TIE-TC 158: A New Start

Battle Information

Game platform: TIE Fighter
Missions: 4
Release date: 2000-07-08
Last updated: 2003-09-10

COL Sauron

Average rating 2.7
Reviews: 7
Bug reports: 0
Times completed: 209
Patches used: None

Battle Reviews

A pretty generic battle. Everything worked as intended, so that's a definite plus, but nothing new or innovative here.

The endless waves weren't too bad considering the story and that you weren't required to destroy them all. An average battle, I'd say.

This battle is bad - I made it in a spare hour for a comp. TIE stinks... Stop flying TIE Battles, and go fly something else... like TC-XWA 8! :P

I really do wish that people would stop creating battles that are nothing but mindless "destroy all the fighters" missions. It only gets one point because I encountered no real bugs. Only play this if you're looking for FCHG points.

A good battle, but I'd give it a 3 becouse it was way too boring to destroy endless waves of opponents.

This Battle was cool! Good Work to the designer.

New pet peeve...endless waves of starfighters that come out of hyperspace. Why wouldn't the Rebels just send ALL their squadrons at once to attack instead of one at a time?

Battle Bug Reports

There are currently no open bug reports for this battle.

High Scores

Battle Total: 279,627 COL Mini Minkus
Mission 1: 65,473 COL Mini Minkus
Mission 2: 77,348 COL Mini Minkus
Mission 3: 92,316 CM Shadow
Mission 4: 47,848 FA Pickled Yoda 2014-06-09

Top Ten

(of available records)

1 186,158 VA Philo 2002-11-16
2 147,123 MAJ Prost Varsis 2003-07-12
3 134,381 CPT Viper 2002-12-27
4 123,275 CPT Great Griffin 2005-04-02
5 115,506 CPT Alexi Stukov 2003-10-22
6 102,844 VA Locke Setzer 2003-07-11
7 99,248 CM Infamus 2003-10-07
8 87,401 LCM Wilq Fastclaw 2003-12-18
9 81,698 MAJ Zhaim Jifarr 2002-11-16
10 78,657 SL Linoge 2003-01-08

Battle Completion Statistics

This battle has been flown by 187 pilots a total of 206 times.

