EH Ship Patch for XvT

Patch Information

Platform: X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter
Type: General
Creator: HA Ender mBind
3D Artist: CPT Tim
2D Artist: COL Zeth Durron
Date released: 2009-02-17
Date updated: 2014-04-27
Number of craft: 25
Custom cockpit: Yes
# Reviews: 0
# Bugs: 4
# Usages: 213

Adds the B-Wing, TIE Defender, TIE Phantom, Pursuer Enforcement Ship, Missileboat, System Patrol Craft, Scout Craft, Corellian Gunship, Container Transport, Medium Transport, Assault Frigate, Modified Corvette, Modified Frigate, Passenger Liner, Carrack Cruiser, Light Calamari Cruiser, MC-90 Calamari Cruiser, Communications Relay, Sensor Array, Astromech, Probe Capsule, Gunplatform, Large Gunplatform, Laser Battery and Pilot. Makes the T-Wing and R41 Starchaser flyable. Fixes bug in X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter that keeps Corellian Transports from firing their lasers. Adds Melees and Combat Missions to allow usage of added fighters in MP. Replaces datapad and graphics to IA/EH style ones. Does not replace any existing Craft.

Patch Reviews

There are currently no reviews for this patch.

Patch Bug Reports

GN Dunta Polo


Corellian Gunship is designated 'LUGG' in the HUD instead of 'GSP'.

GN Dunta Polo


PES: Top left (ion cannon) indicators do not function. B-Wing: None of the laser indicators function.

GN Dunta Polo


B-Wing OPT has external texture problems. Instead of appearing aqua blue and grey, it usually shows up as dark blue and bright yellow.

Typo: merit medal "Bonze" Star of the Empire

Patch Usage

This patch is used by 213 battles:

