XvT-F 90: ASF: Avenger vs CRS Justice

Battle Information

Game platform: X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter
Missions: 1
Release date: 2002-06-12
Last updated: 2009-02-22

HA Ender mBind

Average rating 2.0
Reviews: 6
Bug reports: 0
Times completed: 77
Patches used: None

Battle Reviews

AD Phoenix Berkana



A fairly simply one, destroy the enemy ship with 2 waves of assault gunboats. When you pair them with rockets the mission is over in a flash that you'd almost forget.




This one played well at first, but was ultimately disappointing. I thought maybe there would be some dogfighting, and there could have been, but even on easy if I didn't make a quick run for the Calamari I would just get smoked by the A-Wings etc that are on you as soon as you start the mission. So, I recommend you just go for the objective ASAP and leave the dogfighting to those around you.

LC Solohan50



I played on Easy. This is an extremely straightforward mission. You simply kill a Calamari Cruiser and that's it. If you cheese it, the mission ends extremely quickly, though I could see it being harder if you want a high score.

This one didn't feel very hard because of the wingmen available to you. Lots of times these wingmen really help you out and this is one of those occasions. Destroy a platform and with rockets that's a piece of cake with my wingmen. Not a bad mission overall though.

RA Genie



Would have preferred if you only had one wave on this one. There was no need to have follow-up waves. Make me sweat a bit. Raise the stakes of dying to those pesky A-Wings.

COL Phalk Sturm



Fast and basic mission recreating an assault on the CRS Justice. Player will have the chance to choose between a few starfighters to approach the assignment from various perspectives. I went for the GUN and it was a great choice. Quick and simple, this mission is however no less fun and enjoyable. Worth a try.

Battle Bug Reports

There are currently no open bug reports for this battle.

High Scores

Mission: 77,780 AD Gidda

Top Ten

(of available records)

1 77,780 AD Gidda 2003-07-07
2 76,360 CM Vanguard88 2023-08-01
3 64,294 COL Drako 2003-07-07
4 55,021 CM Dvader 2003-07-04
5 48,095 MAJ Artyis 2003-07-04
6 47,460 AD Apophis Kuma 2003-07-06
7 41,372 COL TK-7764 2003-06-11
8 41,180 FA Pickled Yoda 2003-07-03
9 40,257 CPT Mad Max 2003-06-25
10 39,657 CM Xanatos Screed 2003-05-16

Battle Completion Statistics

This battle has been flown by 75 pilots a total of 76 times.

