Vice Admiral Keldorn Cochrane (#5080)

TIE Corps - Inactive
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Code Cylinders Rank Insignia of a TIE Corps Vice Admiral Code Cylinders

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VA Keldorn Cochrane [Inactive]

Character Profile

Profile Data
Member status: Inactive
Group: TIE Corps (Inactive)
Group join date: Unknown
Rank: Vice Admiral
(Unknown )
Positions: None
Assigned unit: None
Time zone: (UTC) UTC
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Flight Certification

Combat and Flight Ratings
TIE Corps Imperial Pilot Flight Wings - 
                12th Echelon

Flight Certified - 12th Echelon
Points: 833

Fleet Commander's Honor Guard:

Singleplayer Performance
FCHG Rank: Decurion (833 points)
Total missions completed: 829
Battles completed: 154
Free missions completed: 27
Current battle high scores: 0
Current mission high scores: 2
Battles created: 1
Free missions created: 1
Multiplayer Performance
Combat Rating (MP PvP): Unranked (0 points)
Combat Rating (MP PvE): Unranked (0 points)
Mission High Scores (2)
Battles Created (1)
Free Missions Created (1)

Combat Record

Battles completed (154)
TIE Fighter
TIE Corps
TIE-TC 3: New Dimensions Medal of the Emperor's Gate
TIE-TC 4: Recapture Zaarin's Technology Medal of Retribution
TIE-TC 5: Pirate Uprising Medal of Security
TIE-TC 6: Destruction Medal of Destruction
TIE-TC 8: Strike Against the Pirates Medal of Prevailing
TIE-TC 10: Battle for the Death Star Medal for the Death Star
TIE-TC 12: Jedi Hunt Medal of Pursual
TIE-TC 16: Dacian Downfall Medal of Dacian
TIE-TC 19: The Tethys Honeymoon Medal of Commitment
TIE-TC 31: Hidden Agenda Medal of Revelation
TIE-TC 39: Up and at Em! Medal of the V-Wing
TIE-TC 44: Military Complex Operation Medal of MilCom
TIE-TC 46: Back to the Basics Medal of the Unattainable
TIE-TC 60: Operation Harpoon Medal of Queequeg
TIE-TC 61: Grand Admiral's Birthday Medal of Celebration
TIE-TC 62: Taco Wars Medal of Sustanence
TIE-TC 63: Beyond the Minos Cluster Medal of Necessity
TIE-TC 64: Pruscian Betrayal, Part I First Medal of Payback
TIE-TC 65: Pruscian Betrayal, Part II Second Medal of Payback
TIE-TC 66: Minos Cluster, Battle One First Medal of Strength
TIE-TC 67: The Siege of Maltar Medal of Obliteration
TIE-TC 68: Minos Cluster, Battle Two Second Medal of Strength
TIE-TC 69: Point Patrol Medal of Tenacity
TIE-TC 70: Supply Run Medal of Reliance
TIE-TC 71: Praetorian Glory Medal of Heroics
TIE-TC 72: Accident in the Carrida System Medal of Establishment
TIE-TC 73: Cobra Squadron Medal of Animosity
TIE-TC 74: Protect the Inquisitor Medal of Inquisition
TIE-TC 75: Stop the Mon Mothma Medal of Arrogance
TIE-TC 76: Mirror Universe Medal of Reflection
TIE-TC 77: Verpine Encounter, Part One Medal of Earnestness
TIE-TC 78: Verpine Encounter, Part Two Medal of Fruition