XvT-IW 2: The Miranda Passage
XvT-F 6: Deep Strike
XvT-F 3: Grey Wolf #1
XvT-F 9: Undercover Assault
XvT-TC 5: Phoenix Saga
XvT-TC 6: Wolf Pack Aggression
XvT-F 25: Steal Rebel Warheads
XvT-F 28: Deepspace Recon
XvT-F 36: Supply and Demand
XvT-TC 11: Wing XIV: Krayt Squadron Training
XvT-F 37: ViB Prologue V: Patrol
XvT-F 44: ViB Prologue XV: Plumbing Trouble
XvT-F 45: Combined Arms Tactics
XvT-F 46: Capture the DREAD Sun
XvT-F 47: The CattleGroups: The Bull Sith
XvT-TC 17: The Burning Season
XvT-DB 6: Operation: Razor Ice
XvT-TC 18: The Scarlet Fleet
XvT-TC 19: Project B: the TIE Bomber project
XvT-TC 20: Mysterious People
XvT-FCHG 2: Eye for an Eye
XvT-F 58: Tiss & Mike: Combat Training
XvT-F 59: Tiss & Mike: Wolfmaster in trouble
XvT-F 67: Wing XIII: Tartarus Squadron
XvT-F 71: Blink Of An Eye, Part II
XvT-F 72: Dogs Of War
XvT-TC 24: Princess Tatoka's Meeting
XvT-TC 25: Wing XV: Echo Squadron
XvT-TC 27: Wing XV: Mantis Squadron
XvT-TC 28: Imperial Storm II: Dark Horizon
XvT-F 77: Savannah's Escape
XvT-F 78: The Shroomster Express
XvT-F 80: Rebel Cargo Raid
XvT-F 85: Wing XIV: Diamondback Squadron
XvT-TC 30: Wing XV: Hornet Squadron
XvT-ID 1: Corporate Sector Incident
XvT-TC 32: Wing XIV: WC Trouble
XvT-TC 33: Wing XV: Python Squadron
XvT-F 92: Another inspection assignment
XvT-TC 36: Operation: Dark Hammer
XvT-F 96: Return to Corellia
XvT-IW 10: The Antarillo Civil War
XvT-F 97: Rescue Shroomy
XvT-F 99: ASF: Elite Squadron
XvT-F 103: Rebel raid on DX-73
XvT-TC 39: Wing XV: Scorpion Squadron
XvT-F 106: Deadly Food
XvT-F 108: Wing XVI: Wolf Squadron
XvT-F 109: Wing XVI: Rancor Squadron
XvT-F 122: The Plans
XvT-F 128: Wing XVI: Panther Squadron
XvT-CAB 1: The Vong Plague is coming
XvT-DB 8: Mineral Wars
XvT-F 129: Wing XVI: Wampa Squadron
XvT-TC 57: Mai in Danger
XvT-TC 58: Diamondback Squadron Special Operations
XvT-TC 60: Orin System
XvT-F 134: Wing XVI: Eagle Squadron
XvT-TC 63: Surgical Strike
XvT-F 141: Wing XVI: Tiger Squadron
XvT-DB 9: The Shadow Academy: Dark Fury
XvT-TC 65: The Leak
XvT-TC 66: Wing XXI: Pyr Squadron
XvT-TC 67: Wing XXI: Zlatan Squadron
XvT-CAB 3: Crazy Day
XvT-TC 71: Stop Snij Clones!!
XvT-F 145: Wing XIV: Asp Squadron
XvT-F 146: Cobras and Krayts
XvT-F 147: Wing XIV: Cobra Squadron
XvT-F 148: Scorpion's Selection
XvT-TC 74: The Yoda Wars
XvT-TC 75: Distress Call
XvT-TC 77: Assassination Time
XvT-F 155: The Buoy
XvT-F 156: Hunters Raid
XvT-IS 1: Dockworkers and Diplomats
XvT-F 158: Oh the Germans!
XvT-F 163: Phoenix vs Pegasus
XvT-TC 82: INT Shire V
XvT-TC 83: Wing XXI: Renegade Squadron
XvT-TC 85: Wing XI: Human Behaviour
XvT-TC 90: Phoenix Squadron
XvT-TC 93: Avenger Squadron Destroys Some Stuff
XvT-TC 94: Envoy of Peace
XvT-TC 97: Avenger Squadron and Cheese Convoy #832
XvT-TC 98: Wing XXI: Havok Squadron
XvT-F 164: Convoy Interception
XvT-F 165: Khadgar's BGCOM Ceremony
XvT-F 168: Folly: The Endless Struggle
XvT-FCHG 4: The Prototype Incident - EHBL
XvT-F 171: Folly: Test Drive
XvT-TC 100: Wing X: The Challenge
XvT-F 172: More Money More Problems
XvT-TC 101: Gerald's Life Story
XvT-DB 13: The Adventures of House Ludo Kressh
XvT-TC 102: Wing VIII: Shadow of Time
XvT-TC 103: ASF: 341
XvT-TC 104: Subjugator in the Unknown Territories
XvT-F 173: Fury Simulator Challenge
XvT-F 174: Praetorian vs. Hunter
XvT-TC 105: Border Wars
XvT-F 175: Strike the Rebel Strike Fleet
XvT-TC 106: Wing IX: Encryption Error
XvT-TC 107: Wing IX: Up and At Em'
XvT-F 176: A Stroll Around the Galaxy
XvT-TC 108: The Quest for Cadet Doomsday
XvT-TC 109: Fortress Torrido
XvT-F 180: Epsilon Squadron vs. Sigma Squadron
XvT-TC 110: Praetorian Squadron - Finding a New Home
XvT-F 182: Save the ISD Vanguard
XvT-F 183: Python to the Rescue!
XvT-TC 112: A New Tactical Officer
XvT-F 184: Spoils of Supremacy
XvT-F 185: Protect the Fleet Commander...from Fleas