GN Abel Malik

HA Anahorn Dempsey

COL Andrijas

AD Apophis Kuma - 2003-07-06

MAJ Artyis - 2003-07-04

CM Bane Wolfblood

COL Benjamin Jahou Morgan - 2003-07-01

MAJ Bobxavi

CPT Con Selar - 2003-08-07

COL CrimsonFury - 2003-07-01

AD Darksaber - 2003-07-05

Darth Vader - 2003-04-08

GN Dax Corrin

CPT Derek Dan - 2003-07-05

VA Dolza - 2003-01-26

COL Drako - 2003-07-07

CM Dukimar - 2003-09-17

GN Dunta Polo - 2009-04-20

CM Dvader - 2003-07-04

GN Earnim Branet

CM El Guapo

GN Elwood the Brave - 2 times, last on 2024-05-23

HA Ender mBind

LC Frey Gallandro - 2002-12-05

HA Frodo March - 2003-07-04

RA Genie - 2021-10-22

CM Ghorg

AD Gidda - 2003-07-07

COL Gyssler - 2003-07-04

MAJ Hermann

MAJ Hunter - 2003-05-22

LC Jargon Grim

MAJ Johann Glorick

LCM Josi - 2003-07-04

COL Justin - 2004-06-06

SL Ketan-Shej

FA Khadgar - 2003-07-04

CM Kysar Xero - 2005-01-09

LT Luke Devalis

CPT Mad Max - 2003-06-25

CM Magnus Vader - 2005-03-30

FA Marcin Szydlowski

COL Nightmare - 2003-04-23

RA Nutrientman - 2005-01-15

HA Pete Mitchell - 2021-12-22

COL Phalk Sturm - 2021-10-19

VA Philo - 2003-07-07

AD Phoenix Berkana - 2021-10-28

FA Pickled Yoda - 2003-07-03

CPT Predator

CM Predator

MAJ Prinz von Hoffman

CPT Red Fox - 2003-07-02

MAJ Ryan Chi'Cath - 2003-06-29

CPT S 4patas - 2004-06-06

LC Savageaz - 2003-06-24

COL Shae Kitane - 2002-09-06

GN Sickman - 2003-07-04

LC Solohan50 - 2021-10-25

LCM Steffen Daniel Dunkat - 2003-07-02

CPT TI-40026

LC Tissaya Argat

AD TK-2107

COL TK-7764 - 2003-06-11

CM TK-9780 - 2003-08-29

COL Torres

CPT Tvan'Oris - 2003-01-03

CM Vanguard88 - 2023-08-01

CPT Von Predator

MAJ Wolve Excelsior Berkana - 2021-10-23

CM Xanatos Screed - 2003-05-16

MAJ Xye - 2021-10-26

MAJ Zhaim Jifarr - 2003-07-05

VA Zósite Kónstyte Styles

COL Zystem Fryar - 2003-09-02

X-Wing vs Tie Fighter Free Mission

Title:		 ASF: Avenger vs CRS Justice
Missions:	 1
Medal:		 Pair of Avenger Suspenders
Author:		 FL-SCO/LT Ender mBind/Echo 2-1/Wing XV/ISD Vanguard
Game Platform:	 X-Wing vs Tie Fighter

Combat Mission:	 1 (inc briefing, radiomessages etc for both teams)
Release Date:    25/feb/2002
Ships:           TIE Advanced, Assault Gunboat, A-Wing, X-Wing, Y-Wing
Difficulty:      Playable.
Filename:        asfavenger2.xvt.zip
Hardware used:   Celleron 450Mhz, GForce II Ultra, 194Mb
Software used:   Tie Fighter '95, TFW.


note: the original .lst files in your train and combat files will be overwritten, you will not loose 
access to your exsisting Combat missions but because of EHTAC regulations the Training missions are 


1] Double click the .EHM file, the EH Battle Launcher will install the battle.
2] Check the Misc folder in your XvT one for additional material like patches, sounds etc.
3] Press the X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter button to start XvT and fly the battle.
- Place these files into your /Combat directory: IMPERIAL.LST, MISSION.LST, REBEL.LST, ASFAVENMP.TIE
- Create a new pilot for the mission based on your name or PIN and the mission number. For example, 
SL Stele playing Free Mission 80 would make a new pilot file named "StelFM80." or a Pilot with PIN 
2883 playing Free Mission 69 would make a new pilot file named "2883fm69" 
- Begin flying the first training mission, fly on till you've finished training mission #1

This mission is part of a series of free missions about each of the squadrons in the ASF doing 
missions following their squadron objective in their assigned craft. Each mission tries to give
a feel and a bit of history of each of the Squadrons. All the storylines of the missions are
interconnected and have the ASF Squadron join together against a common foe.

Story Line
Avenger Squadron, the ASF Elite Squadron, is based upon the VSDII Aggressor and its objective is
Special Operations. Special Operations Squadrons would be able to perform precisely
targetted missions in small flight groups so large amounts of EH assets are not risked.
This would include, but not restricted to, Kidnapping, Assassination, Psychological
Warfare, Special Insertion/Extraction and VIP Escort.

Avenger Squadron is currently under the very sucsessful command of MAJ Khameir Sarin, who has
actively rebuild the squadron, and earlier CMDRs were LC E.Tarkin, LC Death, COL Shups, COL Niksavel
and FA Priyum, the current FO. As elite Avenger Squadron has always belonged to the top ASF
Squadrons, if not of the TC as a whole.

In this mission you will have to preform Avenger Squadron's primary objective: Special Operations.
The EH has found out that a NR-SSF Calamari Cruiser is waiting for supplies near the EH Territories.
Avenger will join up with GUNs from Crusader Squadron to take it out.

COMBAT NOTE: For this mission to work in MP, all players must have it installed on the same mission 
number, in this case "118". Preferably do not change this number.
FCHG NOTE: TAC won't let you fly Combat Missions or XWA Skirmishes for FCHG Points, use the Single 
player mission for all TC flying outside of combat competitions. 
GENERAL: You need XvT (or at least all the ships involved there), as far as i know no other patches are 
needed. To fly in Combat all players need the same version, make sure you all have the update by 
lucasarts installed. 
SINGLE PLAYER: This mission was made as a Combat Mission, its goal is to be fair to both sides so it 
can be played instead of a regular melee. 
MULTI PLAYER: For multiplayer this mission supports 4vs4.  Randomize on (not allowed in 
SP) will give you all the same variations in craft, like the CRS.

Other Information

This is the first release of a very quickly made and hardly tested mission. 
Bugs could arrise - please mail me if they do - also if you have hints, death threats,
questions or apraisals.

FL-SCOA/LT Ender mBind/Echo 2-1/Wing XV/ISD Vanguard
GS/SSx3/BSx2/PCx5/ISMx14/MoI/MoT-5rh-12gh/IS-1SR/LoC-PSx97/DFC/CoL/CoB/LoAx2/OV-2E [GALL]