on the job of Nu Squadron commander ,a position that I have struggled to fill in. He is a very reliable commander and a skilled pilot with great potential. Though most of his activity is covered only in the past two months ,I believe Commander Dehner deserves a Commendation of Loyalty."

Recommended by: Astatine


Medal of Communication - Bronze Oak Cluster

December MoC Recc. - For continued and frequent communications ,over a range of media ,across the Emperor’s Hammer and her subgroups during the month of December

Recommended by: FA Jarek La’an


Bronze Star of the Empire

Flew – XWA TC #10 ,16 ,17 (12/05/06)
XWA TC #18 ,19 ,21 ,22 (12/07/06)
XWA TC #20 ,23 ,24 ,25 ,26 ,27 ,28 ,29 ,30 ,32 ,33 ,34 (12/12/06)
XWA TC #13 (12/14/06)
XWA TC #35 ,38 ,39 ,40 ,41 ,42 ,43 ,44 ,45 ,46 ,47 ,48 ,49 (12/19/06)
XWA TC #36 ,37 ,50 ,51 ,52 ,53 (12/27/06)
XWA IW #1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ,5 ,6 ,8 (12/27/06)
Medals Awarded – N/A
Overall Activity – HIGH
Comments – appointed Nu Squadron Commander. (12/12/06)
Recommendations – Commander Jason Dehner has shown great dedication to the Wing. He was brave enough to take the task of commanding a squadron ,and managed to handle it. He was also one of the most active people in the Wing ,having flown over two hundred sixty missions. Therefore ,I recommend a Palpatine Crescent for him.
COM’s Comments – Commander Dehner is personification of the type of officer that TIE Corps need the most these days. He flies actively ,234 missions he flew in the last month are sufficient proof of that. Moreover he volunteered to take command of squadron that wasn’t in good state and since than managed to stabilize the situation there. Considering how difficult it is to find good CMDRs currently ,his actions are to be commended. For his activity and dedication to his squadron ,wing and ship I recommend Commander Dehner to be awarded with Bronze Star of the Empire.

Recommended by: COL Moagim Daar


Imperial Security Medal

Taken from the December MSE:
12/22: XWA-TC 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ,5 ,6 ,7
Has also shown a high level of activity this past month.

Recommended by: COL Nurel Turr


Palpatine Crescent

For creating and maintaining the Epsilon Squadron website as well as fulfilling numerous executive officer duties while his squadron commander was on leave.

Recommended by: LC Gen Es'mith


Letter of Achievement

Submitting an INPR to EHNL86.

Recommended by: Tomaas Banys


Imperial Security Medal

For completing 113 combat missions in the space of only two months ,thereby setting an excellent example of imperial efficiency for his fellow wing and squadron mates.

Recommended by: LC Gen Es'mith


Commendation of Bravery

This pilot has completed the required 30 combat missions.

Recommended by: LC Gen Es'mith


Iron Star with Bronze Wings

For defeating his wing commander in the WC Challenge on TIE Free-119.

Recommended by: LC Gen Es'mith


Imperial Security Medal

Jason Dehner showed great level of activity since he's joined Epsilon squadron. Besides high level of flying activity ,he was higly active with passing IWATS courses. He also designed squadron's webpage on his own initiative. And nowadays he fulfills all duties of squadron XO.

Recommended by: CPT Ard Royber

Imperial Navy Personnel Record

This member has not completed an INPR.

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Activity Tracking Record
Date Activity
2021-06-01 Medal awarded : Order of the Vanguard - 19th Echelon (OV-19E)
2021-01-31 Flight Certification Wings awarded : 10th Echelon
2020-06-01 Medal awarded : Order of the Vanguard - 18th Echelon (OV-18E)
2019-06-01 Medal awarded : Order of the Vanguard - 17th Echelon (OV-17E)
2019-03-01 Medal awarded : Order of the Vanguard - 16th Echelon (OV-16E)

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Bronze Star of the Empire

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AOL Instant Messenger 100% Unknown
Hand Weapons General Knowledge 90% Unknown
mIRC 1 100% Unknown
Squadron Management 3 81% Unknown
TIE Corps Core 78% Unknown
TIE Fighter Tactics 85% Unknown

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