XWA-TC 47: Wing VIII: Prelude

Battle Information

Game platform: X-Wing Alliance
Missions: 5
Release date: 2005-05-20
Last updated: 2005-06-10

HA Ender mBind

Average rating 3.3
Reviews: 12
Bug reports: 1
Times completed: 114
Patches used: None
Colossus Cross
Battle Medal:
Colossus Cross

Battle Reviews

CM Jagged Fell III



It is a fun battle. A bit basic in the combat and missions but the story is great.

RA Genie



Typically in TCIB I fly the XWA last. And by then I dont have the energy or time to properly dissect it. As a result, by the time I reach XWA I tend to just roll with the flow, albeit on hard. This battle like most XWA battles just seems a bit out of hand. It is well-crafted hence the 4/5 but still lacking any real umph. Also the choice of craft is not ideal in some of the missions, especially when being chased by a ton of fighters. I felt like Benny Hill at some point running away at max speed. It's not a great battle but it is well-crafted at least.

GN Master



Not going to win any awards for Ender's best work but it is ok.
Its very easy on easy and hard as hell on hard - at least from what i saw.
Dogfighting in a Missile Boat is mean and the armaments and selections suck.
Fly because u have to, not for fun.

VA Locke Setzer



It's a nice little battle. Probably leans a bit on the easy side. Enjoyed seeing all those old Collie squads performing their appropriate roles

LC andr3



The first four missions are nearly exactly the same and very simple at that. At least it is quick.

COL Phalk Sturm



Being a former Collier and given endless love I profess for Wing VIII, I can't be clear minded here. Nevertheless you get to fly the best fighters in the Imperial arsenal, and go in a classic rebel slaughtering rampage. I loved it.

SL Zekk Terrik



I guess this mission was just okay...I found it a bit unoriginal. Spot enemies, blow up enemies. Don’t get me wrong, I find as much joy as the next guy in blowing up Rebels, but it never hurts to throw something new at me. There was a fair amount of R-41 Starchasers in this battle (especially the last one) and I take some sort of sick satisfaction in parking behind them and blasting away at them in a TIE Defender. They have no hope. I have played a lot of Ender’s missions at this point and this is not really one of the more memorable ones (plus I remember those guys on the Colossus as being a bunch of bums). I’m not a particularly skilled pilot but found it very easy considering that it’s you – a fleet full of missile boats and TIE Defenders – versus crappy X-wings, R-41s, T-wings, and the like. A solid 3 stars.

MAJ Gustan



Overall a strong battle - some parts challenging, other parts not so. Storyline was ok, but i did feel the amending was abrupt.

GN Mark Schueler



I quite liked this battle. :)

GN Abel Malik



This isn't the best battle Enders ever created, but its still well worth the time to fly.

MAJ Keiran Laserlight



Nice battle. I've earned couple of FCHG on it. What's EH Crest anyway?

HA Frodo March



Two words: "Too easy". Its abnormal to not be able to fly this battle without even shooting a lazer, unfortunately, its manageable. I didn't have the S-Foils patch on and still managed to fly the whole thing...Other than that, I can't find anything to complain about :P Good work Ender.

Battle Bug Reports

GN Dunta Polo


Mission 1: NR fighter craft have some strange secondary orders (attacking their own starships). EH and civilian starships are set to fire on the backdrop.

Mission 2: NR fighter craft have some strange secondary orders (attacking their own starships). EH and civilian starships are set to fire on the backdrop.

Mission 3: EH and civilian starships are set to fire on the backdrop. Friendly fighter craft start too close to the engine wash of the ISDII Colossus. The NR System Patrol Craft sometimes crash into the asteroid base. New Republic M/FRG Tribuna, the CRVs and the SPCs are set to fire on the backdrop during their first order. EH and civilian craft are set to fire on the backdrop. Some in-flight messages pertaining to individual targets (corvettes, SPCs, containers) do not take account of the status of other targets.

Mission 4: EH and civilian starships are set to fire on the backdrop. In-flight messages from Scuslem about the arrival of the reinforcement CRKC only appear after it is destroyed.

Mission 5: EH and civilian starships are set to fire on the backdrop.