TIE-TC 80: Reassignment Medal of Reclamation
TIE-TC 81: A New Enemy Medal of Opposition
TIE-TC 83: Battle For Truth and Honor Medal of Deference
TIE-TC 100: The Battle for Manhood Medal of Manhood
TIE-TC 101: The Chase at Lyccos Medal of the Dying Sun
TIE-TC 102: Attack on Petros Medal Works Medal of Diligence
TIE-TC 103: Minos Cluster Invasion Medal of Skill
TIE-TC 104: Spam Wars Medal of Silence
TIE-TC 105: Treachery Aboard the Challenge Medal of the Tornado
TIE-TC 106: Battle in Corellia
TIE-TC 107: Farewell to Old Friends
TIE-TC 108: Unexplored Territory Medal of a New Race
TIE-TC 109: Eclipse the Sun
TIE-TC 110: Advanced Mag Pulse Technology Medal of Research
TIE-TC 111: Impossible Mission
TIE-TC 112: Super TIEs Medal of Amelioration
TIE-TC 113: Raid on Casserine
TIE-TC 114: Stop the Press! Medal of Patience
TIE-TC 115: Project Emperor's Revenge
TIE-TC 116: GA Ronin vs. Rogues
TIE-TC 117: Resh Battle
TIE-TC 118: Omicron's Initiation
TIE-TC 119: The Razinki Operation Medal of Haste
TIE-TC 120: Thunderer the Victory Star Destroyer Medal of Zeus
TIE-TC 121: Battle of Principles Medal of Principles
TIE-TC 122: Rebels and Pirates Medal of Steel
TIE-TC 123: Strengthen the Emperor's Hammer
TIE-TC 124: Rebel Tenacity
TIE-TC 125: Operation 'Silent Scream'
TIE-TC 126: Strategic Termination Medal of Termination
TIE-TC 127: Making a New SSD
TIE-TC 128: Operation Yridia Alpha Minos Sapphire Cluster
TIE-TC 129: Relentless Revenge, Part One
TIE-TC 130: Relentless Revenge, Part Two
TIE-TC 131: TIE Fighter Covert Missions
TIE-TC 132: Battle of the Bins
TIE-TC 133: Punishment Tour Medal of No Apparent Value
TIE-TC 134: Damaged TIEs Medal of Repair
TIE-TC 135: Pirate Confederation Battle
TIE-TC 136: Recruitment Campaign Medal of Brandy
TIE-TC 137: Pirate Arms War
TIE-TC 138: Battle of the TIE Interceptor Medal of Advanced Skill: TIE Interceptor
TIE-TC 139: Mugaari Insurgence
TIE-TC 140: A New Ally
TIE-TC 141: A New Ally II
TIE-TC 142: New Republic Retaliation
TIE-TC 143: Hit and Fade
TIE-TC 144: Rebel Factory
TIE-TC 145: Save the SSD Avenger
TIE-TC 146: Operation Perihelion
TIE-TC 147: Inner Conflict
TIE-TC 148: Secret Clone Project
TIE-TC 149: The Marg Sabl
TIE-TC 150: Crush Weapons Development
TIE-TC 155: The Supplies War
TIE-TC 159: The Destruction of Rogue Squadron
TIE-TC 164: A Question of Loyalty Medal of Loyalty
Dark Brotherhood
TIE-DB 1: Midnight Requisition Medal of Arrival
Combined Arms Battle
TIE-CAB 2: Assault Of Aurora Medal of Aurora
X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter
TIE Corps
XvT-TC 4: Encounter with the Black Sun
XvT-TC 8: The Loshen Resistance
Dark Brotherhood
XvT-DB 1: Jedi Academy
X-Wing Alliance
TIE Corps
XWA-TC 1: Avenger Encounter Medal of Entralla
XWA-TC 2: First Contact
XWA-TC 3: The Darkon Mystery The Darkon Star
XWA-TC 4: Privateer