XvT-F 186: Hackers
XvT-F 187: Saving VA Master's Father
XvT-TC 113: Praetorian Elite
XvT-TC 114: Praetorian Elite II
XvT-TC 115: Praetorian Elite III
XvT-F 188: Protect VIPs for Recon Officer's party
XvT-F 189: Cloak & Dagger
XvT-F 190: April Fools
XvT-F 191: Flyer Prelude - Ambush the Echo Hawk
XvT-TC 116: Rebel Bases
XvT-F 192: Assasination at FS-45
XvT-F 193: Death Trap
XvT-F 194: Major Fritz - Leave No Pilot Behind
XvT-F 196: Mathematics
XvT-DB 15: Secret of Andevia
XvT-DB 16: Heading for Pyrath
XvT-F 197: Ranger vs Zlatan Squadron
XvT-F 198: Chaos squadron strikes back!
XvT-F 199: Welcome to Cyclone Squadron
XvT-FMC 1: Quarantine
XvT-TC 117: Rendez-Vous with Peril
XvT-CAB 4: Retribution
XvT-TC 119: The Minos Campaign
XvT-F 201: We Owe Him One
XvT-F 202: A Family Affair: Operation Achilles Heel
XvT-F 203: Battle at Pelican's Point
XvT-F 204: Dead of Space
XvT-F 205: Fallen Heroes
XvT-CD 1: CDNG: Paper Round
XvT-F 206: A Station Too Far
XvT-F 207: Cyclone Squadron Chronicles - Convoy Escort
XvT-F 208: Cyclone Squadron Chronicles - Attack on MN-18
XvT-TC 120: Wing X - Thunder
XvT-F 209: Cyclone Squadron Chronicles - Kate's Promotional Party
XvT-F 210: Cyclone Squadron Chronicles - Shrike's Strike
XvT-TC 121: Mystery in Space - Part 1
XvT-TC 122: Praetorian Elite IV: Tour of Duty
XvT-TC 123: Praetorian Elite V: Life an Times
XvT-TC 124: Praetorian Elite VII: Rest and Relaxation
XvT-TC 125: Dark Times Ahead
XvT-DB 17: Operation Red Shift
XvT-F 212: AD Master's Birthday Bonanza
XvT-TC 126: Praetorian Elite VIII
XvT-TC 127: Praetorian Elite X
XvT-HF 1: Torch Squadron: Pirate Trouble
XvT-F 213: The RO Strikes Back!
XvT-F 214: MTT02: Investigation
XvT-TC 128: Avenger Squadron: Combat Operations
XvT-F 215: South Park vs. Springfield
XvT-F 216: Tactical Office: Golden Tugs
XvT-F 217: Save the Golden Tugs
XvT-F 218: VSD Sinister I: Sabotage
XvT-TC 129: Zero Hour: Operation: Disruption
XvT-F 219: MTT05: Assassination
XvT-CD 2: Core Squadron: Stiff Competition
XvT-DB 18: Rescue the Krath Tomes
XvT-F 220: VSD Sinister II: Escort Duty
XvT-F 221: Folly: Deja Vu
XvT-F 222: MTT08: Escort
XvT-F 223: Choices
XvT-ID 2: Praetorian Squadron: Capture the Flag
XvT-TC 130: The Chalquilla Wars
XvT-TC 131: Mousetrap
XvT-FCHG 5: Tau Squadron: The Yevethan Connection
XvT-FCHG 6: Secrets Within
XvT-F 224: MTT11: Interdiction
XvT-TC 132: TIE Fighter: The Aftermath of Hoth
XvT-F 225: Derrick's Bounty
XvT-TC 133: TIE Fighter: The Sepan Civil War
XvT-TC 135: TIE Fighter: Battle on the Frontier
XvT-CAB 5: Hawkeye I
XvT-F 226: Dempsey's Quest #1: Infiltration: Convoy Escort
XvT-TC 136: TIE Fighter: Conflict at Myloc IV
XvT-TC 137: TIE Fighter: Battle for Honor
XvT-TC 139: TIE Fighter: Treachery at Ottega
XvT-F 227: Dempsey's Quest #2: Surgical Strike: The Blin Armory
XvT-F 228: Dempsey's Quest #3: Starlight Starbright
XvT-F 230: Dempsey's Quest #4: The Mennis Base
XvT-F 231: Dempsey's Quest #5: Communications
XvT-F 235: Dempsey's Quest #6: Torpedo Sphere
XvT-F 237: Dempsey's Quest #7: The Invasion Begins
XvT-F 238: Dempsey's Quest #8: Dartmoor falls
XvT-F 239: Dempsey's Quest #9: The Pirate Supply Base
XvT-F 240: Convoy Escort Duty
XvT-F 241: Dempsey's Quest #10: Escape
XvT-F 242: Dempsey's Quest #11: Phobeus
XvT-F 243: Dempsey's Quest #12: Ronin's Run
XvT-F 244: Dempsey's Quest #13: Barnacle Strike
XvT-F 245: Dempsey's Quest #14: Flight to Balmoral
XvT-TC 140: The Mutiny on the Bounty
XvT-TC 141: Dark Sentinel Operations
XvT-TC 142: The Venator
XvT-TC 143: The Karana Initiative: Trailing the Raptors
XvT-IW 12: The Karana Initiative - Ride of the Leviathan
XvT-TC 144: The Karana Initiative: The Raptor's Secret
XvT-TC 145: The Karana Initaitive: A Raptor's Undoing
XvT-TC 146: Securing the Line
XvT-TC 147: Jeequi Encounter
XvT-F 246: Challenge Summer Cook-out!