EH Ship Patch for TIE '95

Patch Information

Platform: TIE Fighter
Type: General
Creator: HA Ender mBind
3D Artist: HA Ender mBind
2D Artist: HA Ender mBind
Date released: 2003-11-01
Date updated: 2014-04-27
Number of craft: 13
Custom cockpit: Yes
# Reviews: 0
# Bugs: 4
# Usages: 97

Adds the TIE Phantom (flyable), Pursuer (flyable), Corellian Gunship, Medium Transport, Assault Frigate, Super Star Destroyer, Communications Relay, Sensor Array, Astromech, Gunplatform, Large Gunplatform, Laser Battery and Pilot. Fixes bug in TIE Fighter that keeps Imperial Star Destroyers from firing their lasers. Does not replace any existing Craft.

  • Required for all other TIE '95 craft patches
  • If you have TIE CD, use EHSP-TIECD

Patch Reviews

There are currently no reviews for this patch.

Patch Bug Reports

GN Dunta Polo


EHSP 1.2 doesn't seem to install this patch properly, or at least the Pursuer refuses to work correctly. Instead I get a cargo container filling my screen and the game crashes. Fresh installs of all software made no difference. Using Windows XP 32-bit with compatibility patch, if that makes any odds.

ALL text strings except for a few characters disappeared from "Wingmen Commands" screen.

GN Mark Schueler


Installed this with GOG TIE95. It now wants my TIE95 CD...



Test - ignore

Patch Usage

This patch is used by 97 battles:

TIE-TC 27: (X)-Wings of Glory
TIE-TC 31: Hidden Agenda
TIE-TC 32: Assassinate the Fleet Commander?
TIE-TC 35: Unexpected Encounter
TIE-TC 37: CM Howies Battle
TIE-TC 39: Up and at Em!
TIE-TC 53: Capture of the Rebel Spy
TIE-TC 54: Excaliber
TIE-TC 56: Combined Attack
TIE-TC 57: Raptor
TIE-TC 70: Supply Run
TIE-TC 71: Praetorian Glory
TIE-TC 81: A New Enemy
TIE-TC 82: Shadow's Revenge
TIE-TC 100: The Battle for Manhood
TIE-DB 2: The Krath Haj
TIE-DB 3: The Light Jedi
TIE-DB 5: Destruction
TIE-DB 10: Relics of the Ancient Jedi
TIE-ID 2: Secure Endor
TIE-ID 3: The Bacta War
TIE-ID 4: Attempt on the SDIR
TIE-IW 1: Welcome
TIE-IW 2: Strike at Incom
TIE-IW 3: Savior
TIE-IW 4: Shadow Squadron
TIE-IW 5: Ares Charge
TIE-IW 6: Hunt for Fleet #18
TIE-IW 7: Fending off Rebels
TIE-IW 8: Minos Raiders
TIE-IW 9: Lyccos Dawn: Ancient Studies
TIE-CAB 1: Assault On the Hast Shipyards
TIE-CAB 2: Assault Of Aurora
TIE-DB 12: Operation Darkstar
TIE-IW 10: Karana Takeover Campaign: Karana Overlords
TIE-F 39: Deathwatch
TIE-F 43: Binagran #1
TIE-F 44: Diceann #1
TIE-F 4: Ja24 #4
TIE-F 5: Dorja #1
TIE-F 48: Vampire #1
TIE-F 45: Mor #1
TIE-F 31: Shelly #1
TIE-F 46: Mynock #1
TIE-F 21: Pappy #6
TIE-F 47: Timbal #1
TIE-IW 11: Operation B-Wings Collection
TIE-TC 43: Wing XVIII: Havok's Bouncing Baby Boy
TIE-F 118: Clash of the Infiltrator Wings
TIE-IW 12: Rion's Shadow Campaign: Infiltrate Rion
TIE-IW 13: Rion's Shadow Campaign: Seeds of Corruption
TIE-TC 157: Operation Zupa
TIE-IW 14: Rion's Shadow Campaign: Eliminate Friendship
TIE-IW 15: Rion's Shadow Campaign: Ambassadors
TIE-F 130: Chaos in Phare
TIE-F 140: Protect the DGN Lichtor V
TIE-TC 167: K2
TIE-TC 182: Get To Work!
TIE-FCHG 5: Attack from Within
TIE-IW 16: Home Turf
TIE-IW 17: Smugglers Greed
TIE-TC 201: Quarga's bounty: The life and death of COL Beef
TIE-F 216: Indaro's Little Adventure
TIE-TC 205: Treachery At Ryloth
TIE-TC 206: First Blood
TIE-TC 209: Mikey's Roundup
TIE-TC 210: Dark Allies
TIE-TC 212: Dark Allies II Imperial Retribution
TIE-F 236: Milk@Cow
TIE-TC 213: Locke Setzer's Day Off
TIE-F 239: Distress Signal
TIE-F 240: Falcon: On the Job
TIE-F 242: Demon's Finest Hour
TIE-TC 216: Wing XI: Human Behavior
TIE-TC 218: Sith or Just Lucky?
TIE-BHG 3: Options
TIE-F 247: Docks and Drones
TIE-FCHG 6: Monochrome
TIE-TC 221: Wing IX: Encryption Error
TIE-F 258: Sovereign: April Fool's
TIE-DB 16: Heading for Pyrath
TIE-TC 226: Rendez-Vous with Peril
TIE-TC 227: Joint Operations
TIE-TC 231: Betrayal
TIE-TC 234: Pacification
TIE-F 268: Fleet Commander's Birthday Gift
TIE-TC 235: Special Ops
TIE-TC 236: TIE Phantom Development
TIE-DB 17: Rite of Supremacy
TIE-TC 239: End of the Line
TIE-TC 240: Survival
TIE-TC 241: Operation: Bourbon Run
TIE-TC 242: Operation: Dark Hammer
TIE-TC 243: Beta Squad: Stop the Pink Lizards
TIE-CD 1: CDNG: Paper Round
TIE-CD 2: CDNG: Paper Round II
TIE-TC 247: Typhoon Squadron Earns its Stripes!