XWA-TC 5: Show of Force
XWA-TC 6: Enemy Defector
XWA-TC 7: Assault on Chimera
XWA-TC 8: Hammer to Anvil
XWA-TC 9: Defection of Kusanagi
XWA-TC 10: The Phare Encounter The Dark Crescent
XWA-TC 11: Heroes of the Immortal
XWA-TC 12: Imperium Deception
XWA-TC 13: Hammer to Anvil Part II
XWA-TC 14: The History of the ISD Immortal
XWA-TC 15: Nasty Surprise
XWA-TC 16: The History of the ISD Relentless
XWA-TC 17: Secrets and Lies: The Exile Bronze Crest of Truth
XWA-TC 18: Immortalized The Earplugs
XWA-TC 19: Evaluation of the ISD Vanguard
XWA-TC 20: The Tug Menace Gold Tug Cross
XWA-TC 21: Ast's Story Medal of Craziness
XWA-TC 22: The Career of Adrenaline
XWA-TC 23: The Unknown Regions - Thrawn's Fist The Fist of Thrawn
XWA-TC 24: The History of the SSSD Sovereign
XWA-TC 25: Ticket to Chimaera Chimaera Cross
XWA-TC 26: Experimental Tie Evaluation Medal of Experiments
XWA-TC 27: Battle of Corellia Corellian Crest
XWA-TC 28: ViB: The Lost Missions Legion of the Vanguard
XWA-TC 29: Battle of Sharnall Sharnall Cloud Star
XWA-TC 30: Imperial Storm II: Dark Horizon ISII Dark Horizon
XWA-TC 31: Mission to Andevia Medal of Collaboration
XWA-TC 32: Rebel Resurgence
XWA-TC 33: Operation Sector Cleanup Custodian Cross
XWA-TC 34: CSF Campaign Phase 1 - CSF HQ Battle CSF Wings
XWA-TC 35: Hammer to Anvil, Part III Hammer of Valor
XWA-TC 36: GWSOoM Shipping Inc. 'Call to Chaos'
XWA-TC 37: GWSOoM 2 - Sarin's Booze
XWA-TC 38: Wing XI: Human Behaviour Locke's Essay
XWA-TC 39: Wing IX: Encryption Error Relentless Ribbon
XWA-TC 41: Wing IX: Up and At Em' Medal of the V-wing
XWA-TC 42: ECR V - Training Maneuvers The ECR Cross
XWA-TC 43: Wing XVI: Predation Medal of the Predator
XWA-TC 44: ASF: Aggression Medal of Aggression
XWA-TC 45: ASF: Beligerance Medal of Beligerance
XWA-TC 46: The Rescue of Anna Darksaber
XWA-TC 47: Wing VIII: Prelude Colossus Cross
XWA-TC 48: Pirates of the Correllian Medal of Los Muertos
XWA-TC 49: Evolution of the TIE Bomber
Infiltrator Wing
XWA-IW 1: Abyssi Ianua - Gates to Hell Hell's Doors Crescent
XWA-IW 2: Rion's Shadow Campaign: Infiltrate Rion Copper Infiltration Crescent
XWA-IW 3: Rion's Shadow Campaign: Seeds of Corruption Bronze Infiltration Crescent
XWA-IW 4: Rion's Shadow Campaign: Eliminate Friendship Silver Infiltration Crescent
XWA-IW 5: Rion's Shadow Campaign: Ambassadors Gold Infiltration Crescent
XWA-IW 6: Rion's Shadow Campaign: Tactical Withdrawal Platinum Infiltration Crescent
XWA-IW 7: The Valiant and the Immortal New Tactical Understanding
XWA-IW 8: Obsidian Sector Campaign One
Combined Arms Battle
XWA-CAB 1: Secrets and Lies: Eagles of Freedom Silver Crest of Truth
XWA-CAB 3: The Hound's Mutiny Personal ATR Streamline
Fleet Commander's Honor Guard
XWA-FCHG 1: Race Through Time Medal of Temporal Tactics
XWA-FCHG 2: The Forgotten Legacy Golden Medal of Rememberance