COL A. C. Badlands

GN Abel Malik - 2005-02-09

COL Absolut Vodka



LC Ace Hobbes

CPT Adam Szydlowski

CPT Ahkliat

CPT Akhil Thantos

CPT Alexander Anderson

CPT Alexi Stukov - 2003-10-22

MAJ Algaron Xerves

HA Anahorn Dempsey - 9 times, last on 2021-08-23

LT Andreev Anton

COL Angel - 2004-05-31

LT Aphotic Ace

MAJ Arathar

LC Ardeth Mordor

AD Arthak Rhade

MAJ Artyis

CPT Atmos Myremod - 2002-12-18

CPT Avantar

LT Axis Rivkahson

LC Azazel

CPT Badger

COL Beef

LCM Bernie

MAJ Black Revenge

MAJ Brad Tack

VA Brakka

LC Brandon

COL Brucmack

FA Brukhar - 2005-03-01

MAJ Caltin Doros

MAJ Calvin Senzin

COL Carl Lost

COL Chei-Ras

LCM Cochrane

SL Corran Horn

COL CrimsonFury

LC Curtis

HA Daniel Bonini

MAJ Daniel Klivian


SL Darkin Lore

Darth Vader

GN Dax Corrin

CPT Deamon

CPT Demon Yoda

LC Dengar March

CPT Derek Dan

LT Dev Fortuna

CM Dex D'Alcobia

LC Diaboli

COL Dirty Vader

GN Drake

LC Drake Jensen - 2003-01-29

COL Dras Hempor

LCM Drax Remlinger - 2002-08-17

CM Dulcatos - 2005-04-09

COL E. Tarkin

GN Elwood the Brave - 3 times, last on 2014-01-06

CM Fahrer

CPT Firzam Coldsteel

HA Frodo March

LT Galactix

COL Gallows

AD Gidda

GN Gilad Pelleaon - 2015-06-28

GN Golbez Harvey - 2015-07-01

CPT Great Griffin - 2005-04-02

COL Gyssler - 2003-09-22

AD Hav Antiel - 2 times, last on 2018-06-30

LCM Hawky

MAJ Hermann - 2 times, last on 2021-04-30

LCM Hubert - 2003-02-02

MAJ Hunter

LC Iceman - 2003-10-29

CM Infamus - 2003-10-07

VA Jan Wemmel

AD Jeff 'Tiger' Loruss

FA Jorddyn

CPT Julian Clary

LCM Kadath L'Hoon

MAJ Kalve Ryder

VA Kane Reese - 2002-12-31

CPT Kaneda Pellail

LCM Kataka

SA Kawolski

MAJ Kazraran - 2023-03-11

MAJ KEBLAOMEGA - 2024-05-21

MAJ Keiran

LC Kenath Zoron - 2003-01-04

FA Khadgar - 2003-01-19

Khameir Sarin

LC Kodiak Kereban - 2003-01-16

MAJ Landon Cruise - 2014-06-07

CM Leonid DeBastide

LC Linkan

SL Linoge - 2003-01-08

CPT Lito Rendal

VA Locke Setzer - 2003-07-11

COL Loor - 2002-09-15

LT Magnus

MAJ Mairin Astoris

FA Marcin Szydlowski

COL Marconius

GN Mark Schueler - 2 times, last on 2018-06-28

CPT Mark Stephenson

GN Master

MAJ Mauser

MAJ Mawy

MAJ Michael

LC Michael Emrys - 2018-06-21

LCM Micheal Perry

COL Mini Minkus

COL Moagim Daar

CPT Morth

COL Nightmare - 2003-04-16



FA Pellaeon

LT Pesk Vri'syk

HA Pete Mitchell - 2017-06-11

COL Phalk Sturm - 2002-08-15

VA Philo - 2002-11-16

MAJ Picard

FA Pickled Yoda - 6 times, last on 2020-09-20

HA Plif - 2015-06-26

CPT Predator

MAJ Prophet

MAJ Prost Varsis - 2003-07-12

CPT Quicksilver

CM Raistline Majere

GN Rancorous

AD Ranthier Khaen

LT Raven Arestar

AD Reaper

CPT Red Fox

GN Ric Hunter

COL Ricardo

CPT Rogue - 2003-09-07

CPT Rover

MAJ Sarn Erec

COL Sauron

LC Savageaz - 2003-08-25

COL Scoser

CM Sergeyli - 2009-02-27

CM Shadow

COL Shae Kitane

MAJ Shakur

CM Spearhawk

LT Starwolf

HA Striker

COL Stuart

LCM Tarkinan

COL TheBlackxRanger - 2024-03-10

LT Thomas Letifer

LC Thorn - 2003-08-18

VA Toran Dan

COL Torres

GN Triji Boliv - 2023-04-08

AD Troutrooper

LC Turr Phennir

CPT Tvan'Oris

CM Vaark

SL Vexan

CPT Viper - 2002-12-27

FA Viper Pred

CPT Von Predator - 2004-09-05

CPT Vuffi Raa

LT Walker Slain

COL Wes Janson

GN Wil Striker

LCM Wilq Fastclaw - 2003-12-18

MAJ Wolve Excelsior Berkana - 2 times, last on 2023-07-24

COL Wraithdog - 2014-07-16

COL Wysseri Arestar

AD Xanos Goatham Zorrixor

CM Yarik Kelve

COL Zeth Durron - 2010-05-28

MAJ Zhaim Jifarr - 2002-11-16

COL Zippy Hawk

COL Zorn Starn

VA Zósite Kónstyte Styles

HA Zsinj

COL Zystem Fryar

				A New Start

		Created by: MTAC/MG Sauron/PLT Revenge/MilCom/CD


Required patches
* none

Installation instructions
1] Double click the .EHM file, the EH Battle Launcher will install the battle
2] Check the Misc folder in your TIE95 one for additional material like patches, sounds etc.
3] Press the TIE Fighter button on the EHBL to start the game
4] Create a new pilot and fly the first battle


	With the recent reorganisation of Military Complex, Prex Nist has ordered the construction of a new base deep within Forlorn sector.  Under the command of LC Fortis with his newly christened VSD Warhammer, you will lead the forces heading in to make our new stronghold.

	CA:TAC/VA Sauron/CA-3/SSSD Sovereign
	MTAC/MG Sauron/PLT Revenge/MilCom/CD
	GS/SS/BSx8/PCx5/ISMx9/MoI/moT-rhx2/MoT-ghx4/LoCx2/OV {IWATS M IIC/3 SM2}