High Scores

Battle Total: 115,241 COL Dirty Vader
Mission 1: 39,239 COL Dirty Vader
Mission 2: 23,578 COL Dirty Vader
Mission 3: 12,807 COL Deimos
Mission 4: 16,847 COL Dirty Vader
Mission 5: 23,139 COL Dirty Vader

Top Ten

(of available records)

1 30,418 MAJ Wolve Excelsior Berkana 2023-04-17
2 22,536 RA Genie 2023-05-15
3 20,720 CM Leofric 2023-04-29
4 19,997 COL Mosh 2005-05-25
5 14,863 GN Abel Malik 2005-06-10
6 14,734 CPT SL8c8 2020-02-29
7 13,960 CM Daniel Russell 2005-06-06
8 11,885 GN Dunta Polo 2009-09-27
9 11,605 MAJ Tuba 2010-12-27
10 11,244 HA Anahorn Dempsey 2009-08-21

Battle Completion Statistics

This battle has been flown by 96 pilots a total of 111 times.

CM Jason Dehner

MAJ Kazraran - 2023-03-31

MAJ KEBLAOMEGA - 2022-10-27

MAJ Keiran Laserlight

VA Keldorn Cochrane

LC Kenath Zoron

CM Leofric - 2023-04-29

VA Locke Setzer - 2023-04-23

GN Mark Schueler - 2 times, last on 2020-09-27

GN Master - 2023-05-14

CPT Matu Vonnegut - 2023-04-23

COL Mosh - 2005-05-25

RA Nutrientman

FA Pellaeon

HA Pete Mitchell - 2017-03-07

COL Phalk Sturm - 2020-09-30

FA Pickled Yoda - 2 times, last on 2020-09-14

HA Plif - 2023-05-16

MAJ Prinz von Hoffman

MAJ Prost Varsis - 2023-04-21

COL Raith Sienar

GN Rancorous - 2005-06-01

COL Rei Ayanami

GN Ric Hunter

MAJ RichyV - 2010-05-20

CM Saul Rostek

LC Savageaz

CPT SL8c8 - 2020-02-29

CPT Solaris Darthinian

LC Solohan50 - 2023-04-22

COL TheBlackxRanger - 2023-04-20

CM TK-9780

COL Torres - 2005-05-31

LT Total Darkness - 2005-06-11

GN Triji Boliv - 2 times, last on 2023-04-18

MAJ Tuba - 2010-12-27

HA Turtle Jerrar - 2020-07-29

CPT Tvan'Oris

LT Ty Seerlan - 2023-05-15

CPT Vertigo

CPT Von Predator

COL Westric Davalorn - 2023-05-04

CM Wisal Pol-Jo

MAJ Wolve Excelsior Berkana - 2 times, last on 2023-04-17

SL Zekk Terrik - 2 times, last on 2020-05-01

COL Zeth Durron

VA Zósite Kónstyte Styles

HA Zsinj - 2009-09-23

COL Zystem Fryar

X-Wing Alliance (SP) Battle

Title:		 Wing VIII: Prelude
Missions:	 5
Medal:		 Colossus Cross
Author:		 SCO-TCT-TCS-PROF/FA Ender mBind/CS-10/SSSD Sovereign
Game Platform:	 X-Wing Alliance

Release Date:    18/jan/2004
Ships:           TIE Advanced, TIE Defender, Assault Gunboat, Missileboat
Difficulty:      Easy.


Installation Instructions:

0] Make sure you have an S-Foils patch installed.
1] Double click the .EHM file, the EH Battle Launcher will install the battle.
2] Check the Misc folder in your XWA one for additional material like patches, sounds etc.
3] In the EH Battle Launcher go to Game > XWA Options > Pilot Options.
4] Here create a New Pilot with the "Prepare for EH Battle" switched on.
5] Press the X-Wing Alliance button to start XWA and fly the battle.

Part one of a three part series about Wing VIII, Wing X and Wing XII taking on a large
New Republic Spine Security Force campaign.