Historic Record

Assignment History
Date Time held Position (ID Line)
2012-08-08 11y,9m,17d VA Keldorn Cochrane [Inactive]
2004-09-26 7y,10m,12d ENV/FA Keldorn Cochrane/DREAD Tranquility
2004-06-19 3m,6d SO-ENV/FA Keldorn Cochrane/CS-9/SSSD Sovereign
2004-05-24 26d ENV/FA Keldorn Cochrane/DREAD Tranquility
2004-05-24 DEAN-ENV/FA Keldorn Cochrane/PLT Daedalus
2004-05-22 2d TO-DEAN-ENV/FA Keldorn Cochrane/CS-6/SSSD Sovereign
2004-05-22 TO-DEAN-ENV/AD Keldorn Cochrane/CS-6/SSSD Sovereign
2003-06-14 11m,8d TO-DEAN/AD Keldorn Cochrane/CS-6/SSSD Sovereign
2003-03-19 2m,25d TO-DEAN/AD Keldorn/CS-6/SSSD Sovereign
2003-02-04 1m,14d TO-DEAN/VA Keldorn/CS-6/SSSD Sovereign
2003-02-02 2d TO/VA Keldorn/CS-6/SSSD Sovereign
2003-02-02 PROF/VA Keldorn/PLT Daedalus
2003-02-02 PROF-PROF/VA Keldorn/PLT Daedalus
2002-09-02 4m,30d PROF-ROA-SOD/VA Keldorn/PLT Daedalus
2002-07-16 1m,16d GMF-PROF-ROA/VA Keldorn/SSSD Sovereign
2002-07-13 3d GMF-PROF-ROA/RA Keldorn/SSSD Sovereign
2002-05-04 2m,9d GMF-VROY-PROF-ROA/RA Keldorn/SSSD Sovereign
2002-04-14 19d GMF-VROY-PROF/RA Keldorn/SSSD Sovereign
2002-04-14 GMF-ROA-VROY-PROF/RA Keldorn/SSSD Sovereign
2002-04-14 CA:SO-ROA-VROY-PROF/RA Keldorn/CA-9/SSSD Sovereign, GMF-ROA-VROY-PROF/RA Keldorn/SSSD Sovereign
2002-04-14 CA:SO-IOA-ROA-VROY-PROF/RA Keldorn/CA-9/SSSD Sovereign, GMF-IOA-ROA-VROY-PROF/RA Keldorn/SSSD Sovereign
2002-03-18 27d CA:SO-IOA-ROA-VROY-PROF/RA Keldorn/CA-9/SSSD Sovereign
2002-03-09 8d CA:SO-IOA-ROA-VROY/RA Keldorn/CA-9/SSSD Sovereign
2002-03-04 4d CA:SO-AMB-IOA-ROA/RA Keldorn/CA-9/SSSD Sovereign
2002-02-17 15d CA:SO-IOA-AMB/RA Keldorn/CA-9/SSSD Sovereign
2002-02-17 CA:SO-IOA-AMB/RA Keldorn/CA-9/SSSD Sovereign, CMDR-IOA-AMB/RA Keldorn/Talon/Wing XX/ISD Subjugator
2002-02-17 CA:SO-IOA-AMB/VA Keldorn/CA-9/SSSD Sovereign, CMDR-IOA-AMB/VA Keldorn/Talon/Wing XX/ISD Subjugator
2002-02-04 12d CMDR-IOA-SOA-AMB/CPT Keldorn/Talon/Wing XX/ISD Subjugator
2002-01-13 22d CMDR-SOA-AMB/CPT Keldorn/Talon/Wing XX/ISD Subjugator
2002-01-06 7d CMDR-SOA-AMB-TCS/CPT Keldorn/Talon/Wing XX/ISD Subjugator
2001-12-18 19d CMDR-AMB-TCS/CPT Keldorn/Talon/Wing XX/ISD Subjugator
2001-11-19 28d CMDR-AMB-TCS/CM Keldorn/Talon/Wing XX/ISD Subjugator
2001-11-19 CMDR-TCS/CM Keldorn/Talon/Wing XX/ISD Subjugator
2001-10-17 1m,1d CMDR/CM Keldorn/Talon/Wing XX/ISD Subjugator
2001-10-14 2d RSV/LCM Keldorn/M/FRG Phoenix/Reserves
2001-01-29 8m,15d RSV/LCM XReder/M/FRG Phoenix/Reserves
2000-11-25 2m,3d FL/LCM XReder/Sadhe 2-1/Wing V/SSSD Sovereign
2000-11-18 6d FM/LCM XReder/Sadhe 1-2/Wing V/SSSD Sovereign
2000-09-16 2m,2d FM/LT XReder/Sadhe 1-2/Wing V/SSSD Sovereign
2000-09-05 10d FM/LT XReder/Sadhe 2-2/Wing V/SSSD Sovereign
2000-09-03 1d FM/SL XReder/Sadhe 2-2/Wing V/SSSD Sovereign
2000-08-18 15d TRN/CT XReder/Bravo Company/PLT Daedalus
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2021-01-31 Flight Certification Wings awarded : 12th Echelon

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Active Server Pages 100% Unknown
Computer Basics 86% Unknown
Empire at War 100% Unknown
Hand Weapons General Knowledge 95% Unknown
ICQ 100% Unknown
Mission Creation and Beta Testing Standards 100% Unknown
Rebellion Tactics 98% Unknown
Squadron Management 2 93% Unknown
TIE Corps Core 91% Unknown
Visual Basic Script 100% Unknown
X-Wing Alliance Mission Design 75% Unknown
X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter Mission Design 1 92% Unknown

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