Story Line

Mission 1: 
With the "New Republic" now securely based on Coruscant, the very permanent "Provisional 
Council" has started taking an interest in the Outer Rim and the various Imperial "Warlords"
 they perceive has having cut out their own realms... especially the Emperor's Hammer.
As a result, they have ordered the Duke of Nister, the Fleet Commander of the "Spine 
Security Force" stationed nearby, to launch a new offensive against us. The Duke is in 
control of a large fleet of Calamari Cruisers of various types and is quite well up to the 
task... However the ID has reported that his forces are running low on supplies.
Our deep space monitoring systems have picked up one of his cruisers loading up on supplies 
in the outer reaches of the Bav System. Our hope is that by destroying its supplies, we 
will delay the NR-SSF offensive some more.

Mission 2: 
Mu and Nu Squadron bought us some time by destroying the CRS Maximus' supply cache, but not 
a lot: Already we have word of a convoy heading over the Corellian Trade Spine to replenish 
their losses. A crewmember on one of the freighters got drunk at their last stop-over and 
shot off his mouth... which also gave us a good approximation of the convoy's course.
Omicron Squadron is sent in to ambush the convoy and destroy its freighter craft. Because 
we know the convoy is well escorted, Iota Squadron will come along and protect Omicron on 
their mission.
This convoy of supplies is far larger then the cache destroyed earlier, taking it out will 
most definitely set back the Duke's plans for conquest in Emperor's Hammer Territories some 

Mission 3: 
Omicron and Iota Squadron were successful in taking out the supply convoy on route to the 
Spine Security Force even though it got support from a Calamari Cruiser plus its escorts. 
This apparently was quite a blow to the Duke, as he ordered his cruisers back to his home 
This offers us the opportunity to take care of another part of the New Republic Logistics: 
For the past two years the NR-SSF has been setting up various smaller bases all around the 
Corellian Trade Spine. These bases function as support and supply bases for their star 
ships, which is exactly that which we want to disrupt.
We found one of these bases on the outskirts of the Minos Cluster. Most likely it has been 
set up as a forward base for any assaults on the Emperor's Hammer Territories. Pi and Eta 
Squadron are sent in to damage it as much as possible - concentrating on the supplies first.

Mission 4:
To get a clearer picture of what the plans are for the upcoming assault upon the Emperor's
Hammer, the Tactical Office has decided that we need to capture a few ranking officers of 
the Spine Security Force for interrogation by the Intelligence Division.
Apparently the corvettes that Eta and Pi Squadron encountered on their mission originated 
from a small republican force headed by the Frigate Aurelius. By tracing the hyperspace 
tracks stored in their "black boxes" we were able to find this frigate taking on supplies 
just outside our borders.
To capture this frigate we will work in two waves: First Pi and Iota Squadron will go in 
and take care of the supplies and the frigate's fighter screen. They then return to the 
ISDII Colossus to make way for the second wave that will go for capture.

Mission 5:
The appearance of a third party in this conflict was surprising mostly because of the fact 
that we have never encountered these "Aloc Korna" before. Pi and Iota Squadron also 
reported that the cargo craft that were trying to dock with the target frigate were 
carrying "strange materials".
However, they were successful in completing the objectives of their wave so the second wave 
can go ahead as planned: Omicron and Mu Squadron will jump in and disable the Frigate 
Aurelius. When that is done, we will send in ATRs from Olympia Squadron to capture the 
target. During this operation Omicron and Mu will provide cover and make sure that the 
ranking officers we are after do not escape.

GENERAL: You need XWA (or at least all the ships involved there) with S-Foils update. 

Other Information

This is the first release of a very quickly made and hardly tested mission. 
Bugs could arrise - please mail me if they do - also if you have hints, death threats,
questions or apraisals.

SCO-TCT-TCS-PROF/FA Ender mBind/CS-10/SSSD Sovereign
GOE/MoS/GSx2/SSx7/BSx4/PCx7/ISMx17/MoI/MoT-50rh-60gh-6bh/IS-1SR-2GR-1PR/LoC-TS-Rx1/DFC-Rx1/CoS/CoE/CoLx2/CoB/LoAx15/OV-4E [LGNR] {IWATS-AIM-GFX-ICQ-IIC/1/2/3-JS-M/1/2-OPT-SM/2-TM/1-TT-XAM-XTM/1/2-XTT}